How Many Baby Hangers Do I Need? (w/ Closet Organizing Tips)

Purchasing new clothing for a new baby is a common necessity. Although it is delightful to acquire and shop for cute outfits for the little one, organizing them in an orderly manner may present difficulties. It is important to utilize space effectively in order to easily access these small items.

How many baby hangers do I need? You will likely need between 75-100 baby hangers, but it really depends on your specific situation. The size of your closet, how many clothes the baby has, and if you are having a singleton or multiples will all factor into deciding how many hangers is the right amount. 

If you’re still not sure why you need baby hangers or how many you should buy, read on for more details.

Guide to Baby Clothes Hangers

Your baby will need baby clothes hangers for certain items no matter how much drawer space you have. Most people like to invest in enough to keep things organized.

Are Baby Clothes Hangers Necessary?

Every parent is different, but most will agree that having baby hangers around is a life saver. Because baby apparel is so small and easy to misplace or “lose” in a drawer, having clothing and blankets hanging neatly can help you be more efficient.

What Are Baby Clothes Hangers Used For?

While you don’t need to hang onesies, you do need to hang dresses, coats, and other larger items that don’t fit as easily in a drawer.

Some parents also like to put together complete outfits and hang them on one hanger together to make dressing the baby easy and fast.

You may also end up with clothes that don’t fit your baby yet, and you don’t want to throw them in a drawer to simply take up space. Use baby hangers to put them away in a different part of the closet until your baby grows into them.

What Size Are Baby Hangers?

Baby hangers will be between 10 and 11 inches, so they will hold your child’s clothes in place without stretching them too much. The good news is you that can use these hangers for a while.

Are Baby Hangers and Kid Hangers the Same?

Kid hangers are slightly larger, coming in at around 12 inches. You will use kid hangers when your child transitions from baby clothes to preschool sizes.

How Long Can You Use Baby Hangers?

Typically, you can use baby hangers for the first three years of your child’s life. That’s why parents don’t mind investing in them. They work for your child’s clothes for years.

Small Hangers for Baby Clothes – Types

There are different types of hangers for baby clothes, and though they may be the same size, they are made out of different materials. Each has unique features, so you can choose the best fit for your family.

Baby Hangers Plastic

Plastic baby hangers are the cheapest option, and many people choose these if they want to stock up on a lot of hangers. They are fairly durable, but they can break if they are stepped on accidentally.

Wooden Baby Hangers

Wooden baby hangers offer a classic look and hold clothes in place. It can sometimes be a bit more challenging to get clothes on wooden hangers, but they last and are much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic.

Velvet Baby Hangers

Velvet baby hangers are softer than plastic and hold your child’s clothes in place well. The velvet protects your child from the wire portion of the hanger should they get ahold of it and offers grip to prevent clothes from slipping off. 

Clothes Hangers With Clips

If you don’t want to worry about your baby’s clothes slipping off the hanger, grab hangers with clips. You simply clip the top of your baby’s clothes to the hanger and put it away.

Though it can be more work, it’s harder for items to fall off of these hangers.

Baby clothes for a little girl hanging neatly on colorful hangers in a closet.

How Many Baby Clothes Hangers You’ll Need

Make sure to assess your closet situation before you decide how many hangers you will need. If you don’t have much closet space, you won’t be able to hang as many of your baby’s clothes.

Most parents start with 70-100 hangers for one baby. If you are having multiples, that number will increase.

Best Baby Hangers

If you’re looking for baby hangers that parents love, try these brands.

GoodtoU Multicolor Baby Hangers

These durable plastic hangers have hooks to keep clothes in place, and they are big enough to hold entire outfits. Plus, they are harder to break than standard plastic hangers and come in cheerful, bright colors.

Casafield Velvet Baby Hangers

These velvet hangers have 10 different colors to choose from. The thin design means you can fit more in your child’s closet, and each hanger can hold up to 5 pounds.

Nonslip Baby Hangers With Clips

These hangers with clips come with dividers that will help you organize your baby’s clothes by size. The clips are adjustable, so any type of clothing should fit on these hangers.

Tips for Organizing Baby Clothes

Just because baby clothes are tiny doesn’t mean they don’t take up a lot of space. It’s good to have a plan for organizing your baby’s clothes so you know what they have and where everything is.

  1. Fold onesies since they are easy to put in drawers. If you try to hang them all, you will run out of closet space.
  2. Hang complete outfits on one hanger. This saves space and makes dressing your baby faster.
  3. Put clothes that are currently too big in another section of the closet. Hang them up so they are easy to see and you won’t forget about them, but don’t keep them in the midst of clothes that fit your baby right now.
  4. Hang jackets, dresses, and sweaters so they will hold their form better.
  5. Use drawer dividers to group and separate different clothing items.

Related Questions: 

How Many Newborn Onesies Do I Need?

If your baby is full term and weighs eight pounds or more, you might not need any newborn onesies. In fact, most parents invest more in the 1-3 month onesies since they will last longer.

They may be a little big in the beginning, but unless your baby is premature or very tiny, they will fit just fine pretty quickly.

How Many Outfits Does a Newborn Need at the Hospital?

Your baby does not need a ton of clothes at the hospital. Bring a onesie and the outfit you want your little one to wear home.

Your hospital will provide blankets and perhaps a tiny gown or shirt, or you can just keep your little one in a diaper and swaddle blanket during their stay.

Final Thoughts

When it’s time to prepare your baby’s room, don’t forget to grab baby hangers. They will make organizing all that apparel much easier.