22 Entertaining Games for Twins – Something for All Ages!

What are some ways to entertain twins? It can be a difficult task, but there is no need to fret. We have compiled a list of games and activities for you to keep your children occupied when they become restless or bored.

Let the games begin!

1. Hide-N-Seek

We think it’s pretty safe to assume you’re familiar with this one: Someone is chosen to hide and then others … seek them. It can be a fun, suspenseful, and energy-expending game that will surely keep your little ones occupied for a while.

(Just be sure no one is hiding anywhere dangerous, like the kitchen where things may be cooking or sharp knives may be accessible.)

2. Foot Races

This is another way to foster a little competition between your twins. You can also coach them to help increase their speed. Some running tips include leading with your chin, running with your knees and elbows, and more!

3. Hopscotch

Fun fact: Roman soldiers played hopscotch thousands of years ago to test their speed and strength. This version wasn’t for kids; they would sometimes hop more than 100 feet while carrying heavy weights.

Obviously, we’re not suggesting you try that!

Here in the present day, break out the sidewalk chalk, and draw your squares on the ground. Then throw a small beanbag (or something else like that), and get it to land on the first square.

If it bounces out or touches the border, your turn’s over, but if you do well, carry on!

This is another great way to brew some friendly competition between your twins while keeping them active! It also helps them learn body control, balance, hand-eye coordination, and more!

4. Balloon Volleyball

Another great game for your twins to learn balance and coordination is balloon volleyball.

It’s like volleyball—but with a balloon instead! Put each twin on an opposing side of a piece of string, and have them hit the balloon the same way they’d hit a volleyball over a net.

It’s a simple, fun, and safe (no one is getting beaned in the face with a volleyball) game that will lead to lots of laughs … and competition!

5. Cotton Ball Challenge

Grab a bag of cotton balls, a spatula, a large bowl, and a blindfold.

Seems random, we know, but go with us here.

To play this cotton ball game, each player is blindfolded and uses a spatula to try and flip cotton balls into the bowl.

The ensuing hilarity will bring giggles to everyone involved! It’s a game that doesn’t make a huge mess (cotton balls don’t leave stains or marks anywhere), and let’s face it… cottons balls are just a lot of fun!

6. Marbles

“Have you lost your marbles?”

If you have young twins, you might eventually … in the metaphorical sense! Keeping them entertained will help quite a bit.

The game of Marbles is as classic as they come and has a variety of variants. In short, you draw a chalk circle on the ground and players try to knock marbles out of the ring.

7. Cat’s Cradle

Depending on your age, the title of this game may make you think of Harry Chapin’s classic anthem about missing out on his son’s childhood. Of course, this doesn’t apply to you! You’re playing games with your twins!

Like Cat’s Cradle.

The one involves string, and two or more players use it to create a variety of shapes with each building upon the previous one. The winner correctly completes the last shape.

It also helps stimulate the brain, works those communication skills, and more.

8. Freeze!

No, this isn’t a reference to the George Clooney Batman movie. This game of Freeze! involves playing a song your twins love, having them dance around … and then pausing the music at which point the kiddos to FREEZE in whichever position they’re currently in.

Turn up the music and watch the comedy unfold!

9. Checkers

Who hasn’t played checkers at some point? Did you know this game dates all the way back to the 12th century?

The object of the game is prevent your opponent from making their way to victory across the board.

The game as many benefits, including helping your twins develop focus and concentration, improve problem-solving skills, enhance their memory, learn patience, and more!

10. Hand-Clapping Games

For hand-clapping games, the most important tools are … your hands!

Young kids who play hand-clapping games are often better spellers, have neater handwriting, and even and showcase stronger writing skills. So even though it can be a bit loud, (make sure no young kids are napping when you play), you’ll know this fun can also help your kiddos.

11. Bowling

Bowling is fun, but heading out to a lane can be expensive. There’s the cost of the lane rental, then the shoes, then snacks, etc. Plus, you have to drive there.

But what if you could bring the bowling to you?

According to the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center, it’s very doable! They offer the following steps: Procure empty plastic bottles; small toys, pebbles, sand or other objects to weigh down the bottles; and a ball.


  • Fill the plastic bottle with a few small toys to weigh them down.
  • Set up the plastic bottles in as many rows as you wish. One in the first row, two in the second row, three in the third row, etc.
  • Roll the ball on the ground toward the pins.
  • Try to knock over as many pins as possible in one try!
Twin sisters in a silly embrace while outside on a summer day.

12. Simon Says

This one is pretty simple. One person is the leader; the others follow. The leader issues commands that should only be followed if preceded by the phrase “Simon Says.”

If a command is spoken without the titular phrase, whoever follows it is out!

Simon says… keep reading this article for more great game ideas!

13. H-O-R-S-E

Your twins will go hoarse as they laugh and yell during a game of H-O-R-S-E. This is a basketball-based game, so make sure you procure a ball and find a hoop.

The rules are simple: Each twin tries to make a basket. Each missed shot results in a letter (H O R S E). The first one to spell out HORSE loses.

More specifically, the first player picks where to shoot the ball. If he/she makes the basket, the next player has to make it from that same spot.

After a player misses, the next player gets to decide where to make the shot. If that person succeeds in their shot, the next player needs to shoot from that exact spot.

And so on.

14. Mother May I?

The game of Mother May I? is a great way to bond with your twins. The rules are simple:

One person is selected as the “mother,” but you can use another term (like “captain”) if it’s a male. The others are the “children.”

Each of the “children” takes turns asking a question of the “mother.” The question must start with the phrase: “Mother may I _____________?” (The entire point of the game is to ask creative questions.)

The mother can alter or stick with the child’s suggestion. For example, the child could ask to walk forward five giant steps, and the mother could reduce that to two. The mother could ask the child to run backward instead of forward.

You get the idea.

15. Red Light, Green Light

The game of “Red Light, Green Light” is another easy but fun (and active) game for your twins.

Simply start them at the “starting line” and yell out “green light!” to signal when everyone should begin to dash toward the finish line. When you yell “red light!” then everyone stops right where they are.

If they’re still moving after “red light”…?

Back to the starting line they go!

16. What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?

According to Today’s Parent, the rules of this game are as follows:

1. Determine which child will be Mr. Wolf.

2. Mr. Wolf stands at one end of the yard with his back turned to the kids. The other children stand in a line at the opposite end of the yard facing Mr. Wolf’s back.

3. Together, the kids loudly chant, “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?”

4. Mr. Wolf answers with different times, for example, “It’s two o’clock!” The kids take a step for every hour that Mr. Wolf exclaims. For two o’clock, the kids take two steps toward Mr. Wolf’s back. For eight o’clock, the kids take eight steps. The kids can determine whether they take small or large steps.

5. As the kids take their steps, they repeat the chant asking again, “What time is it, Mr. Wolf?” He shouts out another time, and the kids take the appropriate number of steps.

6. Eventually, Mr. Wolf yells out, “lunchtime!” When this happens, Mr. Wolf turns around and chases the children who have been approaching him. Any children who are tagged must continue the game as “wolves.” Any children who run back to the starting line (without being tagged) get to continue playing.

7. The new wolves join Mr. Wolf and also take part in the chase when “lunchtime” is called out.

8. The last player to be tagged is the new Mr. Wolf. The game begins again.

It will be a “howling” good time!

17. Classic Board Games

Weather bad? Someone too tired to run around? No worries, there are always classic board games!

Take a peek in your closet; do you have any of these? If not, they’re easily discovered online! A worthy investment for keeping the whole family entertained!

18. Go Fish

Another fun game that can be played if physical activity is not ideal at the moment is Go Fish.

It’s a simple card game where the player whose turn it is asks another player for their cards of a particular face value. Give it a whirl!

(Maybe it’ll make you hungry for seafood while you play?)

19. Scavenger Hunt

Board and card games are fun, but perhaps you’re still on the “hunt” for games that require your twins to move their legs. Have you tried a scavenger hunt?

This is where you can get incredibly creative. This article features 30 ideas to help develop your twins’ observational skills!

You’re sure to “find” some inspiration!

20. Finger Paint Tag

If you don’t mind your twins getting a little messy, give this game a try.

Simply put, this is tag played as usual — but when one child gets tagged, the other paints a stripe of finger paint on his/her arm, leg, or face. The winner is the one with the fewest stripes.

Baths afterward. For sure.

21. Badminton

Badminton is a great way to keep your twins active. Ages 7 or 8 is an ideal time to start them out, and the equipment isn’t too expensive. It helps with physical development, vision, learning how to win and lose, and more.

22. Water Balloon War

During the hot weather, this is a fun way to stay cool that will have your twins screaming with excitement. A package of balloons and tap water go a long way to keep them engaged.

Looking to insert some creativity into it? Check out these water balloon fight ideas


We hope these ideas have given you some ideas to keep your twins entertained, active, and developing!

Especially during these summer months, it’s important to keep them occupied, exercised, and happy while school is out and the weather is warm!

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