Crib Weight and Height Limit: Full Guide With 16 Examples

Cots have weight and height limits that indicate when it’s time for children to move to a different bed. These restrictions are put in place by manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products.

How much weight can a crib hold? In general, a crib can hold about 50 pounds. It’s best to check the user manual for each specific product to find out what the manufacturer recommends. Experts suggest having one person in the crib at a time instead of sharing with a sibling or a parent.

In the following, you’ll learn more about crib weight and height limits and how they affect your child’s safety.

Crib Weight Limit

The weight limit of your child’s crib can help you decide when it’s time to transition to a larger bed.

Why It Matters

A crib’s function is to provide a safe, comfortable sleeping environment for your child. Most cribs have weight limits to let you know that only one child can be in them at a time and when it is time to transition to a bigger bed.

Average Crib Weight Limit

The average weight limit for a crib is 50 pounds. Since a child doesn’t usually weigh 50 pounds until about 8 years old, your child will fit in their crib through infancy and early toddlerhood.

Keep in mind that the crib might be able to hold more weight, but most cribs are only tested for up to 50 pounds because babies don’t ever get that heavy.

Crib Height Limit

Besides having a weight limit, most cribs also have a height limit to determine when a child should upgrade to a larger bed.

Why It Matters

The height limit of a crib matters because young toddlers can climb out of a crib if they’re tall and strong enough. Children can fall from the crib, and regulations are in place to reduce the chance of injury in the middle of the night.

Average Crib Height Limit

The average crib height limit is about 35 inches for most products. Even though a child won’t be 50 pounds for several years, a child typically measures 35 inches, or a little less than 3 feet, by their third birthday.

CribWeight LimitHeight LimitDimensions
Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib50 pounds35 inches53.75x 29.75×35 inches
DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib50 pounds35 inches54.5x35x42 inches
Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib50 pounds35 inches39.75x26x35 inches
Stokke Sleepi Crib/Bed50 kilograms (110 pounds)35 inches50x23x29.13 inches
Dream On Me Jett Non-Full Size Folding Crib35 pounds36 inches38x26x36 inches
Graco Benton 4-in-150 pounds35 inches56.7×29.8×42 inches
Delta Children Emery Deluxe 6-in-150 pounds35 inches55.5×30.25×43.5 inches
Graco Remi 5-in-150 pounds35 inches71.77×29.53×35.94 inches
Storkcraft Steveston 4-in-150 pounds35 inches72.3×28.9×42.1 inches
Delta Folding Mini Crib35 pounds35 inches39x25x37.25 inches
DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-150 pounds35 inches54.8×30.4×41.4 inches
Million Dollar Baby Winston 4-in-150 pounds35 inches54.88×30.5×45.5 inches
DaVinci Union 4-in-145 pounds35 inches53.5×30.5×33.5 inches
Delta Children Sloane 4-in-1 Acrylic Convertible Crib50 pounds34 inches54.5×30.25×34 inches
Autumn 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib & Changer50 pounds35 inches58×26.5×44 inches
Dream On Me Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible Crib50 pounds39 inches53x29x39 inches

Toddler Beds: Height, Weight & Age Limits

A little girl lying in her toddler bed staring at the stars on the wall projected by a nightlight.

When a child has outgrown a crib, the next step most parents take is to move them to a toddler bed. Like cribs, these beds designed for little children have height, weight, and age limits.

Why It Matters

Height, weight, and age requirements for toddler beds are in place to keep your toddler safe during naps and bedtime sleep.

Since a convertible crib can turn into a toddler bed, you can hold onto it longer. However, check the manufacturer’s recommendations to discover when to convert the crib to a toddler bed.

Average Toddler Bed Height Limit

Since a toddler bed doesn’t have tall sides, you don’t have to worry about your child climbing out of the toddler bed and falling.

Usually, the height limit depends on the length of your child and whether they can fit on the mattress comfortably. Look at the mattress length and width to ensure your child has enough room to sleep.

Average Toddler Bed Weight Limit

Like most cribs, the weight limit for most toddler beds and convertible cribs is about 50 pounds.

Average Toddler Bed Age Limit

Toddlers typically don’t weigh 50 pounds, so the age limit depends on your toddler’s height and developmental ability.

While parents can transition their children to a toddler bed as early as 18 months, it’s best to keep your child in a crib for as long as possible, until about 3 years old, so they become mature enough to stay in bed all night.

Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Toddler Bed

Look for these signs that your baby is ready to move to a toddler bed:

  • They’re starting to climb: One of the most important ways to tell if your child should move to a toddler bed is if they’re climbing out of the crib, even when the mattress is in the lowest position. If your child is tall and strong enough to climb out of the crib, they can fall in the middle of the night.
  • You’re pregnant with another child: If your child is older than 18 months and is expecting a sibling, you may want to upgrade to a toddler bed. You can save money on another crib by giving the crib to the younger child. Transition slowly with lots of love and patience so that your older child doesn’t feel replaced.
  • The crib is too small: If your child sleeps in a mini crib, you may notice they’re getting too tall for the mattress. Give your child some extra room to sleep and upgrade them to a toddler bed.
  • You’re trying to potty train your child: You may want to start transitioning your toddler to a bed without rails when you want to begin potty training. Try not to do both together as too many changes can be emotionally challenging.
  • Your child has asked for a toddler bed: At around age 3, some children request a more mature bed. They might have seen a toddler bed and want to be a big kid. When your child expresses interest in a toddler bed, take that as a sign to begin the gradual transition to their new sleeping environment.

Related Questions:

Are Toddler Beds Necessary?

No, toddler beds usually aren’t necessary. Toddler beds are small and leave more room for play. However, most cribs can convert to a toddler bed, so you don’t have to purchase a new one.

You may also want to transition your child from the crib directly to a twin bed to get more use out of the bed and to save some money.

How Long Should You Use a Toddler Bed?

Your child should use a toddler bed until they no longer fit in it or have any interest in it. Most kids move up to a twin or larger bed by age three or four.

The age at which you move your child into a big-kid bed depends on your unique situation, such as when you’re having another baby.


Cribs and toddler beds provide a safe, comfortable sleeping environment for the little ones in your family. The height, weight, and age limits that come with these products help prevent falls and other unpleasant injuries.