Sneak Peek Gender Test – All of Your Questions Answered!

The Sneak Peek Gender Test allows you to find out the gender of your fetus from the convenience of your own home.

The test uses a maternal blood sample that is tested in a lab to detect fetal DNA and the presence of Y chromosomes in order to determine if the fetus is a girl or boy. 

MedlinePlus explains that “The Y chromosome is present in males, who have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.”

So, if you are pregnant and the test detects Y chromosomes, you are carrying a boy. If no Y chromosomes are found, you are having a girl.

How Does the Sneak Peek Gender Test Work?

The Sneak Peek Gender Test looks for male chromosomes present in the fetal DNA that is found in the maternal blood sample.

To perform the test, the mom-to-be will collect a blood sample at home using the device that comes in her kit.

She mails it to a lab where tests are run to detect male Y chromosomes in the fetal DNA.

If these chromosomes are detected, it is determined that the mother is carrying a boy.

If the chromosomes are not detected in the sample, the mother is carrying a girl. 

Sneak Peek Lancet vs. Snap

The Sneak Peek Gender Test comes in two varieties: the Lancet and the Snap.

The Lancet test is the older form of the test and requires a finger prick.

The test comes with a small device that is used to prick your finger and collect the blood sample.

It has a low to moderate pain rating and a low to moderate risk of male DNA contamination. 

The Snap test is newer and comes with a device that you press on your arm to collect the blood sample.

It is easy and painless, and it has virtually no risk of male DNA contamination. 

Sneak Peek Gender Test Capabilities

The Sneak Peek Gender Test is clinically proven to determine the gender of your baby as early as 6 weeks gestation using DNA technology and has proven to be quick, easy, and accurate. 

Sneak Peek Gender Test Limitations

Unfortunately, this test might not be an option for all pregnancies.

Because the test looks for male DNA to determine the gender of the baby, it cannot provide accurate results for mothers who are carrying fraternal twins, triplets, or bigger sets of multiples.

Even if Y chromosomes are detected, the test cannot determine how many of the babies are boys and how many are girls. 

In addition, the at-home test does not screen for birth defects and abnormalities as doctor-provided tests can.

How To Take the Sneak Peek Gender Test

There are 3 steps in the gender test process: 

  1. Order the kit (save $10 by ordering here). 
  2. Collect the sample.
  3. Learn results.

After receiving your kit, you should read the detailed instructions carefully to learn how to collect the sample.

You can also find detailed instruction videos here

The test requires a blood sample that is taken from the finger or the arm, depending on the test you have.

You will be given all of the materials/supplies that you need to collect the sample at home. 

When To Take the Sneak Peek Gender Test

You can take the gender test anytime between 6 and 37 weeks gestation. I took my test at 8 weeks.

Sneak Peek At-Home vs. Sneak Peek Clinical

With Sneak Peek At-Home, you can collect the blood sample in the comfort of your own home.

The Sneak Peek Clinical option lets you visit a participating location to have your blood drawn or use the Sneak Peek Snap in a clinical setting.

The clinic then sends your sample to the lab for analysis. 

Both options have the same accuracy potential.

If you are near a participating location (you can check here), the clinical option may be a good idea to minimize the risk of contamination or error. 

Sneak Peek Lab Locations

If you are looking for a participating lab for your Sneak Peek Clinical blood draw, check the bottom of this page for a location near you.

There are 1,703 locations, so you’re sure to find one nearby.

Sneak Peek Test Results

Once you have collected the sample, you will mail it back to SneakPeek Labs in a prelabeled, pre-paid package.

You can expect your results via email or text as early as the next day. 

In your email or text message, you will be told the gender of your baby and will be given an analysis report that explains the results.

The results are very easy to read and are quite detailed.

When I was pregnant with my twins, my husband and I couldn’t wait to find out their genders.

So we ordered our SneakPeek DNA Test and shortly after sending it in, we got an email with this exciting news…(see below!).

SneakPeek Gender Results

If you’re dying to know your baby’s gender, you can save $10 on your order through this link.

Does Sneak Peek Send Results Same Day?

Sneak Peek does offer a FastTrack option that will allow you to receive your results the same day the lab receives your sample.

With this option, your test is prioritized at the lab and you will receive your results sooner. 

Sneak Peek Gender Test Accuracy

The test has a 99.9% accuracy rate. In a study of 1,029 women between 7 and 37 weeks gestation, 1,028 of the test results matched the baby’s gender at birth. 

What Week Is Sneak Peek Most Accurate?

In another study, 115 women ranging from 6-10 weeks gestation took the gender test.

The fetal sex was accurate for all 115 women, proving that the test can be taken as early as 6 weeks gestation and has a 100% accuracy rate between 6 and 10 weeks gestation. 

Should I Trust SneakPeek Results?

There have been many studies to determine the accuracy of the Sneak Peek test.

All of the studies have proven it to be reliable and nearly 100% accurate as long as the sample is free of contamination.

While there is no guarantee and no method more accurate than live birth, the Sneak Peek test proves to be a reliable and trustworthy test if you want to know the gender of your baby earlier in your pregnancy. 

Sneak Peek Test Wrong for Girl

Because the test detects male chromosomes, it is not likely to give you a false “girl” result.

It is possible, however, for you to be pregnant with a girl, but the Sneak Peek test results will say that you are having a boy.

This will happen if your blood sample was contaminated with male DNA, perhaps from your partner or other male children. 

Sneak Peek Test Wrong for Boy

Your Sneak Peek test results may be inaccurate if the blood sample was contaminated with male DNA.

In this case, the results will say that you are expecting a boy when you could, in fact, be pregnant with a girl. 

What if My Sneak Peek Test Is Wrong?

Having an inaccurate result is the risk you take when you do early gender identification. Even ultrasounds can be inaccurate.

If you discover that your test was wrong after the birth of your child, Sneak Peek is now offering full refunds for the inconvenience. 

Sneak Peek Inconclusive Result

Inconclusive results do happen from time to time and for a variety of reasons.

It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong; it simply means that the lab was not able to pull enough information from your sample for whatever reason.

Here are a few reasons why a test could be inconclusive: 

  • The blood sample was not large enough.
  • The sample may have clotted.
  • There may have been a small amount of contamination, and the lab would like a second look.
  • There may not have been enough DNA in the sample. 

Sneak Peak offers a free retest if your first test comes back inconclusive. 

SneakPeek Test With Twins?

The Sneak Peek test is an option for certain twin pregnancies. 

Identical Twins

Sneak Peek can determine the gender of identical twins (it did for me!).

If male chromosomes are detected, you can reasonably assume that both babies will be male. If there are no Y chromosomes detected, it is likely that both babies are female. 

Fraternal Twins

Unfortunately, the Sneak Peek cannot determine the genders of both fraternal twins.

Since there is a chance that the babies are different genders, the test cannot distinguish between the DNA of each in order to accurately determine the gender of each baby.

If male DNA is detected, it will mean that at least one of the babies is a boy.

Sneak Peek Gender Test Reviews

Customers and participants seem to love this gender test. The test kit has many positive reviews on Amazon as well as the Sneak Peek website.

Most of the reviews comment on how easy it is to collect and mail the sample, how quickly the results arrive, and the accuracy of the test. 

Several reviews mention the importance of reading the instructions and making sure you take your sample in a clean, sanitized environment.

Any flake of male DNA can result in contamination and a possible inaccurate result. 

What Happens if You Do Sneak Peek Too Early?

Taking the Sneak Peek test too early could result in unreliable results or no results at all. 

Sneak Peek Test at 5 Weeks

No studies have been done on the Sneak Peek test at 5 weeks gestation.

This implies that 5 weeks is likely too early to detect the male chromosomes in the maternal blood. 

Sneak Peek Test at 6 Weeks

The test is not recommended any earlier than 6 weeks. A study performed showed that the test has a 100% accuracy rate at 6 weeks gestation. 

Sneak Peek Test at 7 Weeks 

A study has been done to evaluate SneakPeek’s clinical performance to determine fetal sex as early as 7 weeks gestation.

In this study, 134 pregnant women participated and had one blood sample collected at 7 weeks and another between 8 and 10 weeks gestation.

The two test results were then compared to determine the accuracy of the 7-week test.

The study’s results show that the Sneak Peek test has a 100% accuracy rate at 7 weeks gestation. 

SneakPeek Test at 8 Weeks

Another study performed concluded that the Sneak Peek test is highly accurate at 8 weeks gestation. 

Does Sneak Peek Work at 9 Weeks?

Sneak Peek has proven to work anytime between 6 and 37 weeks gestation.

Because its purpose is for early gender identification, most women do it during the first trimester.

Therefore, 9 weeks would be an acceptable time to take the test. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Easy Is It To Contaminate Sneak Peak?

It can be easy to contaminate the Sneak Peak Lancet test. Any flake of DNA from your male partner or any other male could yield inaccurate results.

It is very important to follow the instructions and thoroughly sanitize the area where you will be collecting the sample. 

The Sneak Peek Snap test has proven to be more difficult to contaminate. 

Will Sneak Peek Tell You if There Isn’t Enough Fetal DNA?

Yes. Your results analysis will tell you if there was enough fetal DNA to determine the baby’s gender. It will also tell you if there was not enough DNA. 

How Much Blood Is Needed for Sneak Peek?

The instructions in your kit will tell you how large your blood sample needs to be. There will also be a marker on the vial.

According to their website, Sneak Peek asks for 500 QI of blood. 

What if I Don’t Get Enough Blood With the Device?

If you do not get enough blood, send back the sample even if it has not reached the bottom line.

Sneak Peek is often able to provide results with a small sample, and if not, they will send you a free replacement device to try again. 

Does Sneak Peek Hurt?

If you choose to use the Lancet test, it will feel like a normal finger prick that you may get at a doctor’s office.

The Snap test is said to be painless because of the microneedle technology that is used. 

Do You Need To Drink Water Before Sneak Peek Test?

While being hydrated is important, you do not need to guzzle water before taking the test. 

Can Sneak Peek Confirm Pregnancy?

By detecting fetal DNA in a maternal blood sample, Sneak Peek could confirm pregnancy. 

Can Sneak Peek Detect Miscarriage?

If no fetal DNA is detected in the blood sample, it could be an indication of a miscarriage. 

Will Tattoos Affect Sneak Peek Results?

Based on studies, tattoos have not been shown to affect the blood sample or results of the Sneak Peek test. 

Do I Have To Use My Upper Arm for Sneak Peek?

The SneakPeek Snap has been tested on several different body parts, and the upper arm has proven to be the most successful. 

What Tests Are Similar To Sneak Peek?

There are other tests that are similar to Sneak Peek, although they are not quite as popular and may not be as accurate.