Baby Monitors That Record | What Features To Look For

It is essential to have a baby monitor included on your baby registry, even if you prefer a simpler lifestyle. Nowadays, there are advanced baby monitors available that offer impressive features for parents.

Do baby monitors record? In today’s high-tech world, many baby monitors do come with a recording and playback feature. The most basic audio-only monitors do not have the ability to record, but you’ll find the option in many of the newest models available. Check the box before purchasing to be sure.

Let’s look at some of the options you have and help narrow your search for the perfect baby monitor. 

Baby Monitors That Record

Let’s break down the world of baby monitors just a bit and then focus on those that record. 

Types of Baby Monitors

Times have changed since your mama had a baby monitor. Advances in technology have given us so many different baby monitor options that were only in your mom’s wildest dreams. 


Audio-only baby monitors are one of the oldest and simplest forms of baby monitors on the market.

Using it is very easy — all you have to do is place the base in the room where your baby is sleeping and then carry the receiver with you. You will be able to hear anything and everything that goes on in the room.

Nowadays, most audio monitors will have a two-way communication feature as well. 

Audio and Video

Combined audio-and-video baby monitors are quickly becoming the norm. These monitors work a lot like the audio monitors, but you are able to see a live video of your baby on your receiver as well as hear what goes on in the room.

Many of these types of monitors allow for two-way communication and have a recording feature. 


Older audio monitors are also analog monitors, meaning that they do not use encryption and, therefore, are more susceptible to signal interference either from other devices in your home or from someone around your home.

If this is the case, it is possible for someone else to gain access to both the video and audio stream of your monitor.


Most newer audio and video monitors are digital, meaning they encode the signal sent from the monitor to the receiver. These are much more secure than analog monitors. 


Another very convenient option available these days is a monitor that uses your existing wireless network.

With these, you can use your laptop or phone as the receiver, and you will get a notification on your phone when sound or movement is detected. These systems often work with multiple cameras in the same home as well. 

How Do Video Baby Monitors Work?

Video monitors will have a receiver and a transmitter. The parent keeps the receiver while the transmitter goes into the baby’s room.

When the transmitter senses movement or sound from the baby, it sends a signal to the receiver, and that is what triggers the video and audio for the parent or caretaker to see.

The signals sent between the receiver and transmitter of a video monitor are usually sent via encrypted codes for enhanced security and minimal signal interference. 

Video Recording Baby Monitors – Top 3

There are several monitors that have a recording feature that can be very beneficial for parents. These are our top three picks:

LeapFrog Smart Baby Monitor

This digital, Wi-Fi monitor allows you to watch recordings of the movements or sounds detected in the compatible mobile app. With this monitor, you can use your phone to keep an eye on your baby even when you are not home. 

KAWA Baby Monitor

The KAWA has excellent picture quality so that you can both see and hear your baby clearly. You also have the ability to record, even without a Wi-Fi connection. 

VTech Smart Baby Monitor

This is another great video monitor option. With pristine picture quality and the convenience of accessing and controlling the monitor on your phone, this monitor has it all. 

How To Choose a Baby Monitor

We know that with so many options, it can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. 


  • Consider your baby’s safety when choosing between an analog and digital monitor
  • Remember that if the Wi-Fi goes out and you have a Wi-Fi monitor, your monitor also goes out. 
  • Consider your data availability if you will be using your phone. 
  • Will you be moving the monitor around a lot? Into different rooms? Bringing it on family trips? Etc.
  • Reliability 

Features To Look For

  • Nighttime vision
  • Picture clarity
  • Portable receiver
  • Adjustable camera pan/tilt/zoom


We hope you’re on the right track to finding your baby monitor. Get a good one — it will become a new mom’s best friend!