Snoo Rental: Could This Be the Perfect Option for You?

If you are currently seeking a baby bassinet, you may have encountered the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet.

The Snoo is pretty darn expensive, so it’s likely you kept scrolling. But its positive reviews and tempting promises of more sleep may have you wondering if there are other, more affordable options that will still allow you to enjoy this luxury item.

Enter, the Snoo Rental Program. 

It offers plenty of rental options that will help you reap the benefits of a Snoo without having to purchase one of your own. For each rental, each unit is completely sanitized, and all soft items are new. Payments are usually made monthly, but there are several rental plans from which to choose.

In this article, we will explore the different rental options available to you as well as discuss the many positive qualities of the Snoo sleeper and why parents are raving about it.  

Snoo Rental

Happiest Baby is one of the most popular companies that provide Snoo rentals. I’ve done a little digging to help you learn all about their Snoo rental process! 

Pricing Information

With Happiest Baby, you are able to rent a Snoo for around $160 per month. Considering a Snoo retails at about $1,700, renting the sleeper could save you a lot of money. 

With each rental package, there is a reconditioning fee of around $100 and a refundable security deposit (about $100) added to your first month’s payment. 

When you are finished with your rental, there is a return shipping fee of around $60.


After you place your rental order, your card will be charged for your first month’s rental fee (plus tax), the reconditioning fee, and the security deposit. 

For the Basic and Newborn rental, your card will be charged the monthly rate each month after the first month.

If you choose to do the 6-month special, you will not be charged again until the end of your six-month period.

If you choose to keep the Snoo longer, you will be charged each subsequent month until you return the rental. 

Rental Options

Happiest Baby has three different rental options: The Basic rental, the 6 Month Special, and the Newborn Special rental.

The main difference between the three options is the minimum rental period and when you pay for your rental. You can read about the pricing and term differences here. 

Can I Rent a Snoo for a Week?

Happiest Baby does not have an option to rent a Snoo for a week. Their shortest rental option is one month. 

Shipping Information

When you place your rental order, you will select a shipping date based on your due date. Happiest Baby will ship your Snoo to you for free. 

Once you receive your Snoo, you will need to keep all of the original packaging and inserts to use when you pack up and return your Snoo. 

There is a return shipping fee that you will be charged on the last month of your rental. 

Sanitation Before Shipping

In between rentals, Snoos are prepared with a very meticulous, 5-step cleaning and sanitizing process.

During this process, the materials are cleaned with a high-power vacuum and steam and sanitized with baby-safe products. 

 Additionally, each Snoo rental comes with two brand-new sleep sacks, a new mattress, a waterproof mattress cover, and a fitted sheet that the customer will keep.

This ensures that each baby has their own soft goods even though the same Snoo is used from rental to rental. 

Does the Snoo Come Pre-Assembled?

The Snoo does not come assembled. However, there is a helpful video tutorial as well as other helpful assembly and care resources in Happiest Baby’s FAQ section. 

What Is Included With the Rental?

With each rental option, you will get a Snoo Smart Sleeper that will be returned at the end of the rental.

You will also receive a few accessories that are yours to keep after your rental period has ended: 

  •  2 Ivory Snoo sleep sacks
  •  A fitted Snoo sheet
  •  A Snoo mattress 
  •  A waterproof mattress cover

What Is the Average Rental Time?

Most parents rent Snoo until their baby is ready to transition to a crib, which is usually around 6 months. 

Am I Responsible for Damages?

Because you are borrowing a Snoo, you are responsible for any damages to the bed outside of normal “wear and tear.”

If the damages exceed the cost of your security deposit, you are responsible for covering any reparation expenses. 

What Is Meant by Limited Warranty?

A limited warranty is included in every Snoo rental. This warranty covers any repairs or replacements of defective products/parts.

It does NOT cover the cost of any damage done to the Snoo by the client or defects that are a result of forces beyond Happiest Baby’s control.

When Is the Security Deposit Refunded?

Your security deposit will be refunded after Happiest Baby receives your returned Snoo and it “passes” the damage inspection. The refund is usually received within 5-10 business days. 

Return Information

You are responsible for returning your Snoo rental (only the sleeper) in its original packaging. Happiest Baby will give you a return label to place on the box before shipping. 

About the Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

What is so special about the Snoo bassinet and why are parents raving about it? Let’s find out. 

What Makes the Snoo Unique?

The Snoo is not like any other baby bassinet, rocker, or swing. 

It is known for its amazing ability to soothe your little one and help him feel like he is still in the womb and is guaranteed to improve your baby’s sleep by an additional 1-2 hours per night.

It is a natural sleep trainer that helps your baby self-soothe and fall asleep independently. 

The real magic comes from its ability to detect crying or fussing and self-adjust to automatically increase the speed of rocking and the volume of the white noise in order to soothe your baby back to sleep. 

Key Features

What sets the Snoo apart from other bassinets that claim to improve baby sleep? 

  • Attachable sleep sacks to prevent rolling 
  • 5 levels of rocking and white noise that can be adjusted depending on your baby’s needs
  • Automatic crying detection and self-adjustment
  • Horizontal rocking rather than up-and-down motions

Do Pediatricians Recommend Snoo?

Yes! Snoo is based on 20+ years of research by pediatricians. 

Is Snoo Bassinet SIDS Safe?

Absolutely. The attachable sleep sacks are guaranteed to keep your little one on their back while they sleep in order to prevent SIDS and promote safe sleep.

Can Babies Sleep Unswaddled in Snoo?

No. The Snoo only works if the sleep sacks are snapped in correctly. 

How Long Can Babies Use Snoo?

The maximum weight limit for Snoo is 25 pounds. Most babies will move into their cribs by the age of 6 months.

Do You Let the Snoo Run All Night?

You can safely leave Snoo in baseline mode all night, or you can manually select which activity levels are needed for your baby throughout the night. 

How Long Does Snoo Stay on Each Level?

Snoo will automatically advance through activity levels depending on your baby’s fussiness. Louder crying will yield a higher activity level.

As your baby begins to settle down, the Snoo will gradually reduce activity levels over 5-10 minutes.

If your baby is still fussing after four minutes in level 4 (the highest activity level), the unit will automatically timeout and notify you that your baby needs something else like a diaper change or a feeding. 

Can You Use the Snoo as a Regular Bassinet?

You can choose to turn the rocking and white noise off and use the Snoo as a regular bassinet. 

Is the Snoo Worth It?

Many parents swear by the Snoo and have said that it 100% lives up to the hype and its promise of improving baby sleep.

Many parents strongly recommend the Snoo, especially if your baby has trouble sleeping. Because it is a bit pricey, it might be a good idea to rent a Snoo before purchasing one of your own. 

Additional Options for Snoo Rental

If you do not want to use Happiest Baby or are interested in other Snoo rental options, check out the following places: 


This service offers Snoo rentals for around $30 per day or about $500 a month. They also provide assembly support, and sleep sacks, sheets, and mattresses are included. 

Rent Baby Tech

With this service, you can rent a Snoo for a few days, monthly, or for a 6-month term. 

Nantucket Baby Rentals

This rental service has daily, weekend, and monthly rental options. Rates are currently $35/day or $200/week but are subject to change. 


Babyquip is a rental service that helps parents find baby gear to rent while on vacation or while traveling. You can search for a Snoo rental available near your location. 

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, your bassinet search is coming to an end, and you feel relieved to have so many rental options available to you!

Whether you’re just wanting to try out a Snoo or use it long term, renting could be your best bet. It could help you get better sleep while saving you a little bit of money in the process.