11 Court-Approved Co-Parenting Apps (Free & Paid Options)

Co-parenting can be a challenge, but there are court-approved parenting apps to help you manage schedules, messages, and so many other aspects of parenting with someone else. 

These apps take the guesswork out of document collection, financial responsibilities, and what was communicated to a co-parent.

They can be used in court to help the custody and co-parenting relationship go more smoothly for the adults and children involved.

Whether you are looking for free or paid options, you have plenty of choices that are court approved and easy to use.

Free Court-Approved Parenting Apps

If you don’t want to pay for an app to help manage co-parenting, you don’t have to spend a penny. There are free options that offer all you need, and they are still accepted in court.

1. AppClose

Co-parenting means more than managing drop-offs and pick-ups.

AppClose knows that and allows you to not only manage the parenting calendar but also keep a record of calls, messages, and any other communication with the people in your AppClose circle.

You can even manage financial and paperwork needs using this app. Having this type of information saved and in an unchangeable form can be a lifesaver when you do need proof or documentation while co-parenting.

Key Features

  • Ability to save conversations in case they are needed in court
  • Easy way to request calendar changes
  • Function for exporting records

2. Talking Parents

With a high user satisfaction rating and over 550,00 downloads, Talking Parents takes care of co-parenting needs with ease.

Besides communicating with your co-parent, you can also request money, keep a personal journal, and document important interactions.

Peruse the parenting resources for tips on a variety of topics, all for free.

Key Features

  • Create a library of cards with important contact numbers
  • Keep a private journey that your co-parent can’t see

3. Custody X Change 

Use Custody X Change on your computer or phone to track schedules through their intricate calendar.

While this lacks the bells and whistles of other options, it’s still a great resource when trying to coordinate plans. Making sure no one misses pick-ups or drop-offs is a good way to keep life smooth for your kids.

Key Features

  • Use on your computer or mobile device

Paid Court-Approved Parenting Apps

If the free options don’t have all you need, there are paid court-approved parenting apps sure to check off your list of wants. In fact, some of the free apps mentioned above have packages you can pay for if you want extra perks.

1. Our Family Wizard (I personally use and love this app)

The Our Family Wizard app feels like magic with the Info Bank that allows those who use it to see everything from medical records to allergies.

It has calendars, ways to handle finances, and plenty of options for communication at a reasonable price. With all this information at your fingertips, you can communicate with your co-parent only when you want to, which can ease tension.

Key Features

  • The ToneMeter feature with this app helps flag disrespectful messaging comments before you send them. You get to take a breath and rephrase to keep communication civil.

Pricing Plans

  • Choose Your Own Plan – based on features you want/need
  • Essentials Plan – most popular option
  • Premium Plan – has extra features for only a few dollars more per month

2. Talking Parents

Featured on over a dozen sites, Talking Parents offers all the regular features found on co-parenting apps, and it gives you the option to upgrade based on your needs.

Try the free plan and then move to a standard or premium plan if you find you want more. The paid plans come with the option for video calls, PDF record storage, Info Library cards, and more.

Key Features

  • Attachment library to easily access information
  • Vault file storage

Pricing Plans

  • Free Option – website access only
  • Standard Plan – many more features than free option
  • Premium Plan – includes useful bonus features

3. Custody X Change

Custody issues are at the forefront of this app, and the navigation can feel a bit clunky compared to other options.

However, Custody X Change can help you get ready for custody issues and manage co-parenting through the process. If more intricate apps seem overwhelming, Custody X Change may be a good choice for you.

Key Features

  • Activity notifications
  • Get help creating a parenting plan using this app

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan – free trial period but limited use of features
  • Silver Plan – scheduling, create parenting plans, activity notifications, and more
  • Gold Plan – additional tracking, financial, and scheduling features

4. CoParenter

Besides offering great planning and communication tools, CoParenter also lets you work with a mediation team online to deal with issues as they arise.

There is also the option for coaching support, and check-ins show you where your child is and give you peace of mind when they are with the other parent.

Key Features

  • Online mediation
  • Self-help library

Pricing Plans

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Pay by the month
  • Pay by the year
  • Pay by the year for both parents

5. WeParent

WeParent isn’t just for those who are co-parenting after a separation or divorce. You can use this app with your entire family or friend group, including people who don’t live in the home.

It’s also a great tool for married partners who just need help managing their kids’ appointments and calendars.

Due to the entire-family access, you can make sure everyone’s appointments and needs are placed in the notes to keep your crew on the same page.

WeParent takes the idea of needing a village to raise a child and actually makes it much easier by using tech solutions.

Key Features

  • Whole family access
  • The option for a lifetime access 

Pricing Plans

  • Free for the first 14 days
  • Pay by the month
  • Pay by the year
  • Pay for an entire lifetime

6. 2Houses

Use this secure platform to share life with another parent. Receive notifications tailored to your preferences, and track finances and calendar events easily.

Color code the calendar for each person in the family, and check out blog posts aimed at making your separation or divorce easier to navigate.

Key Features

  • Get notifications for different activities
  • Create photo albums to share

Pricing Plans

  • Free 14-day trial
  • Low-cost monthly plan that covers the entire family

7. Coparently

Coparently asks both parents to pay for an account, but they have plenty of features to make it worthwhile.

Use the calendar, the messaging, and the guest accounts to keep up with activities and make sure you have enough people to help manage the chaos.

Read blog posts from the site to help you navigate co-parenting, and take advantage of encryption tools that keep your information safe.

Key Features

  • Child and guest accounts available with purchase
  • Free professional accounts available with purchase

Pricing Plans

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Pay by the month
  • Pay by the year

8. Fayr

Keep track of custody information, documentation, and appointments with Fayr. Though some deem it to be more of a child-custody app than co-parenting app, it is still court-approved with plenty of features to make it worthwhile.

You can even check your parenting report to ensure you are keeping up with documentation and appointments.

Key Features

  • Geo-location log 

Pricing Plans

  • Low-cost monthly plan

Closing Thoughts

Getting help with co-parenting can positively impact your family in a myriad of ways. Check out an app today that makes managing and communicating with a co-parent simple and straightforward.