161 Middle Names for Wren (Lists for Baby Girls and Boys)

Wren has become a popular name for both boys and girls, appreciated for its graceful simplicity.

Some of the best middle names for Wren include:

  • Wren Olivia
  • Wren Simone
  • Wren Elizabeth
  • Wren Juliet
  • Wren Josephine
  • Wren Daniel
  • Wren Alexander
  • Wren Lucas
  • Wren Samuel
  • Wren Ethan

Plenty more is yet to come! You’re certain to come across the perfect name pairing in the lists below.

Middle Names for Wren (for Girl)

  • Wren Arielle
  • Wren Olivia
  • Wren Danielle
  • Wren Marianna
  • Wren Hope
  • Wren Adair
  • Wren Ivy
  • Wren Rose
  • Wren Jade
  • Wren Brooke
  • Wren Esther
  • Wren Eve
  • Wren Zelda
  • Wren Josephine
  • Wren Joy
  • Wren Lucia
  • Wren Phoebe
  • Wren Claire
  • Wren Simone
  • Wren Sara
  • Wren Adelaide
  • Wren Juliet
  • Wren Elia
  • Wren Irene
  • Wren Violet
  • Wren Kristine
  • Wren Danielle
  • Wren Elise
  • Wren Faye
  • Wren Heidi
  • Wren Noelle
  • Wren Elizabeth
  • Wren Danielle
  • Wren Michelle
  • Wren Ana
  • Wren Serena
  • Wren Eden
  • Wren Magnolia
  • Wren Reese
  • Wren Birch
  • Wren Cove
  • Wren Hadley
  • Wren Lark
  • Wren Fionna
  • Wren Felicity
  • Wren Delilah
  • Wren Estelle
  • Wren Morgan
  • Wren Rue
  • Wren Sparrow
  • Wren Tide
  • Wren Arden
  • Wren Aster
  • Wren Blossom
  • Wren Cicely
  • Wren Ember
  • Wren Kiara
  • Wren Lavender
  • Wren Liana
  • Wren Lunette
  • Wren May
  • Wren Peony
  • Wren Abigail
  • Wren Rumi
  • Wren Shae
  • Wren Star
  • Wren Talia
  • Wren Viola
  • Wren Winter
  • Wren Zinnia
  • Wren Naomi
  • Wren Verity
  • Wren Alice
  • Wren Angeline
  • Wren Lydia
  • Wren Piper
  • Wren Nova
  • Wren Scarlett
  • Wren Avery
  • Wren Millie
  • Wren Vanessa

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Middle Names for Wren (for Boy)

  • Wren Lucas
  • Wren Vale
  • Wren Leonard
  • Wren Deacon
  • Wren Evan
  • Wren Samuel
  • Wren Ryan
  • Wren Jack
  • Wren Nash
  • Wren Beckett
  • Wren Jonathon
  • Wren Norman
  • Wren Spencer
  • Wren Tate
  • Wren Vesa
  • Wren Wade
  • Wren Jorah
  • Wren Lennox
  • Wren Logan
  • Wren Lyle
  • Wren Dylan
  • Wren Edward
  • Wren David
  • Wren Luca
  • Wren Arthur
  • Wren Elliot
  • Wren Christopher
  • Wren Dennis
  • Wren Hale
  • Wren Hawk
  • Wren Heath
  • Wren Hunter
  • Wren Iggy
  • Wren Jett
  • Wren Ozzy
  • Wren Pine
  • Wren Rai
  • Wren Rosen
  • Wren Ethan
  • Wren Austin
  • Wren William
  • Wren Charles
  • Wren Oscar
  • Wren Alfred
  • Wren Addison
  • Wren Blake
  • Wren Bond
  • Wren Dane
  • Wren Edgar
  • Wren Flint
  • Wren Harvey
  • Wren Orton
  • Wren Rudyard
  • Wren Shaw
  • Wren Vance
  • Wren Woodrow
  • Wren Winston
  • Wren Foster
  • Wren Wallace
  • Wren Ripley
  • Wren Patton
  • Wren Milton
  • Wren Lynwood
  • Wren Holt
  • Wren Jagger
  • Wren Elton
  • Wren Carter
  • Wren Blade
  • Wren Alexander
  • Wren Sutton
  • Wren Wyatt
  • Wren Wes
  • Wren Keaton
  • Wren Nelson
  • Wren Crosby
  • Wren Hud
  • Wren Cedar
  • Wren Kent
  • Wren Todd
  • Wren Nyle

Names That Pair Well With Wren for Siblings

Already have a Wren? So do I! My first child is named Wren, and there are tons of great names for future siblings. 

Names for Sisters

  • Robin
  • Willow
  • Bree
  • Eryn
  • Aria
  • Jenna
  • Caroline
  • River
  • Sky
  • Lake
  • Brooke
  • Rain
  • Meadow
  • Poppy
  • Clementine
  • Oleander
  • Indigo
  • Raven
  • Dove
  • Ruby

Names for Brothers

  • Trent
  • Brett
  • Rhett
  • Ben
  • Richard
  • Michael
  • Reed
  • Phoenix
  • Stone
  • Cane
  • Atlas
  • Aspen
  • Wolf
  • Rowan
  • Cole
  • Ander
  • Adam
  • Aiken
  • Bear
  • Blaze

Wren Name Meaning

The name Wren has an English origin and means “small, brown songbird.”

It’s a great unisex choice, especially if you are waiting to find out the gender of your baby.

We chose the name Wren for our first child before we even knew the gender, knowing it would work either way.

Struggling To Pick a Baby Name

Picking baby names can be difficult. You are giving your child a moniker that they will carry for life.

If you need help deciding how to choose the right name, here are some tips.

  1. Look to the past for inspiration. Most names cycle through and then make a comeback, so you can actually be a trendsetter by choosing a name from the past that will then return.
  2. Talk to your partner. I had a friend who loved a name for the boy she was pregnant with, but her husband hated it due to an association he had with that name during his school years. Make sure to communicate.
  3. Use baby books. That’s what these books are for, and you can also use naming websites to help give you ideas.
  4. Draw from inspiration all around you. Love nature? Wren is a great name from nature. If you enjoy reading or watching TV, don’t be afraid to incorporate names from the things that entertain you.
  5. Know if you want something common or unique. There will be tons of names that are popular when your child is born. Sure, it’s fun to pick a popular name, but your child likely will share that name with many people in their classes.

What Not To Do When Choosing Baby Names

  1. Don’t choose a name you wouldn’t want to have. Naming your child should not just be a source of entertainment or an experiment. Consider how you would react to having the name you are giving your child.
  2. Don’t intentionally make your child’s name difficult to spell. There is more than one way to spell a lot of names, but make sure to choose one that makes logical sense.
  3. Don’t make your child a future target. Don’t saddle your child with a full name that lends itself to nicknames no one would want.
  4. Don’t name your child something illegal. You can’t name your child anything you want, even if you did give birth to them. Different countries have lists of names that are not allowed.