Lovevery Toys: Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing

If you are a parent of young children and frequently use social media, you have likely encountered ads for Lovevery toys.

These wooden, Montessori-inspired, minimalistic, and aesthetically pleasing toys are going viral on the Internet and in the homes of young families.  

After looking at the price of this trending toy subscription service, you may be asking yourself, “Is this just another Instagram trend, or is Lovevery really worth it?”

Is Lovevery worth it? Many parents have had a wonderful experience with Lovevery and its products. It can be an excellent option if it is in your budget. Considering the toy quality and the amount of research invested in toy development, the price is fair, but there are cheaper alternatives that don’t require a subscription.

As a mother of twins, I do not always have time to give each child as much one-on-one interaction as I would like.

I rely a lot on learning through play with educational toys and books and really do want the best option for my kiddos, but I try to do it without breaking the bank. 

I was intrigued by Lovevery and did a little research to see what the hype was all about and if it was worth it. Let’s take a look! 

What Are Lovevery Toys?

Founded in 2015, Lovevery is a toy subscription service that is hyperfocused on child development.

Their main products are called Toy Kits, which are filled with award-winning, Montessori-inspired toys for babies and toddlers designed by child development experts.

Lovevery has a team of 11 advisors consisting of authors, psychologists, and professors that contribute to the research and development of the toys. If you take a look at this brief summary of their team, it is pretty impressive. 

What makes Lovevery toys different from other toy subscription services is that they are stage based. Every kit is full of toys that are tailored to your baby’s age.

This is key in supporting your little one’s learning during important developmental windows from newborn to 4 years old.

As mentioned previously, Lovevery toys are designed by a team of experts. This not only makes them one of a kind but gives parents confidence that their baby’s toys will help him learn. 

Lovevery Toy Subscription

So, what is the deal with this subscription that I mentioned? A monthly rate? Annual fee? Not exactly. 

A subscription basically means that you are purchasing a toy kit every 2-3 months. Said play kits are delivered to your door automatically every 2 months for infants (0-12 months) and every 3 months for toddlers ages 1-4.

The play kits are filled with toys and books specific to your baby’s developmental stage. 

Unlike other subscriptions (such as streaming services, etc.) that have you pay monthly, with a Lovevery subscription, you only pay when it is time for a new kit.

With a subscription, you also have the option to cancel and renew at any time or skip a play kit delivery should you need to do so.  You could even purchase one kit and then cancel the recurring shipments if you only want one particular kit. 

Let’s weigh out the options and discuss the pros and cons of a Lovevery Toy Subscription. 


  • Research-based – They do the research for you!  You are given toys specific to your baby’s developmental needs.
  • Easy and Convenient – No searching Amazon or going out to the toy store. It is also easy to cancel your subscription if you realize it is not for you. 
  • Quality – Everything about these toys is HIGH QUALITY from what they are made of to how they are designed and what they are meant to help your little one achieve. 
  • Excitement – Your little one will learn what is in the boxes, and they will get so excited for new toys.
  • Encourages family time.
  • The kits retain value making them easy to resell.
  • Lovevery has a track record of great customer service. Broken or misplaced pieces can be replaced easily. 


  • A bit pricey – However, when you weigh out the pros and cons, many people find the price worth it. 
  • Some toys have multiple pieces that get lost and are difficult to keep together. 
  • Not all toys are hits. There may be some duds in a kit that your little one does not like. It’s times like these when not being able to pick and choose the toys can be a bummer. 

Can You Buy Lovery Toys Separately?

Lovevery’s website is a bit different from Amazon or other shopping websites. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the toys from the toy kits individually anytime you want, nor can you pick and choose which toys you would like in your kit.

In order to receive the toys advertised in the kits, you must subscribe and purchase the entire kit.  

They do, however, have a few products that you can purchase without a subscription including: 

  • Play Gym
  • Block Set
  • Play Tunnel
  • Pull Pup
  • Sensory Strands
  • Black and White Cards
  • Organic Nap Mat
  • Play Shelf

Lovevery Kits

The Lovevery toy kits really are impressive and one of a kind. Each kit consists of several toys that are designed to meet the developmental needs of your growing little one.

It truly is a neat concept and takes so much guesswork and research out of the toy-buying process for parents. 

0-12 Months

For the first year, the play kits are delivered every 2 months. These kits will provide your little one with the playthings that will help them build new neural connections needed for continued learning and development. 

  • The Looker Play Kit – Designed for the first 12 weeks of life, this kit includes high-contrast images and black-and-white sensory toys to help your little one build new brain connections. 
  • The Charmer Play Kit – The third and fourth months are when your baby will really begin to explore with their hands, eyes, and mouth. This kit will help that process, and the toys included will help encourage their social awareness. 
  • The Senser Play Kit – This play kit will help your baby investigate the world around him for months 5 and 6. Toys will help strengthen coordination and dexterity and practice fine and gross motor skills. 
  • The Inspector Play Kit – At 7 or 8 months old, your little one is curious about how things work and fascinated with details. This kit plays into that natural curiosity with toys of different types and textures that give your little one opportunities to practice nesting and stacking and learn about object permanence.
  • The Explorer Play Kit – This play kit is designed to experiment with cause and effect, learn about gravity, and let your little one see how they affect their environment. 
  • The Thinker Play Kit – AT 11 and 12 months, your baby is starting to understand concepts at a deeper level. This kit helps him learn to problem solve and develop fine motor skills like the pincer grasp. 

1 Year

After 12 months, the kits will get a bit bigger and will come every three months. These kits support your toddler’s curiosity, encourage exploration, and help him learn new skills. 

  • The Babbler Play Kit -The toys in this kit help your little one learn concepts of balance, spatial awareness, object permanence, and an introduction to physics. 
  • The Adventurer Play Kit – For children 16-18 months, this kit lets them experiment with cause and effect, learn emotions, and complete tasks with both hands to build dexterity. 
  • The Realist Play Kit – Around 19 months, your little one will want to participate in real-life situations and routines. As the title hints, this kit will help him develop his senses and understanding of what things are and how they work. 
  •  The Companion Play Kit – This kit focuses on preparing your little one for his second year. He will get practice discerning differences, building confidence, and using tools to transfer objects. 

2 Year

The second year is a big transition from baby to big kid! With that transition comes a lot of learning. The Year 2 Lovevery kits are created to provide your little one with early STEM lessons and activities to really promote their independence. 

  • The Helper Play Kit – This kit has a lot of practical, real-life based activities and toys, including a pretend kitchen sink and dishes! 
  • The Enthusiast Play Kit – This kit meets your toddler’s needs for new cognitive challenges with activities such as a weigh scale, sort-and-stack peg puzzle, and a squeaky clean squeegee set. 
  • The Investigator Play Kit – With toys like a twist-and-pivot puzzle, a liquid lab, a memory game, and hoops for jumping, this kit will provide plenty of cognitive challenges for your toddler’s little brain. 
  • The Free Spirit Play Kit – This kit will spark your toddler’s imagination with toys for pretend play and will help them develop important social-emotional skills as they begin their third year of life. 

3 Year

Your toddler’s third year, or “year of self,” is all about discovery and real interaction with the people and things around them.

The Year 3 Lovevery kits, delivered every 3 months, explore more sophisticated concepts as your child begins to discover who they are. 

  • The Observer Play Kit – The toys in this kit, such as a weather board, emotion dolls, and stickers to teach left and right, will help your child make sense of the things going on around them in their daily life. 
  • The Storyteller Play Kit – Begin your child’s literacy journey with the toys in this kit!
  • The Problem Solver Play Kit – This kit has many toys that are helpful in teaching your child basic math skills like counting and measuring.
  • The Analyst Play Kit – The very last kit will help your child learn practical skills such as measuring while cooking, describing things, and visualizing parts of a whole. 

Lovevery Play Gym

The Play Gym is one Lovevery product that you can purchase without a subscription. It is an activity gym and playmat designed to grow with your little one and provide engaging activities for your little one’s first year of life.

It has 5 developmental zones with activities, 4 sets of cards, and detachable toys that foster exploration and growth. It also comes with a cover to be transformed into a cozy fort so that its functionality carries into the toddler years.

Lovevery Block Set

Another product that can be purchased without a subscription is the Block Set, which is designed for children beginning at 18 months.

With 70 wood pieces and 18 different shapes and tools (including building planks, cylinders, wood people, threading blocks, toggle strings, wheels and pulleys), the possibilities with this block set are endless.

The set is designed to help your baby learn important skills including how to stack, count, sort, categorize, and connect.

While it may be a little pricey, the ample amount of learning activities your child can do with this set really makes it worth the price. 

How Expensive Is Lovevery?

The big catch for a lot of people when it comes to purchasing Lovevery toys is the price tag.

It’s true that their products are not cheap; however, when you consider the quality of toys that you are purchasing (in terms of how they are made as well as the functionality and learning opportunities they provide), they very well may be worth the cost. 

The toy kits for infants 0-12 months that ship every 2 months are around $80 per kit.

The rest of the toddler kits are slightly more expensive, but more toys are included, and they are shipped every 3 months, so the annual price is the exact same.

On average, you will spend around $500 for a year’s worth of high-quality toys when you have a Lovevery subscription.   

So, like I said, it is not as cheap as other baby toys; however, each kit comes with several high-quality toys that will last a long time. If there is room for it in your budget, many parents agree that a subscription is worth the extra money. 

Can You Get Lovevery Without a Subscription?

Technically speaking, no. In order to get their toy kits, you need a subscription. However, the duration of that subscription is totally up to you.

It is possible to cancel your subscription after you receive your first kit if that is the only kit you want. So, unlike other subscriptions, you pay by the kit and not necessarily by the month.

It is also possible to be gifted Lovevery. This means that someone can purchase a certain amount of kits for you and the kits will stop arriving once the gift runs out. 

Purchasing toy kits second-hand might be an option if you are lucky. Some mothers have been able to find Lovevery toy kits on places such as Facebook Marketplace or Mercari. 

While you need to have a subscription to receive the toy kits, you can purchase the handful of products mentioned earlier (play gym, block set, shelf) without a subscription.

Can You Skip Play Kits With a Subscription?

Yes! Your subscription can be canceled or renewed at any time. If you need to skip a shipment, you are able to request it in your Lovevery account and choose when to renew and begin receiving kits again. 

Are Lovevery Toys Montessori?

Lovevery toys are based on the Montessori method, and their toys follow some key Montessori guidelines including: 

  • Providing sensory rich experiences
  • Belief in freedom of movement
  • Open-ended toys that help children experience the real world
  • Commitment to letting kids face challenges as they struggle to develop independence and concentration

However, there are a few things that Lovevery does differently than Montessori.  Lovevery believes in lots of baby talk, imaginative play, and a mix of open-ended and guided play. They explain it in detail here.

Ultimately, Lovevery has taken the best of Montessori and applied it to their toys. They have created very simple toys that offer a variety of ways to learn through challenges and exploration. 

Do You Send Lovevery Toys Back?

No! Once you receive your toy kit, it is yours forever! There is no need to send your previous kit back once you receive a new toy kit. 

Are Lovevery Toys Washable?

Most of the toys are wooden and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Any of their material products, such as the play mat, are machine washable. 

Are Lovevery Toys Safe?

Yes. Lovevery toys are made of all-natural, organic materials. They are tested for chemicals of concern and exceed global safety standards.

Because they are stage based, you should never receive a toy that is a choking hazard for your child’s age. 

Where To Buy Lovevery Toys

When it comes to places to purchcase Lovevery toys, you have a few options: 

  • Lovevery Toys – The official website is where you can find all of their products and subscribe to their play kits. 
  • Lovevery Toys Target – There is a small selection of Lovevery toys available at Target. 
  • Lovevery Toys Amazon – The Play Gym and Block Set are available on Amazon. 
  • Used Lovevery Toys – It is possible to find Lovevery toys second-hand at places like Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or consignment sales. 


So, that is the rundown on Lovevery toys! Many parents do rave about these toys, and if it is in your budget, it is a great option.

However, do not measure your success as a parent by how many Lovevery toys your little one has. There are so many alternative toy options, and ultimately, the greatest teacher your child needs is YOU!