46 Creative & Fun Twin Pregnancy Announcements Ideas

As technology evolves, it has become customary for expecting parents to share their pregnancy news on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. It is now considered a prevalent trend in contemporary culture.

Sharing your exciting news in a cute, unique, and memorable way is fun, but it can be difficult to decide just what to do! If you are in a creative rut or just need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right spot.

I’ve put together my absolute favorite announcements for expectant twin moms, including the very idea we used when announcing our twin boys: “Sometimes When You Pray for a Miracle, You Get Two.

Funny Ideas

It never hurts to draw out a chuckle before the big shock! Here are some laughable ways to share your big news. 

Plot Twist

Having twins is certainly nothing short of a plot twist! Order some custom “Plot Twist” onesies to create a cute lay or make a fun poster to hold during your announcement photo. 

Look Who Decided To Show Up…and Bring a Friend

This punchline could make for an adorable pregnancy announcement photo!

With your partner, set up the scene with each of you holding an ultrasound in your hand while making some surprised/worried faces for the photo!

Drinking Buddies

This one is a classic! Double the babies means double the bottles and double the MILK! Drinking bottles together is just the start of their lifelong bond. 

We Only Ordered One, but It Was Buy One Get One Free

Who doesn’t love a good BOGO sale? This is another great caption for an announcement photo.

Have some custom onesies made or create a funny scene with your partner for a photo that will have everyone laughing. 

Guess What?! Guess What Else?!

This is a great idea if you are looking for an “in-person” announcement idea! Surprise your loved ones with one ultrasound picture and then REALLY surprise them with the second! 

We Are Just as Shocked as You… There Are Two!

Who doesn’t love a good rhyme in the caption of a great photo? Put on your best shocked faces, and watch your post go viral! 

Our Family Is Growing by Four Feet, and No, It’s Not Another Dog!

Here’s one for the dog lovers out there! Get your fur baby in on the action for the photo and maybe give him/her a bandana with four little feet on it! 

Shit Just Got Real… Like Really Real

Now there’s a feeling every twin mom can relate to! This could be the perfect caption for a photo of you and your partner (and your other kids if there are more!)  or a great saying to put on the letterboard if you are wanting to create a lay. 

I Was Planned … I Was Not!

The best things come when we least expect them! This is another catchy phrase that you can have printed on onesies, or write on a poster with arrows pointing to Baby A and Baby B on the ultrasound photo.

Both options are sure to create a picture-perfect pregnancy announcement!

Seasonal/Holiday Ideas

For some reason, holidays make for the perfect time to share your happy news! Maybe because there are so many cute announcement ideas that go with the holidays! 

St. Patrick’s Day

Twice the Love, Double the Luck

Grab two shamrock onesies, and you’re all set for the perfect St. Patty’s announcement. 

Our Little Lucky Charms Due MONTH YEAR

Talk about a CUTE photo idea!! Grab your partner, a bowl of Lucky Charms, and post the most adorable photo to brighten everyone’s St. Patrick’s Day!

Make sure the Lucky Charms box (or two of them) is in the photo for an extra cuteness effect! 

April Fools

Be careful making your announcement on April Fools — some people may not believe you! If you do it, here are some cute ideas to try! 

We’re Not Foolin’ — PLOT TWIST

No, seriously, it’s twins! This isn’t a joke!  


Get Ready To Fall in Love. LAST NAME Twins Coming MONTH YEAR

Such a classy and beautiful saying for your announcement! Add some pretty fall decorations and an ultrasound photo, and you have a picture-perfect lay. 

We’re Adding Two Pumpkins to Our Patch

Head to a local pumpkin patch to snap this photo! Make it extra cute by taking a photo of your other children (if you have any) in the patch while holding a sign with this catchy phrase. 

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice… Guess Who’s Expecting Twice?

You can’t have fall without pumpkin spice! 

S’more To Love

If you’re the camping or cooking type, this one is for you!


Double Bubble, Toil and Trouble, LAST NAME Twins Brewing Until MONTH YEAR

Put on your best witch costumes and find a cauldron to make this announcement extra cute! 

No Tricks, but Double the Treats

When you’re pregnant with twins, you’re technically eating for three, right? So, why not double the treats on Halloween?!

No Trick…Just a Treat; Our Family Is Growing by Four Feet

Being pregnant with twins is certainly a treat to celebrate! Share your happy news with this punchline to make it a Halloween to remember. 


Twice as Thankful This Year. LAST NAME Twins Coming MONTH YEAR

Make it an exciting Thanksgiving by announcing your incoming twins!

Use this punchline for matching shirts for you and your partner to wear to family dinner! Then, enjoy watching everyone’s reactions as they figure it out! 

Two More Reasons To Be Thankful This Year

Set up a creative photoshoot to show off Baby A and Baby B, and show everyone your two new reasons to be thankful! 


Two Little Snowflakes Are on Their Way

Give your friends and family a little surprise with this exciting forecast! 


Trading Our Silent Nights for Two Bundles of Joy

You’re absolutely right about that! 

Ho Ho Holy Sleighbells, We’re Having Twins!

Christmas scenes make for beautiful photo shoots and fun pregnancy announcements!

Set up next to your Christmas tree, grab a Santa hat, and snap a funny picture to share your exciting, yet shocking, news! 

The More the Merrier… TWINS!

This would be a perfect idea if you want to involve your other children in the announcement.

Have a fun Christmas photo shoot with your kiddos, and show the world how excited you are to add more to your bunch. 

New Years

Enough About That Ball Dropping; How About Something Jaw-Dropping?

You’re guaranteed to catch everyone by surprise and make lots of jaws drop with your big news! 

Poppin’ Bottles of a Different Kind This Year

Okay, this is a great one! It could make for a hilariously cute photo as well! 

New Year, New Adventure

Talk about a New Year’s resolution! 

Product/Brand Ideas

There are a few brands that are popular to use in twin pregnancy announcements. They’re fun, memorable, and super cute!  

Dos Equis: I Don’t Always Get a Sibling, but When I Do, I Get Two

This twist on the famous Dos Equis catchphrase will make for a memorable announcement. 

Dr. Seuss: We Have a Secret That Is Truer Than True… We Are Not Having Just One – There Are TWO

Who doesn’t love Dr. Suess? This is a fun, classic way to share your news. 

Friends: The One Where NAME & NAME Have T*W*I*N*S

Any Friends fans out there? This is for you! Make a cute post or Friends-inspired T-shirts that you will have as a keepsake after your announcement!

Religious Ideas

Having a baby is truly a gift from God. Here are some ideas for sharing your miracle and expressing your faith at the same time. 

Prayed for One, Blessed With Two

Twins are a blessing! This cute phrase would be adorable to use on onesies or on a letterboard in a flat lay. 

Sometimes When You Pray for a Miracle, You Get Two

You know they say to be careful what you pray for! Twins are nothing short of a double miracle to be thankful for. 

Out of Difficulties Grow Miracles 1Peter 5:10

Many sets of twins come after years of struggle with infertility. This scripture is perfect to use in your announcement of this great triumph. 

Sibling Ideas

Becoming a big sibling is a huge deal!! Involving siblings in the announcement is such a cute and special way to include them and make them feel special. 

I’m Going To Be a Big Sister… to Twins!

Capture her excitement in a cute photo to share with your friends and family. 

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’m Going To Be a Big Brother to Not One but … Two!

Classic! Big Brother can easily be swapped out for Big Sister to personalize it for your family. 

Handpicked for Earth by My Big Brother in Heaven

This is a beautiful sentiment for older siblings who have passed away or parents who have experienced loss. 

I’m So Cute that Mom and Dad Doubled Their Next Order

This one will have everyone saying “Awww!”

General Ideas

We’re not done yet! Here are a few more classic ideas to inspire you! 

Twice the Blessings and Double the Love

Twins don’t necessarily mean double everything, but one thing is for sure: Double Love. 

It May Be Pink, It May Be Blue; the Only Thing We Know Is That There Are Two!

And what a joy it is to know that! 

Twice the Blessing, Twice the Fun, Two Miracles Instead of One

As a twin mom, you will hear all kinds of things like “Double Trouble” or “Twice the mess.” I love how this announcement idea focuses on the wonderful things that twins bring into your world! 

The Best Things in Life Are Unexpected

AMEN! Twins are hardly ever expected, but they are always the best things in life. 

Two More To Adore

Talk about heartwarming! 

Sometimes When You Wish for a Miracle, You Get Two

Two miracles for the price of one. We’ll take it! Make custom onesies with this phrase for an adorable flat lay to post on your social media. 

Twice the Love and Fun, Two Little Peanuts Instead of One

This would be a perfect caption for an ultrasound photo that shows your two little peanuts! 

We Are Due With Not One but Two!



Making your announcement is so much fun! I hope you were able to find some inspiration for sharing your oh-so-happy news!