How To Mix Formula Without Bubbles: 3 Ways (+ Helpful Tools)

When it’s time to feed your baby, it’s crucial to make sure that the formula you use doesn’t cause any stomach discomfort. To do so, it’s important to mix the formula in a way that prevents too many bubbles from forming.

There are tried-and-true methods as well as equipment specifically designed with your baby in mind. However, you really only need the following to mix formula in the simplest way possible:

  • Bottles
  • Safe water
  • Formula
  • A tool to stir 

Still, some parents see benefits when they invest in high-tech stirrers, especially if their babies suffer with gas or reflux.

You can even invest in a product that mixes, stirs, and warms your baby’s formula just like your coffee maker produces the perfect cup of caffeine for you each morning.

Know all possible methods and find the right one to make eating and its aftermath painless for your baby.


Before you mix any formula, make sure you follow these essential steps:

  1. Clean the bottles you are going to use and make sure they are free of soap.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  3. Check the expiration date on your formula.
  4. Use the safest water possible. This may mean getting filtered or distilled water instead of using tap water.
  5. Add the formula according to the instructions provided. You don’t want to add too much formula, so it’s important to check the water-to-formula ratio.

1. Stirring Method

  • Grab a small fork or spoon (I use a fork since it breaks clumps up better).
  • Gently stir the water and formula together.
  • Continue to stir until all you see is a smooth liquid for your baby to consume.
  • Do not shake the bottle to remove excess clumps. This will cause bubbles. Continue to stir gently if clumps are still present.

2. Swirling Method

  • Gently swirl water and formula together until they mix.
  • Check to make sure both air bubbles and any clumps of formula are gone before offering to the baby.
  • Do not swirl so aggressively that bubbles form. You should use a gentle swirling motion, and this method may take longer than the stirring method.

3. Use a Formula Mixer

  • *For a manual formula mixer, add formula to water, and then insert the formula mixer.
  • Stir with the mixer until the clumps and bubbles are gone.
  • *For a battery-powered formula mixer, add formula to water.
  • Press the button that will activate the mixer. 
  • Hold the button down until the formula is fully mixed and smooth.

Formula Mixers To Consider

Your particular needs will determine what formula mixer is best for your family. Some options are great for on-the-go feeds while others are too large and need to stay at home.

If you don’t want to do any stirring, grab a formula mixer that is battery-powered and will stir your formula easily without you having to make much effort.

For cost-efficient choices, look for formula mixers that still require you to stir but that have bottoms shaped for getting clumps and bubbles out of the mix.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Formula Dispenser Machine

Baby Brezza Pro Advanced Formula Dispenser
  • Automatically make a warm formula bottle, instantly
  • Fully customizable – choose 1-ounce increments between 2-10 ounces
  • 3 temperature settings and formula/water or water-only dispensing
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If you want to feel like you’re whipping up an espresso instead of a bottle of formula, the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Dispenser Machine may be right for you!

This machine mixes and warms your baby’s formula. All you need to do is add the formula mix and water and then wait. Choose the temperature and how many ounces you want, and the Baby Brezza does the rest. Parents are big fans of this choice!

Dr. Brown’s Baby Formula Mixing Pitcher

Dr. Brown's Baby Formula Mixing Pitcher | Adjustable Stopper, BPA Free, 32oz

Features a unique blade to quickly dissolve and blend up to 32 ounces of formula with no leftover clumping.

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Dr. Brown’s is known for making baby bottles that help little ones have an easier time digesting formula.

The Dr. Brown’s Baby Formula Mixing Pitcher offers another layer of protection for your baby’s belly by ensuring formula is mixed properly before it is consumed. It can blend 32 ounces of formula at once without leaving clumps or bubbles behind.

This item is the perfect size for travel, so you can have it with you when your baby needs to eat on the go.

Munchkin Smart Blend Formula Mixing Pitcher

Munchkin® Smart Blend™ Formula Mixing Pitcher
  • Designed to reduce air bubbles and break up clumps quickly
  • Adjustable time ring keeps track of when formula was prepared
  • BPA-free
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Blend instead of shake with Munchkin’s Smart Blend Formula Mixing Pitcher. You can gently mix and stir up to 24 ounces of formula at one time without worrying about excess bubbles in the pitcher.

Portable Formula Mixer

Primo Passi Portable Formula Mixer | 16oz

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Don’t feel like stirring yourself? Grab this Portable Formula Mixer and a couple of batteries, and you can push a button to ensure smooth, clump-free formula for your baby.

This mixer is easy to take with you, and as long as your batteries are good, you can use it anywhere.

Handheld Electric Formula Stirrer

Handheld Electric Formula Stirrer
  • Mix formula evenly without clumps in seconds
  • Food grade, BPA-free
  • LED light to illuminate mixing at night
  • Includes ceramic base for storage
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

A cross between an electric mixer and stirring manually, the Handheld Electric Formula Stirrer offers a hybrid option.

Place the stirrer in the formula, and press a button to let it mix the formula on its own. There is even an LED light attached, so mixing formulas at night is easy.

This is a portable item that is easy to clean and can be used to mix more than just formula.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mixing formulas, there’s an art to making it work. Invest in the products, and learn the methods that keep your baby’s digestive tract happy.

When the formula is perfectly mixed, it should be clear and smooth and have no visible bubbles inside the bottle. You’ll know you’ve been successful if feeding time is easy for your baby and doesn’t result in gas pain from air bubbles.