75 Show-and-Tell Ideas That Are Sure To Wow

The concept of show-and-tell has been around since childhood and it can be difficult to come up with original ideas for your own children to take part in.

However, there are some great show-and-tell options that will make your child excited to share their belongings, memories, or talents with their class.

Items Your Child Values

We all have items we value for our own reasons. When your child chooses an item they value, they will have no trouble talking about its importance to their peers. 

  1. A loved item from childhood, such as a stuffed animal or favorite book
  2. The clothes they wore home from the hospital
  3. Awards they have received
  4. A collection they have invested time to find
  5. A special card or note from a friend or family member
  6. A favorite Halloween costume from the past
  7. A favorite gift
  8. A gift from a sibling or friend
  9. An inherited item from a grandparent
  10. A baby picture
  11. A scrapbook of memories
  12. Any item that gives them comfort

Things Meaningful to Your Family

Every family has items that are meaningful to them. Let your child bring one so they can explain its significance to your family. If the item is too valuable, simply have your child bring a picture of it.

  1. A family photo
  2. A pet but only if they are allowed at show and tell
  3. An item from a significant religious event, such as a baptism or confirmation
  4. Souvenirs from family vacations
  5. A family tree showing their heritage
  6. A favorite family movie
  7. A picture of mom’s wedding dress
  8. The family crest
  9. A memory jar
  10. A family time capsule
  11. An actual family member
  12. A favorite holiday decoration

Natural Wonders

Tell your child to step right outside their door for inspiration from nature. Your child can find a natural wonder easily in his own backyard.

  1. A special rock
  2. A walking stick your child chose while in nature
  3. A beautiful leaf
  4. Flowers picked while on a nature walk
  5. A food your child grew in the garden
  6. Sand in a bottle
  7. A bird feather
  8. Water in a bottle from the ocean
  9. A small branch from a favorite tree
  10. Snail shells
  11. Pictures of spider webs or other animal habitats
  12. Creatures kept from nature walks, bugs or worms
A young girl showing the bulb she is growing in a hand-painted plastic bottle.

Demonstration of Talents

Material items are not the only options when it comes to show-and-tell. Your child can demonstrate a talent for the class, and this can help her build confidence in her skills.

  1. Reading a poem they wrote
  2. Performing a magic trick
  3. Playing an instrument
  4. Singing a song
  5. Performing a dance routine
  6. Telling a joke or a short comedy act
  7. Showing and explaining how they drew, painted, or created a piece of art
  8. Demonstrating how to perform a physical activity, like yoga, jumping jacks, or some other athletic feat
  9. Sharing a snack they baked 
  10. Demonstrating a science experiment
  11. Showing off an item of clothing they created 
  12. A plant your child grew in their garden
  13. A puzzle your child finished
  14. A completed Rubik’s cube

Things From Around the World

If your family travels, your child has a ton of options for show and tell. Almost anything picked up from another destination makes a great item to talk about with a class.

  1. A shell from a beach
  2. A ticket stub from an event attended
  3. Pictures of your child at a favorite destination
  4. A souvenir bought on the trip
  5. A tiny replica of a state or country’s flag
  6. An item of clothing bought while on a trip
  7. Plane ticket
  8. Concert ticket
  9. An autograph from a famous person
  10. A book bought from another country
  11. A game from another country
  12. An item made while traveling

Crafts & Special Projects

Your child may have crafts or projects that are small enough to bring to show-and-tell.

If not, don’t hesitate to let your child bring pictures of meaningful items they have created on their own or helped with around the house.

  1. A garden your child helped plant
  2. A room your child helped paint
  3. A birdhouse your child built
  4. A sweater or other item your child crocheted or knitted
  5. Bracelets your child made from beads
  6. Perler bead creations
  7. Modeling clay creations
  8. A painting or drawing your child made
  9. Comic book creations and stories your child made on their own
  10. A sock puppet your child created
  11. Cards your child made on their own
  12. Handmade bookmarks
  13. Gifts made for family members

Closing Thoughts

When your child finds something they truly care about to share for show-and-tell, the sharing part will come easily. They will be able to talk confidently about an item they are passionate about sharing.