Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit: Your Questions Answered!

There are tons of products on the market that claim to help your baby sleep better at night.

It’s not easy to know which one to choose, but some have better parent reviews than others. Each baby is different, so you will have to figure out what works for your child.

What is Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit? The Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit is a thick sleep suit that has just enough heft to make your baby feel secure and keep them from startling as easily. It works in place of a swaddler, and the suit structure makes it impossible for your baby to break out at night.

Designed by a mom who is also a physical therapist, there is much to love about this sleep-suit option.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit Purpose

The purpose of Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit is to give your child a feeling of comfort that will keep them from waking themselves up flailing their arms and legs.

Because it is heavier than a typical onesie, your child won’t startle as easily and may be able to sleep longer.

It’s also great for babies who don’t love to be swaddled but need the warmth and security a swaddle provides.

How It Works

You place your child in the sleep suit much like you put them in a onesie, except there are two zippers. Once your child’s arms and legs are in, you zip them back up and follow whatever routine you have in place for naps and bedtimes.

Is Magic Sleep Suit Weighted?

No, the Magic Sleep Suit is not weighted. It is bulky and layered, but its materials are not the same as you would find in weighted blankets.

Are Merlin Magic Sleep Suits Safe?

The answer to this question depends on whom you ask.

The makers of the sleep suit say it should always be used in accordance with other safe-sleep guidelines, like putting your baby on their back to sleep and ensuring they are in their own crib.

The temperature of your child’s room should also be cool enough that the sleep suit doesn’t cause overheating.

That being said, the sleep suit is designed for babies who are transitioning out of swaddlers. The reason babies transition out of swaddlers is that a swaddler can impede an infant’s ability to roll, and infants can start rolling over at any time.

The sleep suit can impede a child’s ability to roll easily when they need to, and this can lead to suffocation. 

You are supposed to transition your child out of the sleep suit when they start rolling over, but that can happen in their sleep before you know it’s occurred.

Can Babies Overheat in Magic Merlin?

It’s possible for babies to overheat if they are wearing too many clothes or wearing a sleep suit in a very warm room. However, the sleeves and legs are left open so air can circulate, making overheating less likely.

Merlin Magic Sleepsuit SIDS

There are no independent studies to assess the sleep suit safety related to SIDS. No deaths have occurred that are connected to the suit.

Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit Safety

The sleep suit can be safe if used properly, and no deaths have been connected to wearing the suit. However, you should always follow safe sleep guidelines, no matter what your child wears.

What Age Is Merlin Magic Suit For?

The sleep suit is meant for children between the ages of 3 and 6 months. 

Merlin Sleep Suit 0-3 Months

Your child should not use the Merlin Sleep Suit if they are not at least 3 months old. Before the age of 3 months, you can swaddle your child to help them sleep.

Can a 2-Month-Old Wear a Merlin Sleep Suit?

No, the sleep suit is not meant for children who are less than 3 months old and under 12 pounds.

Can I Use Magic Merlin Before 3 Months?

For the sleep suit to work its charm, your child needs to be snug inside of it. This won’t be the case until your child is around the 3-month mark. While every child grows at a different rate of speed, 3 months old is the recommendation.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit Pros and Cons

May help your baby fall asleep fasterFairly expensive
Keeps your baby warmBaby will outgrow it within months
Helps your child transition from the swaddleBaby can overheat
Lessens the Moro reflexMakes sleep training harder
Can use other Merlin’s products when it’s time to transitionNo definitive recommendations about safety from the AAP

How To Use Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit

Place your baby in a diaper or a diaper and a thin onesie. Put your baby in the sleep suit and zip it. Make sure it is snug but that your child can still get airflow through the leg and arm holes.

Place your child on their back to sleep. Don’t use the sleep suit until your child is 3 months old and weighs at least 12 pounds. 

Merlin Magic Sleep Suit First Night

Don’t expect everything to be perfect the first night you try the sleep suit. Your child may still need time to adjust, so expect some resistance. 

Can Baby Self-Soothe in Magic Merlin?

Your child should be able to self-soothe in the sleep suit. Though the sleeves are bulky, they shouldn’t prohibit your child from sucking on his little hands.

Your child can still move their legs as well, so they can make small changes in position for comfort and soothing.

Can You Sleep Train in Merlin Suit?

It’s probably not going to be easy to sleep train while your child is in the Merlin Suit. When your child is resting in a heavy suit, you need to check and make sure their cries aren’t because they are trying to roll over or are overheating.

Sleep training usually requires letting your child cry for intervals of time before interceding, and this can be difficult when a sleep suit could be the cause of the crying. It can also be dangerous.

A close-up shot of a cute baby sleeping soundly.

What Happens if Baby Rolls in Merlin Suit?

When your child starts rolling over, you should no longer use the sleep suit. It is bulkier than regular clothes and can make it difficult for your child to roll back onto their back.

What Should My Baby Wear Under the Magic Sleep Suit?

Your baby does not need lots of layers under the sleep suit. Just a diaper or one cotton onesie is enough. Anything else could lead to overheating.

Does Magic Sleep Suit Delay Rolling?

While the outfit won’t particularly delay rolling, you should not let your child practice tummy time in the sleep suit. It’s just bulky enough for them to get stuck on their stomachs, and this is a safety issue.

When Should You Stop Using Merlin Sleep Suit?

You should not use the Merlin Sleep Suit once your child can roll over. The bulkiness of the suit could cause your child to get stuck when rolling, and this can lead to suffocation.

You should also stop using it when it becomes too snug or your child is fighting to get out of it.

How To Transition Away From Merlin Sleep Suit

When your baby starts to roll over, outgrow, or struggle with the sleep suit, try transitioning to the Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack. This product is geared toward babies 6-12 months and will help your child make an easy transition.

What Should Baby Wear After Merlin Sleep Suit?

After the Merlin Sleep Suit, try the Merlin Dream Sack. Your child will be able to move more freely in a lighter sleep sack, but they will still have the familiarity of the sleep suit.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to products meant to help your child sleep better, some work, and some don’t. Find out if the Merlin Magic Sleep Suit is a win for your child by giving it a try.