Does Baby Lotion Expire? How To Check & When To Throw It Out

It is important to have baby lotion readily available at all times, as it is necessary to understand the proper ways to use it and when it may no longer be effective. Just like any other skincare product, it should not be used indefinitely.

Does baby lotion expire? Yes, baby lotion expires. Once it does, it’s not as effective at moisturizing your baby’s skin, so it’s important to get rid of expired baby lotion. Some manufacturers put expiration dates on baby lotion, while it can be a guessing game with other brands.

It’s important to know what expired baby lotion looks like and when it’s time to stop using it. Using products past their shelf life can do more harm than good, and this is especially true when you are dealing with baby skin.

Baby Lotion Shelf Life

Baby lotion does have a shelf life, so it’s important to know when it’s no longer good to use. There are easy signs to clue you in when lotion has expired.

Do Baby Lotions Have an Expiration Date?

Yes, most baby lotions have an expiration date printed on them. However, if you can’t find the date or it has faded beyond being readable, there are other ways to determine if baby lotion is still good to use.

How Do You Know if Baby Lotion Has Expired?

Besides reading the expiration date, you can also use your senses to determine whether or not your baby lotion is still good to use.

In fact, it’s good to check your baby lotion using your senses even if the expiration date hasn’t passed so you don’t use a bad product.

What Does Expired Lotion Look Like?

From texture to color, expired lotion does not look the same as usable lotion. Lotion can separate over time, so if you try to pour lotion into your hand and it’s watery, it’s likely past its use date.

Clumping is also a sign that the lotion is no longer good.

You may also notice that expired lotion has a different tint of color than fresh lotion. It may appear yellow or orange due to oxidation.

What Does Expired Lotion Smell Like?

Notice a less-than-great odor coming from your lotion bottle? That may mean bacteria has set up camp and it’s officially time to get a new bottle. Follow your nose if you don’t know when your lotion expired.

Does Lotion Expire if Not Opened?

Lotion can still expire even if it’s not opened, but it will take longer. Three to five years is generally the rule for products that haven’t been opened.

Still, look at the expiration date and check the smell and texture of the lotion before you use it.

How Long Does Lotion Last Once Opened?

Once opened, you need to use lotion within a year or two. After that, it will generally expire and lose its effectiveness. If you have bottles that have been opened for longer than this, get rid of them.

A mother applying baby lotion to her baby for a gentle massage.

Can I Use Expired Lotion?

You can use expired lotion, but it’s not a good idea. Besides losing its effectiveness, it can also contain bacteria that could cause a breakout or rash. Invest in another bottle instead.

How Long Can You Use Lotion After the Expiration Date?

It’s better not to use lotion after the expiration date. It won’t work as well and could harm your skin.

What To Do With Expired Lotion

How to dispose of expired lotion depends on where you live. You may think putting expired bottles in the trash is fine, but there are reasons that some places prefer you dispose of expired lotion as hazardous waste.

Expired lotion in a landfill can get into the water, so some places ask residents to bring expired lotion to special locations for proper disposal.

Other areas will allow you to throw out lotion. Just don’t put it down any sink drains because it can cause clogs.

There are creative ways to use expired lotion, but they come with warnings. Any expired lotion applied to skin can cause irritation. However, you can use it for the following:

  • Make slime
  • Make paint
  • Let kids use to create their own potions

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Is Baby Lotion Bad for Your Face?

Baby lotion is not meant to be used on adult faces. It can clog pores and cause breakouts, so it’s not an ideal moisturizer for adult facial skin. Find a moisturizer designed for your type of skin that won’t clog your pores.

Is Baby Lotion Good for Sunburn?

You can use baby lotion for sunburns, but it’s not the only option. There are other options that may have ingredients specifically for burns. 

Closing Thoughts

When a product expires, it’s time to get rid of it and grab something new. Don’t risk problems by using old lotion.