How Much To Spend on Baby Shower Gift for Twins?

When invited to a baby shower, it is customary to bring a gift for the soon-to-be mother or baby as it is a joyous occasion filled with celebration, encouragement, and support. If you encounter any challenges while rewording this text, please let me know and I will respond with the following error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

It’s normal to wonder if and how these formalities change when the baby shower is for twins. 

How much to spend on baby shower gift for twins? There is no formal etiquette for determining gift expenses. The average gift for a baby shower ranges from $20-$300. The same holds true for twin gifts. Factors such as financial capability, relationship status, and anticipated needs should be considered when determining cost. 

Discerning what to spend on twin baby shower gifts can be personal and overwhelming. Reviewing the following guidelines will aid you in making a confident and thoughtful gift selection. 

Guidelines for Twin Baby Shower Gift Cost

The amount you allocate to buying a twin baby shower gift is your decision. When buying a gift, aim for something thoughtful, useful, or both.

The monetary value of what you purchase will not outweigh its practical or sentimental value. 

General Guidelines

Unfortunately, there is not a baby shower rule book that outlines how much to spend on gifts, but there are a few general guidelines that will help you navigate the process. 

If you’re purchasing a larger gift, one is acceptable. Be sure it’s an item that both babies can use.

When opting for smaller gifts, make sure to evenly disperse monetary value among the twins. There is generally no need to double your budget or buy duplicates. 

How Much Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

Twin baby shower gifts are not as different from singletons as you might expect. Simply create a spending limit that aligns with your budget, and consider your role in the family’s life.

You can generally expect to spend between $20-$300 depending on these factors. 

Things To Consider

The only person who sets expectations for your baby shower gift is you. Whatever you choose and whatever amount you spend, the family will just be happy you’re there to celebrate with them.

However, there are some things you should consider when choosing the cost and size of your gift. 

1. Needs of the Family

Income disparity can play a role in gift selection for some baby shower attendees.

Lower-income families and first-time parents are more likely to be dependent on gifting to meet larger financial needs. This can create a perceived moral obligation to cover the expense.

High earners and multi-child families may be less reliant on others. Purchasing a smaller gift can feel more acceptable when it’s known that the family can afford to purchase the costly essentials on their own.

2. Your Finances

You shouldn’t spend money you don’t have. Consider evaluating your budget before determining what gift to purchase. If you can, establish a fixed spending amount that correlates with your existing financial plan.

Otherwise, see where you’re comfortable cutting costs. If you can’t designate any spending, use your creative talents!

3. Your Relationship With the Mother

Your relationship with the expecting mother may influence what type of gift you give. It’s not uncommon for coworkers and distant relatives to spend $20-$50, friends and close relatives to spend $50-$80, and immediate family to spend $80-$300. 

While having a personal relationship likely means you’ll spend more, it also gives you the advantage of communication. Asking a mother what her priorities are goes a long way in deciding a budget and selecting a gift.

4. Gift From Registry or Not

Generally, it’s best to abide by the mother’s registry. She most likely spent hours researching brands, products, and styles that fit her family’s needs.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

If you’re choosing a sentimental gift, have had a conversation with the mother regarding an unlisted need, or are buying for the mother rather than the babies, it’s acceptable to deviate from the registry. 

While veering from the registry can be a guessing game, there are ways to reduce the risk. Try not to convey personal expectations or desires in your gift selection. Instead, consider the expecting mother’s style, theme, and needs. 

5. Is the Gift Something Both Babies Can Use?

Choosing to purchase shared versus individual gifts will contribute to the cost. Many large items such as cribs, play yards, strollers, changing tables, and activity mats will be used by both babies. So, only one purchase is needed. 

When it comes to purchasing clothes and accessories, separate or duplicate gifts may be necessary. A good rule when purchasing individual gifts for twins is to match their total value. 

6. Gift for Mom or for Babies

Sometimes guests shower the expecting mother with just presents for the babies. What about gifts to aid in her recovery or nursing journey?

This is a great option for those who’ve experienced childbirth and know what it entails. It’s also an ideal way to show the mother support and encouragement. 

Some postpartum items such as nursing gowns, pillows, c-section bands, and hospital attire can be expensive.

However, lower-cost items such as witch hazel pads, Chapstick, nursing snacks, and nipple cream make great additions to any gift. 

7. Gift Card for Baby Shower

Whether given alone or alongside another present, gift cards provide the mother freedom to purchase what’s needed. 

If given by itself, the gift card amount should be enough to purchase either one larger item or a few smaller items. If included as part of a larger gift, a smaller amount is fair.

Gift Ideas for Twin Baby Shower

Now that you’ve allocated a gift budget, it’s time to choose how to spend it. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

  1. Four Pack Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets
  2. Four Pack Unisex Fitted Crib Sheets
  3. NovaaLife Twins Monthly Milestone Blanket
  4. Qualyphant Extra Large Diaper Bag
  5. The Frida Mom Labor + Delivery Postpartum Recovery Kit 
  6. Tickle & Main We Are Twins Book and Stuffed Elephants
  7. The Twin Z Breastfeeding Pillow
  8. TwinGo Baby Carrier
  9. Bliss Collection Baby Log Newborn Tracker
  10. NovaaLife Our Twins Baby Journal

Related Questions:

Should You Buy Twins the Same Gift?

While buying twins the same gift isn’t necessary, it’s recommended to stay in the same range of value.

Although your heart is likely in the right place, spending more on one twin than the other could be misinterpreted.

How To Ask for Gift Cards for Baby Shower? 

Be honest about your desires, but be tactful in how you communicate them to others. Questions will inevitably arise about what is wanted or needed.

Take those opportunities to express why a gift card would be beneficial and what type of gift card would be most useful. 


Establishing the cost of a twin baby shower gift is based on several personal factors. The process is no different than that of a singleton shower.

While you can expect to pay anywhere from $20-$300, choosing a gift that holds significance to the family is more important than its cost.