National Twins Day & Twins Days Festival: Celebrate Both!

Did you know that there is a designated celebration specifically for twins? That’s right – a day set aside to honor the special pairs in your life. Twins are one-of-a-kind and important, and they deserve a day to recognize and appreciate their uniqueness!

National Twins Day is observed on December 18. On this day, families and friends celebrate the special bond and uniqueness of twins and multiples, particularly those whom they know. There is also an annual weekend festival called Twins Days that is held every August in Twinsburg, Ohio.

One day isn’t nearly enough to celebrate twins and multiples! There are multiple of them after all! Let’s take a look at both National Twins Day and the Twins Days Festival, the largest annual gathering of twins and multiples! 

National Twins Day – What It Is & When It Is Observed

December 18 is a special day set aside to celebrate the unique connection and phenomenon of twins and other multiples.

Twins celebrate this day by spending time with their twin or families, and friends celebrate it by making it a special day for the twins in their life. 

National Twins Day vs. Twinsburg Ohio Festival

National Twins Day, which is celebrated on December 18, is not the same thing as the Twins Days Festival that takes place in Twinsburg, Ohio each year in August.

The festival was inspired by a pair of twins, Moses and Aaron Wilcox. In 1819, the Wilcox twins donated six acres of land to the town of Millsville, Ohio, and the town was renamed Twinsburg.

In 1976, the town of Twinsburg began hosting an annual festival for twins. Only 36 sets of twins attended the first festival; however, now thousands of twins attend each year to celebrate together in this massive event.

The Twinsburg Ohio festival happens every year and is a weekend full of celebrations, activities, tournaments, and fun. You can see this year’s festival itinerary and activities at the Twins Day Festival website.

The Twinsburg Festival does not take place on National Twins Day, however. National Twins Day is a separate holiday set aside for global recognition and celebration of twins and other multiples.

National Twins Day is a day for families and individuals to hold their own celebration for the twins in their lives! 

International Twins Day

National Twins Day, which is celebrated on December 18, gained global acceptance and recognition in 2019.

Therefore, it is a special day dedicated to celebrating twins from all nations throughout the world.

There is no information leading us to believe that there is a separate International Twins Day. 

Where Is the Twins Days Festival Held? 

The Twins Days Festival is always held in Twinsburg, Ohio. 

Are Fraternal Twins Allowed at the Twinsburg Ohio Festival?

There are many non-identical twins who attend the festival. There are also triplets and quadruplets in attendance. The festival is for all multiple-birth siblings!

Is Twins Days Only for Twins?

While twins are encouraged to register, the festival is open to the public! It is meant to be a time of fun and gathering where families can celebrate the special twins in their lives! Parents, siblings, other family members, and friends are all welcome.

Is Twins Days Festival Only for Children?

The attendees range from newborns to those in their 80s and even 90s! There are plenty of activities to fit all different ages, and it has become an event that kids and adults alike look forward to attending each year. 

How Many People Attend Twins Days?

This massive event usually attracts thousands of sets of twins over the course of the weekend. Attendance is estimated to be between 20,000 and 30,000 every year.

How Long Does Twins Days Last?

Twins Days is always on the first full weekend in August. This is the first weekend when Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all in August. Each day is jam-packed with activities lasting from morning to night. 

Twins Days Events

There are several big events throughout the weekend just for twins! These events are fun for the public to watch and allow twins and multiples to make memories and interact with other sets of twins. 

Double Take Parade

The Festival kicks off with its Double Take Parade. Parade floats and walking twins make their way down the main street of Twinsburg, and spectators enjoy watching the costumes, musicians, and floats. 

Twin Volleyball Tournament

Each year, there is a volleyball tournament for the twins and multiples to compete against each other. 

Twins Talent Show

There is also a talent show each year at the festival for twins to participate in.

Twins Contests

Each year, there are several different contests for twins to participate in such as Most Alike and Least Alike. 

Twins Days Festival Activities

Twins Days is more than just a gathering of twins! It is a time for fun and memories! Over the course of the weekend, there are several different activities for twins and their families to participate in. 

  • Cornhole tournament
  • 5k Run and Fun Walk
  • Royal Court
  • Golf Tournament
  • Hot Dog Roast and Raffle
  • Arts and Crafts booths
  • Music and live entertainment
  • Games/rides for kids
  • Beer tent for adults
  • Food court

Twin Day Rules

Aside from having fun, there really aren’t too many rules for the festival. To enter, you must be registered or pay admission at the gate.

The festival is meant for families; therefore, attendees are encouraged to help maintain a family-friendly and appropriate environment. 

Twins Day 2023 Theme 

Each year, the Festival has a fun, unique theme that is usually twin-related. This year’s theme is “Shiver me TWINbers!” You can bet there will be lots of pirates and parrots at this year’s festival. 

Do You Have To Register for the Twins Days Festival?

No, you do not have to register. Paying $5 admission at the gate is always an option. 

Registration Fee

Twins are encouraged to register as the registration fee gives them two souvenir programs and the opportunity to participate in the parade, the Twins Talent show, and/or the contests. The total cost for one twin is $23, so it’s $46 for a set. 

Are Pets Welcome at Twins Days Festival?

Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds; however, trained service animals are permitted. 


Doesn’t that sound like fun?! I can’t wait to bring my twins one day. The Twins Day festival is a wonderful way to celebrate twins and makes being a twin that much more special and enjoyable.