25 Things To Know About Having a Boy (Brace Yourself!)

If you are anticipating the arrival of a baby boy or have recently celebrated the addition of a son to your family, it is crucial to be equipped with necessary knowledge to ensure you are fully prepared.

1. Boys Are Typically Bigger Than Girls When Born

It’s a fact that has been proven by science: your baby boy will likely be bigger at birth than your baby girl.

If you’ve only ever had boys, this may not mean much, but if you are having a boy after giving birth to a girl, you may notice the difference in your birthing experience.

2. Enlarged Genitals Following Birth

Your son will likely have swollen genitals after birth, and this is perfectly normal. The swelling is due to extra fluid in the body and estrogen in his system passed from you when he was born. His genitals may also be red for a bit after birth.

3. Swollen Breasts After Birth

Your son’s breast tissue may also be swollen and red after birth due to hormones passed from mom to baby in the womb. This won’t last, but it’s a perfectly normal part of the experience right after your son is born.

4. May Have Nipple Discharge After Birth

Nipple swelling and discharge aren’t just for girls. Baby boys can also have inflamed, red nipples that leak a discharge after birth. Blame excess fluid in the body and a mix of hormones that are elevated after birth.

5. Circumcision Is a Big Decision

While over 60 percent of males in the United States are circumcised at birth, it’s still an elective procedure that you can choose not to have done to your child.

Parents need to know the facts and risks, though many parents base this decision on religion or familial customs. 

6. Penile Adhesion Is Possible After Circumcision

Penile adhesion occurs when the foreskin left after a circumcision attaches to the penis. This can cause dirt or oil to get trapped between the foreskin and the penis.

Infection can occur if the circumcised penis is not cleaned properly after circumcision.

7. Cleaning After Bowel Movement Can Be Challenging

Just because boys have outies in the genital department doesn’t mean they are easy to clean. Crevices in the penis and testicles can make cleaning all the leftover poop after a bowel movement challenging. 

A young mother just finishing putting a clean diaper on her baby boy.

8. Erections Are Normal 

It’s normal for your baby boy to get erections, and it has nothing to do with sex or desire. The penis is sensitive and simply reacts this way to touch at times. 

9. You Will Likely Be Peed On

Get good at dodging and ducking because diaper changes with little boys are an adventure. If you forget to cover the penis when you are taking off the diaper, it’s likely you will get sprayed. 

10. Boys Can Easily Pee Out of Their Diapers (Point IT Down!)

Diapers are supposed to catch the pee your child produces, but your son will be a master at peeing out of the diaper.

If you don’t point the penis down when putting a diaper on your child, he will pee straight out of it and onto his own stomach. You will be taking off dirty onesies and putting on clean ones all day long.

11. Private Parts Will Be Touched, Pulled & Played With

A fascination with his own penis is going to be present very early in your son’s life. It’s absolutely normal for him to touch, pull, and play with his penis, and he may even be oblivious to the fact that he’s doing it. Don’t be alarmed.

12. Limited Clothing Styles & Accessories Compared to Girls

Baby girls get frilly skirts, big bows, and a ton of other style options that make dressing them akin to having a real-life doll.

Boys tend to get neutral-colored clothing and limited options. You may have to get creative if you want to accessorize or create a unique style for your son.

13. Almost Anything Can Be Turned Into a Pretend Weapon

You may baby-proof your entire house and keep toxic chemicals out of reach, but know that something as innocuous as a spoon will become a sword in the hands of your son, as will sticks, straws, and empty toilet paper rolls. I’ve seen it all.

14. May Seem To Be Endlessly Energetic

You may be tired and hoping your son will nap or rest, but he will be full of kinetic energy that propels him around the room like a Nerf dart.

Boys don’t seem to get tired of moving, wrestling, and running, so take your vitamins, and prepare to keep up as much as you can.

Two young boys racing alongside their golden retriever in a woodland setting.

15. Farts Are Hysterical

If you have a strong sense of smell, prepare to have it tested. Boys love to fart. They like the sound, the smell, and the overall shock value of letting one rip wherever they choose. 

16. Expect a Lot of Bathroom Humor

The fun doesn’t stop at farting. Bathroom humor is all the rage with boys, and you will hear about it more than you ever thought possible. 

17. Boys Are Often Somewhat Slower in Developing Language Skills

Don’t panic if your son does not seem to be using as many words as girls his age. This is developmentally normal and no cause for alarm. Boys will often walk, talk, and develop at a slower rate than girls.

18. Often Gravitate Toward Danger More Than Girls

A girl may access a situation and choose against it due to the risk of danger. Your son will likely just leap right in and deal with the consequences later.

That’s why you may spend more time at the doctor with your son dealing with broken bones and stitches.

19. Boys Are Not Usually as Empathetic As Girls

There are exceptions to every rule, and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gender norms. However, your son may not show the same signs of empathy as your daughter. Blame slower development in males for this difference.

20. Boys Often Take Longer To Potty Train Compared to Girls

You might think it would be easier to potty train a boy since the penis gives them the option of simply aiming and releasing. This usually isn’t the case. Boys tend to potty train about three months later than girls.

21. Often Prefer To Be Naked as Toddlers

Once your son learns how to take his own diapers off, prepare for him to roam fully nude whenever he gets the chance. Boys like the freedom of not having clothes, especially when they are toddlers. Dressing them can feel like wrestling a squirrel.

22. Boys Are Usually Less Dramatic Than Girls

This doesn’t hold true for every situation, but boys are often less dramatic than girls. They may live more in their bodies than their minds when they are kids, and this can lead to more physical injuries but less emotional drama.

23. Relationships Tend To Be Less Complicated

Again, this is not always the case, but male relationships may be less emotionally complicated than girl relationships.

Boys tend to focus on the physical while girls may be more emotionally invested. This can make the dynamics of the relationship different.

24. Peeing in Unusual Places Is Apparently a Lot of Fun!

Oh, the places he’ll pee! This should be the title of a children’s book about boys. They pee in potted plants, on trees, in the cat’s litter box, and anywhere else that they deem even vaguely interesting.

You’ll quickly learn to keep a close eye on your boy, especially when out in public settings, like the playground.

25. Boys Typically Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

Mud, dirt, and anything else that will keep them from staying clean will attract your son. You will never stop doing laundry, and your floors will always be dirty. Welcome to the life of parenting a son!

Closing Thoughts

Each child is unique, but you will have different experiences to deal with when you have a boy versus a girl. Enjoy the journey!