Road Trip With Twins – 18 Tips & Best Practices

Rewritten: Proper planning is crucial for any road trip, from determining the best route and packing essentials to selecting a driver and curating a music playlist. But when twin toddlers are taken into account, it demands an even higher level of organization and preparation!

The good news is we’re here to help with plenty of good advice. Reading our following suggestions will improve your trip!

First, make sure you…

1. Plan in Advance

Making decisions the night before taking your twins out on the road is not wise. Take some time and think everything through.

For example, have you recently had your vehicle serviced? We’re talking about making certain you’ve had a recent oil change, ensuring your fluids and tires are good to go, etc. Ask for a thorough inspection from an establishment you trust.

What about everything you’ll require once you’ve arrived at your destination? Will you need playpens to keep your dynamic duo where you need them?

Think through what you will experience while you’re away and how the twins will be impacted.

Before you go, you’ll also need to….

2. Make a Packing Checklist

Make a list and check it twice. Just a few examples:

  • What about bottles or meals?
  • How many changes of clothes will you need throughout the day?
  • How many diapers will you need?
  • Where will the twins hang out when you’re not directly engaging with them?
  • Where will you change diapers?
  • What toys will they want to play with?
  • Where will they nap? What accessories will they need for that?
  • What if someone gets a boo-boo? Or gets sick?

Once you have everything packed, you’ll need to….

3. Pack & Load Vehicle the Day Before

Every played Tetris? Making everything fit into your vehicle can be kind of like that!

Make sure you know how much room you have to store everything in your car, be sure it’s been cleaned out beforehand (no unnecessary junk taking up that precious room!), and make sure to think outside the box.

Also be sure you don’t sacrifice any visibility when driving. Remember safety first!

Another part of planning is the itinerary where you’ll want to make sure you…

4. Schedule Multiple Breaks

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, young children should not spend more than two hours in a car seat without a break. This is because of a phenomenon known as positional asphyxia, which is more likely to happen in infants.

A good tip is to use Google Maps to find ideal rest stops while on the road. But don’t use that alone; make sure you have planned other stops. While the kids are in the car, make sure you remembered to…

5. Bring a Small Cooler for Bottles/Snacks/Drinks/Meds

While you’re all together in the vehicle, those twins are bound to get hungry and thirsty.

And what happens if something starts to hurt? It could be anything from teething to a cold rearing its ugly head to someone scraping a knee during a break from the ride.

For snacks and drinks, make sure you’ve thought ahead. Remember how we mentioned boo-boos? Well, be sure you…

6. Don’t Forget the First-Aid Kit

Let’s face it: stuff happens, and it’s always best to be prepared with a First-Aid kit.

Make sure it includes items like Band-Aids, ibuprofen, treatment for insect bites, medicine for motion sickness, anti-diarrhea medication, treated wipes to sterilize any wounds, antihistamines, and pads for any corns that may appear on those little feet after a lot of potential walking during the trip.

While these will make your twins feel better, you’ll also want to…

7. Have Comfort Items Nearby

A comfortable kid is a quieter kid on a road trip. Don’t forget comfort items, like plush toys, neck pillows, blankets, sunglasses, a change of clothes, and more!

Try to foresee what your twins may complain about while stuck in the car for so long. Speaking of the vehicle, it’s important to…

8. Keep One Area of the Car Clear for Changings

This is crucial for those whose twins are still rocking diapers. Make sure diapers, wipes for their bottom, and antibacterial wipes for your hands are within reach.  

Of course, you’ll also want to be sure a blanket or mat is accessible to contain this potentially messy activity!

Remember, you don’t want a bunch of stuff clogging the whole vehicle, creating a lack of space to change your little ones, and you certainly don’t want to get any of your belongings soiled!

After you’ve changed those kiddos, keep them happy by remembering to…

9. Create a Soothing Playlist

One crying newborn twin in a car seat with the other twin in the background.

You know your twins and what music they react to best.

Of course, you want to make sure it keeps them calm and happy. Perhaps it’s instrumental music that can help them relax and doze.

Perhaps keeping entertained musically means crafting a music playlist they’ll find engaging! (Of course, make sure both twins agree on what’s currently playing!)

Make sure it’s something you don’t mind listening to as well. We don’t want to be driving anyone crazy! While they are being entertained, make sure you…

10. Keep Essentials Within Reach

As parents well know, trouble can strike at any moment with kids. This goes double with twins. Drinks, snacks, medicine, the means to clean up messes, etc. — make sure it’s all within your grasp.

The last thing you want is to be squeezing into the back to dig through something you need immediately! Speaking of essential….

11. Bring Plenty of Entertainment

“Are we there yet?” is a common question among young children on a road trip. The bored youngsters who aren’t old enough to talk yet typically cry when bored.

We don’t want that.

Does your vehicle have a DVD player? Make sure to bring their favorite videos. Some parents allow their children to have iPads.

What if you want a screen-free experience for your twins?

How about coloring books? Other things to read (if it doesn’t give them car sickness)? You could also bring various toys, ways to make art, or Legos, and of course, play games with them, like “I Spy!”

While you’re making sure the twins are having fun, it’s also important to keep the vehicle reasonably clean. That means you’ll need to…

12. Keep a Bag for Trash Handy

Usually after snacking, you’ll have empty cartons, bags, or wrappers around. It’s important to keep those items from cluttering up the little space you have in a vehicle.

One of the items recommend is a hanging car trash bag can. You can find it on Amazon for only a few bucks. Trust us, it will be worth it! 

Speaking of keeping things clean, make sure you…

13. Have Fresh Clothes for Each Child in Case of Spills/Messes 

Some things are guaranteed in life, like death and taxes. We can include kids making messes in that list too.

Whether it’s something they were coloring with, food, or their drink, something will spill during your trip, and we don’t want either twin (or both) to be in dirty, messy, or wet clothes!

Make sure those extra clothes are within quick reach. You don’t want to be digging through suitcases buried under other suitcases! Afterward, of course you’ll need to…

14. Have Disposal Bags Ready for Soiled/Wet Clothing 

If something is gross or wet, a diaper disposal bag would be ideal. That doesn’t mean you’ll actually throw those garments away; it just means they’ll be kept from causing any later… aromas… in your vehicle.

Not to worry, there are plenty of options online!

As we know, food and beverages can cause those messes, but at least…

15. Bring Healthy Snacks & Drinks

To keep your twins feeling well on trips, don’t overindulge them on things like sweets and fast food. Trust us, they (and you) will pay the price sooner or later.

Try snacks like dried fruit, peanut butter, apples, celery sticks, nuts (if they’re not allergic, of course), and popcorn — just to name a few! For drinks, try water, milk, juice, or other healthful beverages.

Remember, food leads to the need to use the bathroom, which can lead to “whoopsies.” So, make sure to…

16. Keep Wipes, Sanitizer, and Disinfecting Wipes Close By

As we mentioned above, make sure the vehicle has a clear space to change diapers if needed. With diapers comes the need for wipes for bottoms and sticky hands along with disinfecting sanitizer for both hands and surfaces.

Travel-sized ones may be ideal due to the limited space in your vehicle. A quick online search can show you where to purchase these items easily.

Again, the term is “close by.” You don’t want to be going through everything when the need arises. This is a “quick reaction” type of situation!

Once your kiddos have clean diapers, you’ll want to keep them happy. We earlier mentioned entertainment. Have very young twins? You should…

17. Use Car Seat Toys for Little Ones

Kids in car seats have little room to move, and that isn’t always fun for them. For that reason, we recommend keeping toys in front of them to keep them quiet and engaged.

Looking online and no idea what to buy? We recommend this Adventure Arch and this Baby Car Play Center. (Thank us later!) Another way to keep them quiet is to…

18. Hang Video Entertainment From Headrests

While you keep your eyes on the road, kiddos can keep theirs on a tablet that is playing their favorite videos. However, not all vehicles have built-in screens.

Not to worry.

We recommend this holder/organizer.  It’s compatible with any vehicle headrest and tablets up to 10.5 inches.

You can also keep snacks insulated or store small toys in the zippered pocket. On top of that, it has two side mesh pockets and two multipurpose clips.

Give it a gander. That brings us to our….


These 18 tips should make traveling with your sweet twins easier. Be sure to check out those helpful links for additional information. Once you go through everything, you’ll find decision-making much easier!