Books About Twins – 18 Novels, Memoirs & Stories

The ongoing intrigue surrounding twins has resulted in numerous publications dedicated to them. Whether in the form of novels, autobiographies, or children’s literature, there are plenty of options available for those interested in delving into the world of twins.

Though this list is not exhaustive, it’s a great start when it comes to twin reading.

Key Takeaways

If you’re seeking classics, you can’t go wrong with The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy for adults and No Two Alike by Keith Baker for children. Diary of a Lone Twin is a gut wrenching look at loss, while A Twin and a Laugh will offer some humor to your day. Sugar and Spice is great for historical fiction lovers.

Main Recommendations

Novels About Twins

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1. Memory Board by Jane Rule

Beloved author Jane Rule crafted this beautiful story of estranged twins reuniting late in life.

David seeks the forgiveness of his twin sister, Diana, when they are in their mid-sixties. This event opens up old wounds but also offers new opportunities for each of them.

Rule not only tells the story of twins but also weaves in a love letter to the LGBTQ community as she offers rich characters and compelling writing. You will care about the fate of each person in this story.

2. Sugar and Spice by Ruth Hamilton

Alternating between two time periods, this book focuses on Anna McRae and the dynamic within her family.

Left to raise her twin sisters after her mother dies in childbirth, Anna finally escapes the two children whose mischief turns to much more through the years.

Later in life with twins of her own, Anna has to face her past. You will want to read until the packed ending that may leave you surprised.

While the idea of evil or problematic twins is not new, Hamilton offers twists that will leave you satisfied.

3. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Twins Estha and Rahel have their lives changed when their cousin arrives. Tragedy and secrets follow that will shape them in this epic family saga that won the Man Booker Prize and was a New York Times Bestseller.

Know going in that this is not an easy, breezy beach read. The political landscape of India and the sometimes horrific family situations make it a sometimes difficult literary piece.

However, it is beautifully written with a story worth seeing through to the end. Make sure to read closely since there are shifts in time and a large cast of characters.

4. The Same but Different by Joan A. Friedman

If you are a twin, partnered with a twin, or the parent of a twin, this book is for you. Friedman addresses common challenges that twins face and how to deal with them in a healthy, productive way. 

This book explores how the twin relationship can impact other relationships in life and gives tips to twins about how to be honest about their needs with their sibling.

Informative and direct, Friedman helps readers understand the importance of twins being allowed to be individuals while still respecting the closeness of the twin bond.

5. On the Black Hill by Bruce Chatman

Following the lives of two twin brothers living on a farm in Wales, this book spans 80 years in the 20th century.

The descriptions of Wales are breathtakingly lovely, but the character development is what makes this book stand out from others.

Poetic prose lends an enchanting touch to the story of two old men living through both historical and personal events that impact their lives.

6. The Other by Thomas Tryon

Horror stories involving twins are not always well done, but this Thomas Tyron novel is an exception.

The Perry twins are 13 years old and have lost their father in an accident. Opposites in every way, Holland and Niles are left together through the summer to deal with the loss while their mother mourns.

What follows is a descent into darkness as surprising revelations solidify this novel as a classic.

Make sure you don’t stop reading this one before the very last page, though it would be very difficult to put down even if you tried. It might also be a good idea to keep a light on if you read this one at night.

Memoirs About Twins

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7. Double Time by Jane Roper

Parenting twins is not an easy task, and Roper explores the difficulties and the beauty honestly in her work.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder when her twins were still young, she shares her story of balancing parenting, working, and staying mentally healthy.

This is a must-read for parents of twins or singletons since the stress of raising kids is always present.

Roper helps every new parent understand the light and dark of parenting while trying to deal with depression and other mental health issues.

8. Identical Strangers by Elyse Schein

A search for her birth mother leads Elyse Schein to the truth: she has an identical twin sister she never knew.

She and her sister were part of a research study on twins separated at birth. Reunited, Elyse and her twin attempt to understand the circumstances of their lives as they form a relationship.

If you were enthralled by the documentary Three Identical Strangers, you will want to pick up this book.

9. Diary of a Lone Twin by David Loftus

Be warned from the beginning that reading Loftus’ recollections of his deceased twin brother is heart wrenching. Loftus set out to record his memories of his beloved twin, John, and this remarkable book is what he created.

Both a touching tribute and a painful read, this will help readers better understand the bond between twins.

10. A Twin and a Laugh by Shaidornell Swer

Twins often get mistaken for each other, and Swer shares what that is like in his memoir. Enjoy the misadventures of a person constantly assumed to be someone else.

11. Dragged Up And Torn Apart by Cain Quillman

Cain and his twin brother grow up in a home that is their normal even as it causes trauma that will affect Cain for years to come. As Cain works with a psychologist, he faces his past and attempts to heal.

This is an uplifting story that is also devastating at times.

Ultimately, Cain’s bond with his twin and his ability to face his past help him overcome his fears and move forward with his life.

12. I Will Protect You by Eva Mozes Kor

During World War II, Dr. Josef Mengele experimented on thousands of twins in concentration camps. Eva and Miriam were a set of those twins, and they were some of the very few to survive.

Told in sparse prose, this is a tale of survival about two girls who lived despite the odds. It’s not an easy read, but it is an example of the resilience of the human spirit.

Children’s Books About Twins

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13. Twin to Twin by Margaret O’Hair

For cute rhymes and precious illustrations, grab O’Hair’s tale of boy/girl twins. It’s a great book to read to your little ones before bed.

14. Two Is for Twins by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

Learn about all the things that come in twos, like twins! A great board-book option for multiples.

15. The Twinniest Twins by Amy Kuhr

Most books about twins focus only on how they are the same. Kuhr delivers a lovely book that also shows each twin as their own person. 

16. Lucy and Henry Are Twins by Elizabeth Winthrop

Much better for the infant crowd than the older kids, Winthrop offers a book with rhymes and pictures celebrating how twins are different.

17. No Two Alike by Keith Baker

Identical twins often get told they are exactly the same. Baker’s book is a beautiful reminder that nothing in nature is exactly the same, even if it’s close. It’s a meaningful story with an important message for multiples.

The board-book design allows you to read this classic to your twins every night without it falling apart.

18. Twin Power by Benjamin Young, M.D. and KIyanda Young, M.D.

For children ages 2-7, Twin Power is the first in a series that explores the power of the twin relationship. Sebastian and Simone learn how to use their twin power and be great friends in the process.

If your kids love a series and want a good place to start, enjoy the first installment of this twin-focused tale.

Final Thoughts

No matter your preference, there are great books about twins in every genre. Peruse this list to find your next favorite.