Exchanging Diapers Without A Receipt – Here’s How To Do It

If you do not have a receipt, Target and Walmart are typically the top choices for returning diapers, as long as the specific product is sold at the store.

Depending on the store, you will either be issued a full refund, given in-store credit, or allowed to exchange for a different size.

If you do not know where the diapers were purchased, another option is to download the app from several stores.

Scan the barcode on each app until you find a store that carries the diapers. You can then proceed to return them.

Walmart’s return policy states:

“Return the item to a Walmart store near you & receive the refund on a store gift card. Items without a gift receipt can be exchanged or refunded to a gift card. Items under $10 are refunded in cash.”

Target’s return policy states:

“If you don’t have the proof of purchase, you may receive a refund in the form of a merchandise return card.”

Special note from an experienced mom: Hold off exchanging diapers you receive from a baby shower until your baby has outgrown that size. You’ll be surprised by how many diapers you’ll go through in those early days!

According to Pampers

“Newborns may use up to 10 diapers per day… plan for close to 70 diapers each week. If you can expect up to ten diapers a day, that’s about 280 diapers per month.”

I have never encountered an issue when returning unopened diapers with or without a receipt, but I would recommend returning them within 90 days of purchase.

The diapers won’t expire, but many stores refuse to accept returns after 3 months.

It’s best to be familiar with store policies before you attempt to return or exchange an item.

StoreDiaper Exchange Policy
TargetReturn unopened with a receipt for a full refund
WalmartReturn unopened with a receipt for a full refund
CostcoReturn open or unopened with or without a receipt if you are a member
Sam’s ClubReturn open or unopened with or without a receipt if you are a member
MeijerReturn with or without a receipt
BJ’s Wholesale ClubReturn open or unopened with or without a receipt if you are a member
AmazonReturn without a receipt
Big LotsReturn unopened with a receipt
WalgreensReturn opened or unopened, get refund with a receipt and store credit without a receipt
Buybuy BabyReturn unopened with a receipt

Diaper Exchange Target

For a full refund or an easy exchange, bring your receipt and unopened diapers with you to Target.

Ensure to exchange the diapers within the 90-day window Target sets for returns.

Walmart Diaper Exchange

Walmart only accepts unopened diapers for return. You will need your receipt and to return the diapers within 90 days of purchase.

Walmart will not accept opened diapers for exchange.

Costco Exchange Policy

You can return opened or unopened diapers to Costco with or without the receipt. However, you need to be a member if you don’t have a receipt.

If you’re not a member because the diapers were a gift, then you will need to contact the person who gave them to you and ask for their assistance with the return.

Sam’s Club Diapers

Sam’s Club has a policy similar to Costco, so you don’t need a receipt if you are a member who purchased the item. They will take unopened or opened items.

Meijer Diapers

Within 90 days of purchase, you should be able to return diapers to Meijer with or without a receipt.

Unopened diapers will definitely be accepted, and opened diapers can be accepted at the discretion of the Meijer employee.

BJ’s Exchange Policy

You can return diapers opened or unopened, with or without a receipt, as long as you are a member at BJ’s. 

Amazon Diaper Exchange

Amazon does not require receipts to return items, and that includes diapers.

Ideally, the diapers should be unopened, but they can usually be returned if they have been opened as well. They just need to be undamaged.

Big Lots Exchange Policy

For return at Big Lots, diapers should be unopened and accompanied by a receipt. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to make the return.

Walgreens Diapers

You can return items from Walgreens for 30 days with a receipt and get a refund. The diapers can be opened or unopened.

Without a receipt, you can still receive store credit for up to 60 days after the date of purchase.

Buybuy Baby Diapers

Buybuy Baby would like you to bring a receipt to return or exchange diapers, and you have 90 days after the date of purchase to make returns. Diapers should be unopened.

Can You Exchange Unopened Diapers Anywhere?

You can only exchange unopened diapers at stores that carry the exact brand, size, and count of diapers you want to return.

A receipt may or may not be required, depending on the store’s policies. Either a full refund or in-store credit will be issued upon return.

Can You Exchange Diapers for a Different Brand?

You can exchange diapers for a different brand in most stores, provided the box is intact.

However, if there is a difference in price, you will have to pay the difference.

Boxes of baby diapers

How To Exchange Diapers From Baby Shower

Hopefully, the guests at your baby shower gave you gift receipts so you can return any items you don’t need.

However, you may be able to exchange diapers even if a receipt wasn’t offered as many stores will let you return unopened diapers without a receipt.

However, if the diapers were bought from a wholesale club like Costco or Sam’s Club, you will need a receipt or the member number of the person who gave them to you.

Feel free to ask the giver for help if you do need this information.

How Many Diapers of Each Size Will You Need?

SizeWeight RangeApproximate # of Packs
PreemieLess than 6 poundsDepends on how early they were born
NewbornLess than 10 pounds1-2 packs if needed
18-14 pounds11-13 packs
212-18 pounds12-15 packs
316-28 pounds25 packs
422-37 pounds15-17 packs
527 pounds and overDepends on potty training
635 pounds and overDepends on potty training

Can You Return Opened Diapers to Walmart?

You cannot return opened diapers to Walmart. You must return them unopened to get a refund or exchange them.

Where Can I Donate Diapers?

You can use The National Diaper Bank Network to look up who is taking diapers in your area. This will allow you to donate diapers you can’t return to those who need them.