18 Crystals for Fertility and How To Use Them Effectively

The ancient Egyptians were known for their use of crystals for healing, and this practice has continued to be relevant in today’s world. Despite the advancements we have made, these valuable gems continue to provide spiritual and emotional well-being to people.

What better time to bring some spiritual and emotional healing into your life than during the ups and downs of your fertility journey?

Let’s take a look at the why and how of fertility crystals and the best types to use!

Why Use Crystals for Fertility?

Fertility crystals are believed to rid the body of energetic blockages that may be contributing to fertility issues.

To be more specific, these blockages or imbalances are said to be located in a the “sacral chakra,” according to London-based spiritual healer and founder of Rebel Alchemy Julie Higgins:

“The Sacral Chakra is a woman’s powerhouse controlling reproduction, work, career, finances, creativity, self-esteem, sexuality, relationships and emotions.”

Julie points out that one way to deal with any of these issues in your chakras is to use the crystal’s energy healing, “which may need just a few sessions.”

How To Use Crystals for Fertility

Before use, it’s important to cleanse the crystal of any negative energy that it may have been picked up on its travels.

Restore it to its natural energy state by washing it in water, burying it in brown rice, or exposing it to moonlight.

Once ready to use, a popular way to make use of your chosen fertility crystal is to wear it as jewelry so it’s close to your body.

You can also bathe with your crystals, place them under your pillow or on your nightstand, or hold it during meditation.

1. Rose Quartz

Healing ring of rose quartz crystals.

Rose quartz crystals are pale pink-colored stones that can be smooth or rough and raw.

Benefits Provided

  • Targets the heart chakra, helping to release your loving energy and compassion
  • Brings inner peace and emotional resilience
  • Eases feelings of guilt and stress

Tips for Use

Place it under your pillow or by your bedside so it can wash you with loving feminine energy while you sleep.

You can also keep it on your person or wear it during the day when you want to feel more confident or compassionate about a situation or toward someone.

2. Clear Quartz

A clear quartz crystal on a black background.

Clear quartz is glass-clear and bright like a mini glacier.

Benefits Provided

  • Known as the “master healer” that helps to balance all chakras
  • Neutralizes negative energy
  • Amplifies and brings clarity to your intentions
  • Grounds your soul

Tips for Use

When sensing a mental block, place it on a work desk or shelf to bring you mental clarity and help with dream manifestation.

3. Smoky Quartz

A smoky quartz crystal on a black background.

Smoky quartz is tan-gray and translucent to almost opaque black.

Benefits Provided

  • Boosts the function of sexual organs
  • Helps ease depression related to fertility struggles
  • Balances sexual energy

Tips for Use

Hold onto smoky quartz during meditation practice.

Alternatively, place it pointing down toward the ground, and keep it in a dish/tray by your front door so negative energy can be channeled out of it.

4. Aventurine

Green aventurine crystal up close.

Shimmery and commonly in nature-green shades, aventurine can also be silver, yellow, or reddish-brown.

Benefits Provided

  • Helps open your heart chakra to bring peace, harmony, and good fortune
  • Said to bring lively energy and gentle peace
  • Ensures your foundations are solid before a new addition arrives

Tips for Use

Use it during your meditation either held in your palm or placed nearby in your meditation space.

5. Citrine

A rough citrine crystal on a gray background.

Citrine is cloudy with a hexagonal crystal system. It ranges from pale yellow to amber.

Benefits Provided

  • Filled with joy and bright energy to raise your spirits in tough times
  • Can also awaken the solar plexus chakra, helping to cultivate personal power and confidence

Tips for Use

Place it for decoration on a sunny windowsill or sit with it in your cupped palms during meditation to let it fill you with positive light.

6. Moonstone

A moonstone crystal beside a small white flower.

Moonstone is a smooth opalescent stone ranging from dazzling white to cream or yellow with a milky sheen.

Benefits Provided

  • Targets the crown chakra, creating a strong connection with the supreme self
  • Soaked in healing feminine energy for encouraging natural cycles, restoring hormonal balance, and promoting emotional stability

Tips for Use

Use it during a full moon to set your fertility intentions. Wear it as a necklace during this period, or keep it under your pillow.

7. Amethyst

Close look at amethyst crystals.

Amethyst is most recognizable as a raw cluster of rich purple crystals on a base of silver and smoky white.

Benefits Provided

  • Helps balance the emotional load of fertility and parenthood struggles
  • Fills your cup with grace, wisdom, and serenity

Tips for Use

Keep it close whenever you feel overwhelmed – in your workplace or your bedroom to help with sleeplessness and a restless soul.

8. Carnelian

Rough and finished carnelian crystals on a mirrored surface.

Carnelian is smooth with a reddish-brown to fiery orange and red coloring.

Benefits Provided

  • Clears out blockages in your lower root and sacral chakras specifically to help boost fertility
  • Inspires creativity and endurance in women and men
  • Raises confidence and boosts sexual drive

Tips for Use

To help boost your chances of a quick conception, place your carnelian crystal on your womb area or keep it in your pants pocket.

9. Fluorite

A fluorite crystal against a black background.

Fluorite is a beautiful semi-transparent crystal flashed with rainbow hues of green and purple.

Benefits Provided

  • Sends a gust of fresh air through your stagnant bodily energy to help diminish toxic vibes
  • Helps stabilize hormones and eliminate catastrophic thinking that can come with fertility struggles
  • Helps you find newfound confidence and direction

Tips for Use

Wear the pretty colors with pride in a necklace. You can also place it in a well-loved and well-used place in the home to help attract abundance and luck.

10. Selenite

A selenite crystal on a bed of smooth rocks.

Selenite is a translucent and pale peach crystal but can also be cloudy white.

Benefits Provided

  • Bursting with calming energy, said to help protect pregnancy
  • Believed to help boost fertility and give your energy a sharp focus

Tips for Use

Keep it close by as a lucky talisman or amulet (hanging from a keyring or as wall decoration). It also makes a stunning fertility bracelet.

11. Aquamarine

A rough aquamarine crystal on top of clear quartz.

Aquamarine is smooth with light ocean blue tones and shimmering specks.

Benefits Provided

  • Gives you the resilience and flow to lean into challenging times rather than fight against the tide
  • Thought to discourage miscarriage

Tips for Use

Excellent for use during meditation or rest when held in your hand or placed just below the middle of your breast bone while lying down.

12. Garnet

A garnet crystal against a black background.

Garnet is a rounded smooth or rough crystal with a deep glossy red coloring similar to a pomegranate seed.

Benefits Provided

  • Known as the stone of hope and light, garnet flushes blockages out and brings in radiant energy
  • Helps to increase your libido and reawaken sexual energy

Tips for Use

Great for use in a crystal grid or when placed on your womb area for balance and healing light.

13. Bloodstone

A bloodstone crystal on a white linen cloth.

Bloodstone is a smooth rock often very dark green or reddish-black with blood-red specks.

Benefits Provided

  • Helps boost the immune system and promotes healthy circulation
  • Delivers strength, courage, and vitality

Tips for Use

Keep it under your pillow or on your nightstand to bring courage for future days while you sleep.

Wearing bloodstone in a bracelet or ring can also keep its strengthening energy close by.

14. Unakite

A unakite crystal against a white background.

Unakit is a unique rock of opaque green with pink, black, red, and white flecks scattered throughout.

Benefits Provided

  • Known as the doula stone, Unakite can help guide mothers to a healthy and uplifting pregnancy
  • Helps to banish fears around pregnancy and birth, delivering much-needed calm and patience

Tips for Use

Wear unakite in your favorite form of jewelry to keep this positive energy with you pre-conception and beyond.

15. Jade

A jade gemstone held in a woman's hand.

Jade is a translucent to opaque mid to dark green stone, mottled or streaked with white or lighter green.

Benefits Provided

  • Jade helps open your mind to renewal after suffering hardship
  • Increases your chances of good fortune
  • Helps you keep a clear head in times of stress and aguish

Tips for Use

Keep it close by on your journey to conception. Decorate a cherished space in the home, or wear it as a beautiful necklace every day.

16. Lepidolite

One rough and one finished lepidolite crystal on black.

Lepidolite is a grayish-lilac or purple-rose-colored stone with galaxy-like specks.

Benefits Provided

  • Eases anxiety and helps replace fear with joy
  • Encourages psychological well-being, helping to bring you inner peace and tranquillity

Tips for Use

Hold it close in your pocket to ease daily worries. You can also keep it on your nightstand or place it on your forehead before sleep to promote a restful night.

17. Rhodonite

Two rhodonite gemstones on white.

Rhodonite is similar to rose quartz but with a deeper pink and contrasting dark black smudges.

Benefits Provided

  • This bold stone helps you stay centered and emotionally balanced for childbirth
  • Invites compassion and forgiveness into your heart
  • Also believed to ready the uterus for birth

Tips for Use

Keep your rhodonite crystal close by wearing it as jewelry, or place it on your chest during deep meditation to help you absorb its strength.

18. Chrysoprase

A chrysoprase gemstone on a white background.

Chrysoprase is a distinctive earth-colored stone of seafoam green, ocean blue, white, and brown.

Benefits Provided

  • Addresses your sacral and heart chakras to fight fertility-affecting infections and self-blame associated with fertility problems
  • Helps calm anxious minds and prevents self-absorbed thinking
  • Boost sexual energy

Tips for Use

Keep it out of bright sunlight to preserve its colors. It’s best when kept close to you during meditation or under your pillow to calm and bring humility to a frazzled mind.

Closing Thoughts

The above crystals are believed to provide you with much-needed strength, clarity, joy, and many other assets during the turbulent journey of fertility.

Whichever set of benefits you are hoping to gain on your road to conception and motherhood, don’t forget to use your crystals in a way that gives you joy and purpose, whether that’s accompanying you during meditation and sleep or keeping close to your body in the form of beautiful jewelry.