15 Places To Order Breastmilk Jewelry (+ 5 DIY Kits)

Making the decision to breastfeed is a personal and unique choice that every mother must make, often with significant sacrifices. As a mother who personally faced challenges with breastfeeding, I can attest to the fact that it requires perseverance and commitment.

These companies honor that commitment with reverence and respect by creating enchanting breastmilk jewelry to commemorate your nursing experience.

1. Milk Couture Co

Milk Couture Co. is a Nashville, TN-based company that specializes in handcrafting breastmilk and keepsake jewelry.

Cait offers a wide range of custom, heirloom-quality pieces designed to last a lifetime and honor each mother’s unique journey. Her collection includes jewelry made from various materials such as breastmilk, formula, ash, flowers, and more, allowing mothers to hold onto their most sacred moments in a tangible way.

Once your breastmilk or other keepsake is received, the crafting process begins, with the turnaround time varying depending on the complexity of the piece.

I recently received my own custom ring from Milk Couture Co and ABSOLUTELY love it! I’m working on a full review with tons of pictures and will update here once that’s ready.

I’ll leave you with this for now…

Milk Couture Co - Ring with Twins

Here’s the Milk Couture Co website.

2. Mamma’s Liquid Love

Mamma’s Liquid Love has over 120 pieces in their collection ranging from a In My Heart Pendant Necklace (under $150) to their Gatsby Ring (ranging from $500-2000+, depending on metal selection).

Each piece is made-to-order and allows customizations for setting metal type, stone type and placement, the use of shimmers or flakes, and engravings.

All breast milk undergoes a chemical preservation process and is set in resin for its protective properties.

Mamma’s Liquid Love accepts a payment plan through Sezzle. You’re responsible for shipping your breast milk sample (be sure to save your shipment’s tracking info). Once your breast milk is received, you can expect to wait 6-15 weeks for your item (wait times may vary).

Also, consider joining Mamma’s Liquid Love Breast Milk Jewelry community on Facebook. 

3. Indigo Willow

Indigo Willow’s store contains 43 unique jewelry pieces. Prices range from their approximately $80 Sweetheart Charm to their Inara Diamond Ring, which is just over $1,000.

Each piece can be modified to include milk coloring, multiple inclusions, natural shimmers, and fine sparkles. Select pieces allow for different metal setting types. Breast milk is naturally preserved and hardened through an undisclosed process. 

Indigo Willow offers an in-house payment plan that requires $20 and includes a 4% fee. You’re responsible for shipping your breast milk sample. Once your breastmilk is received, you can expect to wait 6-24 weeks for your item. 

4. Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey offers a limited selection of simple, elegant pieces. Prices range from their Classic Round Earrings just under $200 to their Honey and Milkcomb Necklace, which runs approximately $650.

Pieces can be customized through color augmentation, the addition of glitters and flakes, and metal type selection. Breast milk is dried, hand-crushed, and mixed with jeweler’s resin to create your stone.

This company also offers a resin-based DIY home kit starting at $116. 

Milk + Honey accepts payment plans through Afterpay. You’re responsible for shipping your breast milk sample. Once your breastmilk is received, you can expect to wait 12-15 weeks for your item.

5. KeepsakeMom

KeepsakeMom offers an affordable range of jewelry products from their She’s A Pearl Earrings (around $80) to their Celebration Bracelet (around $200).

This company offers unmatched customizations such as dried flowers, metal flakes, milk coloring, shimmers, pearl powder, child prints, script names, constellation prints, and text. Milk is preserved, cured, and mixed with jeweler’s resin.

KeepsakeMom does not currently offer payment plans. Following your order, KeepsakeMom sends a kit containing everything you will need to safely ship your breast milk sample for free.

Once your breast milk is received, you can expect to wait 8-12 weeks for your item. 

6. The Empowered Mama

Empowered Mama offers a variety of breastmilk jewelry with everything from their Luna Charm Necklace (around $125) to their Gold Elsie Ring (around $3,000).

Most pieces have the option to modify the setting metal and stone type. Color flakes and shimmers can also be added.

The Empowered Mana offers payments through ShopPay and military discounts. Updated shipping times can be located on their Order Updates page. 

7. Precious Mammaries

Precious Mammaries offers a large selection of breast milk jewelry ranging in price from a little over $100 up to $1,000.

Pieces can be personalized by adding flakes, shimmers, crystals, pictures, shells, dried plants, dried flowers, engravings, charms, and photos.

Precious Mammaries takes a holistic approach to breast milk preservation by using a process that requires minimal chemical changes. Due to this approach, each hand-crafted piece is made with glass rather than resin. 

Precious Mammaries applies a lifetime guarantee to each order and allows payment plans through Paypal. Once breast milk is received, you can expect to wait 30-40 business days to receive your item. 

8. Beyond The Willow Tree

This award-winning Australian-based company offers design styles ranging from approximately $125 for their Pure Keepsake Stone to their over $1,000 Camellia Keepsake Ring.

Each piece can be customized through the addition of shimmers and flecks. While the process that Beyond The Willow Tree uses is undisclosed, they do indicate that this is not a resin-based process. 

Beyond The Willow Tree allows payment plans through ShopPay. You are responsible for shipping your breast milk sample internationally. Once your piece is complete, it takes approximately 7-14 business for your product to arrive. 

9. Mama Bear Milk

Mama Bear Milk offers a selection of affordable breast milk jewelry options. From their Hexie Earrings (around $50) to their Heiress Ring (around $300), each piece’s metal setting can be changed.

Additional customizations such as shimmers and flakes can be added to certain pieces. 

Mama Bear Milk allows in-house payment plans with a $15 non-refundable fee. The crafting process does not begin until all payments have been made. Once the sample is received, the current turnaround time is 10-12 weeks.

10. Tree of Life

Tree of Life possesses a variety of breast milk jewelry pieces from their Miley Earrings (approximately $80) to their Tree of Life Necklace (around $150).

Add-ons such as colors, flakes, opals, and engravings can be purchased for most pieces. While they don’t list the details, Tree of Life claims to have a special natural process. 

Tree of Life allows payment plans through both PayPal and Sezzle. While you are responsible for shipping your breast milk sample, there is an option to order a mail kit that provides all necessary shipping supplies.

Once your breast milk is received, you can expect to receive your order within 14 weeks.

11. Lait Sous La Lune

Lait Sous La Lune has a small and simple collection of breast milk necklaces starting at around $50. Most pieces can be customized with the addition of foils, flakes, shimmers, glitters, opals, words, and initials.

This company creates its jewelry by preserving breast milk in epoxy resin. Lait Sous La Lune doesn’t currently list shipping times.  

12. Ounce Upon A Time

Ounce Upon A Time breast milk jewelry pieces range from their Luna Ring (around $100) to their Madison Ring (around $200). Jewelry pieces can be customized through the addition of pigments, birthstones, birth flowers, and zodiac symbols.

Once your breast milk sample is received, you can expect to wait 8-10 weeks to receive your jewelry. 

13. Precious Milk Drops

With a collection of simple and elegant designs, Precious Milk Drops’ pieces range from their Breast Milk Drop (just over $50) to their Stone Crown Round Ring (under $500). Each piece’s stone finish and resin color can be customized to your liking. 

Precious Milk Drops has an in-house payment plan for an additional charge of $5. The crafting process does not begin until after the order is paid in full.

Once breast milk is received, you will be added to the queue, and your item will be crafted in the order it was received. 

14. Love By The Ounce

Love By The Ounce offers a beautiful store of breast milk jewelry designs ranging from their All My Love Earrings (approximately $100) to their Tears of Joy Ring (around $150).

Shimmers, glitters, and flakes can be added to most pieces in the store. Once your breast milk has been received, the estimated turnaround time is 12-14 weeks. 

15. Wildflowers & Milk 

Wildflowers & Milk showcases an inventory of breast milk jewelry as beautiful as its name. Prices range from around $150 for their Milky Moon Stud Earrings to around $250 for their Milky Moon Bangle Bracelet.

These pieces can be customized with flowers, opals, flakes, and shimmers. This company uses a heating preservation process and a resin-based casing.

Wildflowers & Milk offers payment plans through ShopPay. This company provides a prepaid shipping label upon receipt of your order. The average turnaround time is 12-15 weeks after receiving your breast milk sample. 

Breastmilk Jewelry Kits

If you don’t mind a hands-on crafting project, these at-home DIY breastmilk kits may be a great option! 

1. Maidinthewoods Breastmilk Preservation Kit for Keepsake Jewelry

This shop has over 13,300 sales and a 5-star rating on Etsy. The Maidinthewoods DIY Breastmilk Preservation Kit costs around $60.

These kits include all the materials needed to preserve your breastmilk but do not include the mold or wire wrapping to turn it into jewelry.

Molds can be added to your order starting at $7. However, the wire wrapping must be ordered from the Maidinthewoods website and ranges from approximately $60-$225. 

Maidinthewoods orders have an average shipping time of 3-5 days, and shipping is free with purchase requirements. This shop accepts exchanges and cancellations within 7 days of delivery but does not accept returns. 

2. Iunijewel Breastmilk Jewelry DIY

Iunijewel is an online Etsy shop specializing in DIY breastmilk jewelry kits. This shop boasts a 4.5-star rating with over 220 orders.

This storefront offers a variety of over 30 different designs starting at around $60. Iunijewel preservation kits offer setting color customization for an additional charge.

These DIY kits include every item you will need to preserve your breastmilk aside from the milk itself. 

Between processing and shipping, you’re likely to receive your Iunijewel DIY kit within 2-9 business days if you live in Canada or the US.

International shipping times range from 5-20 business days. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days of delivery. 

3. Stainless Steel Breastmilk DIY Keepsake Kit

DIY Breast Milk Jewelry Kit – Stainless Steel

Turn 5ml of your breast milk into a long-lasting stainless steel keepsake.

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If you’re just looking for a simple necklace at an affordable price, Amazon has you covered with this Stainless Steel Breastmilk DIY Keepsake Kit.

For around $50, this kit includes everything you will need to create your jewelry but requires the use of a double boiler. 

Delivery times from Amazon depend on your status as a prime member. Items are eligible for return, refund, or exchange within 30 days of receipt. 

4. Milky Treasures Crown Necklace DIY Kit

Milky Treasures DIY Breastmilk Crown Necklace Kit

This kit includes a beautiful crown necklace base setting and chain. Both are made of 925 sterling silver.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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Amazon also offers this Milky Treasures Crown Necklace DIY Kit that boasts higher ratings and a slightly higher price than its aforementioned counterpart.

This DIY kit offers a more classic necklace style with the option of customizations for around $60. 

5. AXCDesignCo Breastmilk Jewelry DIY Kit

AXCDesignCo is an Etsy shop focused on elegant vintage breast milk jewelry DIY kits. They offer 18 styles starting at approximately $80. Each kit comes with all preservation and design tools needed with no additional purchase necessary. 

Shipping is free on every order, and items are received within 7-16 business days. This shop allows cancellations within 24 hours of order receipt but does not allow refunds or exchanges.