25 Terrific Twin Baby Shower Ideas To Try Out

Hosting a baby shower is an important occasion that celebrates and remembers the arrival of newborns, while also showcasing the mother’s unique taste.

When it comes to planning, choosing the theme that is right for you can seem overwhelming among the thousands of options. These 25 unique twin baby shower ideas will help you get started!

1. Two Buns in the Oven

Pull out the picnic blanket and barbecue some burgers! Two Buns in the Oven is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor baby showers.

There is no set color scheme for this theme, so picking up paper plates and red solo cups is completely acceptable. 

This theme is gender neutral and ideal for kid-friendly co-ed celebrations. Personalize your experience by using yard games such as cornhole, horseshoes, and tag as an alternative to traditional baby shower games.

2. Tea for Two

If you’re looking for an elegant way to celebrate your twin’s arrival, throw an adult tea party! Give your friends and family a chance to dress in their Sunday best and enjoy an elegant afternoon.

A sunny spring morning is a pristine time to host a Tea for Two baby shower for your twin girls. 

Due to the small nature of tea parties, this theme is great for smaller celebrations. Sandwiches, vegetables, cookies, and tea make an ideal menu for this event. 

3. Noah’s Ark

This classic Bible story makes an adorable baby shower idea. If you’re having a boy and a girl, then this theme is twice as clever.

This animal theme will make for a charming party that has spiritual significance as well. Rainbows are often incorporated into this theme and allow for a vibrant, easy-to-find, color scheme. 

Create a game by having each person bring a stuffed animal, and then seat them together according to what animals they brought. This is a great way to build your children’s stuffed animal collection for their nursery. 

4. Twice Blessed

This party style is perfect for parents that just want to keep things simple. This theme is a sentimental way to remind us that the ability to have babies and be surrounded by loved ones are things to be thankful for.

Typical decor for this theme involves burlap with the use of white, pink, or blue. 

5. Two Peas in a Pod

This adorable Two Peas in a Pod theme is a way to symbolize the unique closeness that most twins possess.

With a green color scheme, this baby shower is gender neutral and easy to decorate. Finger foods such as vegetables, fruits, and sandwiches are perfect for this theme. 

Create a fun party game by pairing up your friends and family. For the duration of the baby shower, they’re not allowed to leave one another’s side or say one another’s name. 

6. Two Little Monkeys

Celebrate your little monkeys’ arrival by throwing a jungle-themed baby shower fit for a party animal. Decor for this theme is readily available for online order, but DIY mothers may enjoy creating paper-mâché trees, balloon arches, and themed fruit boards instead. 

7. Sugar & Spice Is Twice as Nice

Every mother knows that pregnancy can cause weird cravings. Indulge in those urges with a Sugar & Spice baby shower theme.

This idea is gender neutral and family friendly. Create a unique and unusual menu of sweet and spicy foods such as chocolate chip cookies, donuts, salsa, and buffalo wings. 

8. We Asked for a Miracle – Two Came True

A peach-colored cake decorated with tall silver and gold stars.

This idea is all about being grateful for the small miracles in life. This theme is common for mothers who’ve experienced fertility issues.

Often decorated with rainbows to nod to the sunshine after a storm, this theme will leave you feeling thankful. 

9. S’More Fun With Two

A double-decker smore on a wood table.

If you’re looking to have your party later in the day, this baby shower theme is ideal for those brisk fall evenings. Set up a s’more bar, and welcome your new twins around the fire with your loved ones. 

Make it a meal by roasting hotdogs over the fire and laying out all of the toppings. For party favors, you can color in the “HE” or “SHE” letters of a Hershey bar and send them home with guests. 

10. Whoo, Whoo – We’re Expecting Two

Owls can be found on both sides of the aisle, which is what makes this party idea so versatile.

When it comes to woodland creatures, party décor is easy to find. The neutral color scheme makes this an excellent choice for twins of both genders. 

11. Holy Ship, We’re Having Two!

This theme is more than just a clever play on words; it’s a chance to take your party poolside.

Imagine a baby shower with boat-themed games, grub, and décor. You can even host boat races with a small entry fee to grow your baby savings. 

12. Oh Babies!

Most of the décor and stationery found online for this theme is feminine. This theme has floral garlands, gold accents, and plants galore.

With a little extra wood, a little fewer flowers, and the addition of extra blues and yellows, this baby shower idea could be fitting for boys as well.

13. Thing 1 and Thing 2

Throw a baby shower as wacky and unpredictable as your little Things are sure to be. You can start your children’s Dr. Seuss collection by having each guest bring a book for a raffle.

The red and blue Thing 1 and 2 color scheme makes this theme an ideal choice for twins of all genders. 

Some parents choose to wear matching Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts or costumes for pictures during their baby showers.

14. Once Upon a Dream

Embrace your inner Sleeping Beauty and create a fairytale baby shower fit for a princess.

If you feel like taking a walk on the dark side, use Maleficent as your idol instead. Use the color scheme and castles as inspiration for party décor. 

15. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

These Disney icons make the perfect boy/girl baby shower theme! There is no shortage of Mickey and Minnie Mouse decorations, making this the perfect idea for mothers who love the characters and don’t have a lot of time on their hands. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse baby shower games are available for free download and purchase on platforms like Etsy and Vistaprint.

As a bonus, guests will often pick gifts that correlate with themed characters, meaning your twins will likely have a matching wardrobe! 

16. Taco Twosday

Have a fiesta! Set out a taco bar, decorate your home in bold patterns, and crack open a piñata.

Add flair by drawing inspiration from traditional Hispanic culture and serving authentic desserts such as tres leches or sopaipillas. Substitute traditional baby shower games like bingo for their hispanic counterparts such as Loteria. 

Guacamole or salsa cups can be made from scratch or bought in store, and they serve as excellent party favors. Add a miniature sombrero to each lid as a cute decoration. 

17. Twins Are Brewing

This gender-neutral baby shower theme is a coffee enthusiast’s fever dream. The earthly color scheme combined with the lingering smell of freshly brewed coffee will provide a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests.

Imagine opening gifts while sipping on coffee from a carefully curated coffee bar. 

Take inspiration from your favorite coffee shops by designing a brunch menu of light sandwiches and baked goods. Finish the party by sending your friends and family home with hand-made coffee-scented soaps or coffee bean pouches. 

18. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

This idea is for the mothers who love to keep their head in the clouds.

Because this décor is typically shades of blue and yellow, this theme is gender neutral. If you want to make the theme more modern, replace those traditional colors with navy blue and gold accents. 

If you’re hosting a small event and wanting a unique experience, this theme can easily turn into an overnight event. Keep all the aspects of a traditional baby shower with the added sentiment of a sleepover. 

19. Twins – We Can Bearly Wait!

Think rustic décor and flannels with this winter baby shower idea. This theme is gender fluid because it doesn’t require a particular color scheme.

However, adding florals and softer tones would create a more feminine atmosphere, whereas incorporating wood, hunting motifs, and stronger tones would create a masculine one.

Create a woodland-themed food table by adding chocolate-covered bear droppings, pretzel twigs, and forest berries. Go the extra mile by sending small bags of trail mix home as party favors. 

20. Two Scoops Are Better Than One

In the heat of the summer months, this gender-neutral idea is sure to be a delectable favorite.

Create an ice cream bar that would put your childhood dreams to shame by including your favorite candies, syrups, and sodas. Seeing your friends and family hyped up on sugar and excited to celebrate your babies is sure to be sweet. 

This baby shower theme doesn’t require a large menu, which makes it perfect for sprinkles or smaller scale baby showers. There’s also no distinct color scheme, making it easy and affordable to shop for. 

21. Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

If you’re expecting two little rebels, this baby shower idea may be enticing.

Every kid is a prankster at heart, so prepare your family by pulling out your best practical jokes. From whoopie cushions to confetti cannons, no one is safe! 

Get a little goofy by incorporating fun menu items like mud pie with gummy worms and adding unusual colors or components to the drinks. 

22. Pink and Blue

You can never go wrong with a classic! Using a traditional pink-and-blue color scheme is a great option for mothers that value versatility. Twist this timeless theme by creating a monochromatic moment on each side of the room. 

Create a game by having your guests dress in either pink or blue. Then pass out cotton-candy party favors that match the time-honored color they chose. 

23. Princes and/or Princesses

If you need a little magic during your pregnancy, this theme is right for you. Give your friends and family a chance to dress up, adorn themselves in tiaras, and celebrate your little princes/princesses in true royal fashion. 

Elevate the experience by serving food on golden trays and using drink pitchers instead of single-use bottles or cans. Creating thrones to open presents on could be a fun way to incorporate your partner. 

24. Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Twice the Joy

If you’re having twin boys, this one’s for you. Regardless of what your twins like, they’ll be attached at the hip. So, whether you choose cars, dinosaurs, cartoons or construction for your theme, buy and decorate everything in doubles! 

Baby shower games for this theme could include a repetition word game and bingo in which boxes are checked if duplicates are received. 

25. Two Little Cuties

Brighten your mood with this adorable citrus-themed baby shower. Creating a vivid orange environment will heighten your guest’s spirits as they welcome your baby into the world.

This is the perfect gender-neutral baby shower idea for summer twins! Items like lemon garlic chicken sliders, summer citrus salad, and frozen drink mixers will add a layer of depth by creating a themed food menu.