Bathing Twins | Guide for Parents + Must-Have Items & Gear

Bathing a new baby for the first time can be an exciting, but also nerve-wracking, experience for new parents. Due to their small and fragile bodies, it is crucial to take proper precautions to prevent any potential harm.

For parents of newborn twins, the anxiety of bath time doubles! You don’t have just one baby to bathe safely — you have TWO!

To give twins a bath at the same time, use a twin bath seat or a large baby bathtub, carefully support each baby, maintain constant supervision, and efficiently wash and rinse one baby at a time. If possible, have a second person there to assist you. 

In the following, we will guide you through bathing newborn twins and provide essential gear recommendations, tips from an experienced twin mom, and additional information for bathing older twin babies and toddlers.

Let’s dive in!

Bathing Newborn Twins

Bathing your itty bitty newborns should be a fun and memorable experience! Do not let fear or anxiety override the precious moments of your little ones’ first baths.

With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, you will be ready to handle bath time like a pro, and it might even become one of your favorite times of the day!

Here’s what you need to know to make bath time safe and enjoyable for both you and your little ones. 

Must-Have Gear 

As a twin mom myself, I will be fully transparent with you. When it comes to gear and “baby things,” I am a true minimalist.

However, there are a few key items that will make the process run more smoothly and products that you will need for obvious hygienic purposes. 

Baby Sink Bath Cushion

Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Sink Bath Seat
  • Fits in the sink and is perfect for baby's first baths
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For the first few weeks (or maybe even months with small twins), you will likely bathe your little ones in a sink. This is much easier than trying to support them in a tub while they are still itty bitty.

Having a cushion is convenient and it ensures that your little ones are on a clean and comfortable surface. 

You will only use this product for a short while, so many parents choose to go without it and instead will use their arms to support their baby.

Others choose to purchase them second-hand or borrow one from a friend! Whatever you choose to do is totally up to you. 

Baby Bath Support Tub

Fisher-Price Baby to Toddler Bath 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

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Having a baby bathtub with a support insert will be a tremendous help, especially to your back while you are bathing your little ones in a bathtub.

They also free up your arms so that you can wash your little ones or play with them.

These little tubs can be placed in your regular bathtub and filled with warm water. Your little ones then have a perfect seat to lie in and are supported so as to not slide down. 

My twins loved kicking their little feet and splashing the water that surrounded them in the tub. They also loved the feeling of the warm water around them.

As a parent, I took comfort in knowing that they were safe and secure as I washed them and let them enjoy a few moments soaking in the warm water. 

In my opinion, you do not need to purchase two baby tubs because you have twins. Instead, buy one, and have one person bathe one twin at a time while another person is in charge of drying, lotion, dressing, etc. 

Soft Washcloths

12 Pack Extra Absorbent and Soft Baby Washcloths, 12"x12"

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Because babies have such soft and delicate skin, you will need extra-soft washcloths that will not scratch or hurt them. These super-soft washcloths are my absolute favorite and felt so good on my twins’ skin. 

Gentle Baby Wash

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Gentle Bath Wash & Shampoo, 33 fl. oz

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After a few weeks of being bathed in warm water only, your twins will be ready to be washed with a very mild and gentle, tear-free baby wash.

There are many different options available to you depending on your preferences and your baby’s needs.

Just make sure to take a look at the ingredients and ensure that you are buying safe, gentle washes with no harmful ingredients. 

Baby Lotion

Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Moisturizing Lotion, 18 fl. Oz

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Who doesn’t love soft, buttery baby skin?! Make sure to lock in the moisture on your baby’s skin with a gentle baby lotion after removing them from the bath. 

Tips From an Experienced Twin Mom

As an experienced twin mom, I’ve learned a few helpful tips and hacks for bathing newborn twins. Here are some insights to make bath time a breeze:

1. Enlist a Helper

Bathing newborn twins can be a two-person job, especially in the beginning. Having an extra set of hands to assist with holding, washing, and drying can make the process smoother and safer. 

2. Prepare the Bath Area

Set up the bath area before bringing your babies in. Have all the necessary supplies within reach, such as towels, washcloths, soap, and diapers.

This way, you won’t need to leave your babies unattended for even a second. 

3. Establish a Routine

Bath time will get easier as you establish a routine. Create a consistent, bathtime regimen to help your twins feel secure and relaxed.

Having a predictable sequence of events such as undressing, washing, drying, and dressing can provide a sense of comfort for both you and your babies. 

How To Do It Alone

In a perfect world, you would always have two people to bathe two babies. However, I know firsthand that this is not a realistic possibility for most families. It certainly wasn’t for ours!

There were (and still are) many nights that either I or my husband had to handle bathtime solo. 

While it can be daunting at first, there are ways to make bathing newborn twins alone a doable and (relatively) easy task, all while keeping your babies safe. 

1. Do It One at a Time

I would never try to bathe both newborn twins at the same time if I was flying solo. It is too risky, and the babies still require too much support and attention.

While it may take a bit longer, bathing your twins one at a time is the safest way to go. 

2. Use a Bouncer

While I was washing one twin in the tub, I would have the other twin safely secured in their bouncer right next to me.

This allowed me to keep an eye on one twin while bathing their sibling and ensured that they wouldn’t roll over or need to be repositioned while I had my hands full with the other baby.

After I was done washing one twin, I would dry and dress that baby and then put them in the bouncer while I washed their sibling. 

3. Bring a Changing Pad Into the Bathroom

Having a comfortable spot to dress your babies is important, especially if you will be doing it in the bathroom so that you can have your eyes on both twins.

I would always bring a small changing pad into the bathroom with us before bathtime.

This way, I had a clean and comfy spot to change the baby I had just bathed and didn’t have to leave the other twin unattended to dress their twin in another room. 

4. Have Everything Nearby

You will want to have everything within arm’s reach. Washcloths, towels, soap, lotion, diapers, pjs, changing mattress — everything you will need should be in the bathroom with you to limit trips to other rooms. 

Twin baby girls sitting up and smiling.

Bathing Older Twin Babies

As your twins grow, their bathing needs may change. Gradually transition to baby bath seats or a larger baby tub, or use a regular adult tub with an anti-slip mat.

Additionally, you may consider using bath toys or introducing more interactive elements to make bathtime fun and engaging for your learning babies. 

Must-Have Gear

Bath Toys

Tips From an Experienced Twin Mom

As your twins get older, bathing them gets a little easier, especially as they learn to sit up on their own and do not require you to hold them or support them.

I would definitely highly recommend a non-slip mat and would try rotating your toys so that your babies don’t get tired of playing with the same toys over and over.

As your babies begin sitting up on their own in the tub, only fill the tub with a small amount of water (enough for them to splash in and soak their bums). Do not fill it to where your twins’ legs are submerged.

This helps to prevent drowning or close calls in case one twin falls over while you are helping the other twin. 

Bathing Twin Toddlers

Oh, this is when it gets fun! That statement is true with just a hint of sarcasm. 

As your babies turn into toddlers, they will likely love bathtime because it is playtime! They will enjoy splashing and “swimming” and doing all sorts of things in the tub.

While it is easier in the sense that you don’t have to hold or support your babies, it does require a lot of attention for the safety of your babies.

You will have to watch them constantly to ensure they don’t slip under the water or (as my toddlers are beginning to do) accidentally push their sibling under the water. 

Must-Have Gear

Age-Appropriate Toys

Tips From an Experienced Twin Mom

Definitely keep the non-slip mat in your tub as an extra safety precaution. 

Toddlers begin to develop a strong sense of independence. Encourage them to wash themselves (with supervision), and provide age-appropriate bath toys to keep them engaged. 

If they grow tired of the bath toys, switch things up by giving them a bottle of bubbles or an empty dish soap bottle to fill and squirt a target on the tub wall (just be prepared for when the inevitable squirt comes your way!).

Related Questions: 

Do I Need Two Baths for Twins?

No, you do not need to purchase two baby bathtubs just because you have twins. You can easily use one bathtub and simply bathe one baby at a time.

At What Age Should Boy/Girl Twins Stop Bathing Together?

The age at which boy-girl twins should stop bathing together is subjective and can vary based on individual circumstances, cultural norms, and personal preferences.

Generally, as twins reach an age where they become more aware of their bodies and exhibit signs of modesty or discomfort, it may be appropriate to consider separate bathing arrangements.

This typically occurs around the preschool age or when they start expressing a desire for privacy.

Final Thoughts

My kiddos love bath time, and it has come to be one of the most enjoyable and fun times of the day. I hope my tips can help you in your twin-parent journey!

Remember to enjoy all the little moments because they go by way too quickly!