Should You Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Pregnant Woman?

On Mother’s Day, we express our appreciation for the women who devote their time and energy to caring for their children.

Mothers of all types, including mothers-to-be, enjoy receiving gifts and well wishes. However, some people like to wait until the baby is born to celebrate.

Do you wish Happy Mother’s Day to pregnant women? It depends on how well you know the mother and if she’s excited about having a baby. Some pregnant women aren’t ready to embrace their role as a mother until after the baby is born. However, if she wants recognition for the work she’s already doing for her child, make sure she feels appreciated.

In the following, you’ll learn more about how to celebrate and encourage the expectant mothers you may know.

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to Pregnant Women — 4 Considerations

Before you wish a Happy Mother’s Day to a mother-to-be, consider these four factors.

1. How Well You Know the Expectant Mom

When you know the expectant mom well, you typically are familiar with her experiences throughout the pregnancy. Pregnant women who don’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day may have had a miscarriage in the past.

On the other hand, a friend or family member who has gone through years of infertility might want to celebrate the miracle of life. If you don’t know her that well, it’s best not to say anything.

2. Are You Certain the Woman Is Pregnant?

Avoid assuming a woman is pregnant unless she tells you. Some women experience bloating from certain foods, hormonal changes, and eating too quickly.

Wishing a woman a Happy Mother’s Day when she’s simply having a reaction to her lunch — or is on her period — can be embarrassing, both for you and her.

If she shares the news that she’s expecting a child, take her cues of excitement or dread when responding.

3. Is the Mom-to-Be Having a Rough Pregnancy?

As you wish a pregnant woman a Happy Mother’s Day, it may not be received well if she’s having a difficult pregnancy.

The American Pregnancy Association claims that 14-23% of pregnant women struggle with depression at some point in their pregnancy.

Women who are sad and worried during what should be an exciting time often have guilt that they’re not enjoying their pregnancy.

Besides depression and anxiety, the mother may also find out her baby has a medical condition. Mothers who hear this news often feel alone, left to make some difficult choices.

If the mom-to-be is having a rough pregnancy, ask how she’s feeling and offer support.

4. How Far Along Is She?

Women often feel a connection with their babies when they hear a heartbeat, see a little human on a sonogram, or feel a kick. However, some women don’t feel like mothers until several days after they give birth.

If you know her well enough to hear the news of her pregnancy during the first trimester, remember that she may not consider herself a mother. Wait until she embraces her new title before wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day.

What NOT To Say to Pregnant Women

Every woman’s experience is different from one another. Avoid saying these 10 things to a pregnant woman:

  • You look huge / you look small! Try not to comment on her appearance. Even complimenting her on how skinny she looks may suggest the baby isn’t gaining enough weight.
  • You’re still pregnant? Avoid bringing up how long the pregnancy has felt to you since it has probably felt much longer to her.
  • Are you scared? With all the unknowns of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, assume that the mother has a few concerns.
  • Are you sure you can eat/drink that? Her doctor has already told her what she’s allowed to eat or drink, so it’s best to leave that advice up to a professional.
  • Was it a surprise? This is a personal question, even if the expectant mother is your best friend or a close family member.
  • Can I touch your belly? A woman appreciates having personal space, so the answer to this question is usually “no.”
  • Are you going to try for a boy or a girl? Some people ask this question after the mother finds out the gender of her baby, but the mother-to-be probably doesn’t want to think about getting pregnant again right now.
  • What’s your birth plan? You may favor a home birth or think she needs an epidural, but it’s best to let her, her partner, and her doctor or midwife make that decision.
  • My labor experience was terrible. Since pregnancy is unsettling enough as it is and every birth experience is different, don’t bring up the trauma from your birth unless she asks.
  • When I was pregnant I was so much bigger/smaller than you! Every woman’s body responds to pregnancy differently, so it’s best not to compare.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

A lady giving her pregnant friend a present.

If you want to celebrate the mother-to-be in your life, consider one of these gifts for her:

  • A comfortable robe or pajamas
  • Flowers
  • Lotion or bath set
  • A pregnancy subscription box
  • Jewelry
  • A postpartum recovery kit
  • A gift card for a meal delivery service
  • A digital photo frame
  • Slippers

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant this Mother’s Day, here are some ways to celebrate:

  • Get some extra sleep: The night before Mother’s Day, turn off your normal alarm and sleep in. You may also want to take a nap during the day if you like to wake up early. 
  • Go for a manicure: Spend a few hours getting pampered at a nail salon this Mother’s Day. You may even splurge by adding a pedicure, massage, or facial to your treatment.
  • Book a maternity photoshoot: Create special memories with your little family by taking pictures together. Get dressed up and snap a few photos at your favorite venue.
  • Make a memory box: If you’re crafty, consider designing a memory box that’ll help you keep track of the gifts or experiences you’ll have as a mother.
  • Write a letter to your baby: Buy a journal and write a letter to your baby this Mother’s Day and every year going forward.

Related Questions:

Are You Considered a Mother While Pregnant?

Yes, you’re considered a mother while pregnant. A mother’s job is to nurture and protect her child, no matter his or her age.

From the moment a woman finds out she’s pregnant, she has to make decisions that affect the health and well-being of the baby growing inside of her.

What Do You Say to an Expecting Father on Father’s Day?

You can congratulate an expecting father on Father’s Day. Just like a pregnant woman has a right to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, a father also deserves recognition.

If your husband is getting ready for fatherhood, tell him how much you appreciate him and how much your child will love him.

Final Thoughts

Although most expectant mothers would welcome the opportunity to be celebrated, it’s important to be sensitive to those who have had rough pregnancies or aren’t excited about being parents yet.

Either way, show your support to them by meeting their current needs and listening to their hopes and concerns.