Meet Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

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Kimberly Langdon, M.D., is a retired and board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist with 19 years of clinical experience, specializing in infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, pelvic pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, and minimally invasive surgeries.

She attended The Ohio State University College of Medicine where she was awarded Honors in numerous rotations. Dr. Langdon went on to complete her OB/GYN residency program at The Ohio State University Medical Center, where she was recognized for her Senior Research Project and Scored in the 98th percentile on the CREOG National Proficiency Test.

As an expert in women’s health and a medical writer, Dr. Langdon has been featured in various publications including Modern Fertility, Parenting Pod, Medzino, Huffington Post.UK, Nutrition, NaturalFertility Company, Women’s Day, The Insider, Romper, Elite Daily, RealSelf, and The Insider.


  • University-Trained Obstetrician / Gynecologist


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