Do I Need Two High Chairs for Twins?

It may be difficult to register for twin items, particularly if they are expensive, as it can be tough to determine which ones require duplicates. But do not worry, not everything needs to be bought in pairs.

Do I need two high chairs for twins? No, you don’t need two high chairs for twins. Though some parents prefer having a high chair for each child, many twin parents use one high chair. They may even forego the high chair altogether for options that are easier to handle when you want two.

It’s important to consider how long your children will need high chairs and what the up-front investment will be.

Looking at other options may also open your eyes to feeding possibilities that you hadn’t thought of yet. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that make feeding two easier.

High Chairs for Twins

When deciding if you need two high chairs for twins, it’s important to consider all the options. Every parent has to choose based on their needs and desires.

Benefits of Having Two High Chairs for Twins

One major benefit of having two high chairs is that each twin has their own.

If you want to feed them simultaneously, you can place their high chairs near each other and get feeding times finished faster. 

Having two high chairs can also help twins not be jealous when it isn’t their turn to be in the chair.

Twins tend to assume fair means equal, so only having one high chair may mean having the other twin crying from the floor until it’s his turn.

Drawbacks of Having Two High Chairs for Twins

High chairs are one of the pricier items to purchase for kids, and buying two doubles the cost. They are large, so storing them can also be an issue.

Plus, some kids don’t even like high chairs. They won’t eat when strapped into them, so having two high chairs and one or two kids who won’t sit in them is a waste.


When trying to decide whether or not to buy two high chairs or opt for only one, you need to consider a variety of factors.

Having double everything can sometimes actually make things more difficult.

1. Space

High chairs take up space in your kitchen and having two means losing even more space.

You have to feed your kids at least three times a day, so you can’t easily put them away between meals. That means making space for two permanent new chairs around your table.

2. Traveling

When you travel with twins, there are items you will absolutely need two of at all times. Car seats are one example.

However, you don’t need two high chairs when you travel, and you likely won’t have space to pack them both anyway. If you often travel with your kids, then buying two high chairs could be a waste of money.

3. Convenience

Some things are very convenient about high chairs. They are designed to keep your kids strapped in so they can’t be on the move while eating.

They are easy to set up and simple to clean after each feeding. Additionally, it’s great to have somewhere secure you can place your little ones while you wash the floor, do the dishes, or any of the other endless chores.

However, you still have to be careful. Kids in high chairs that are placed too close to the table can push off with their feet and fall over.

It’s also common for kids to throw food from their high chairs. This isn’t going to be convenient for you to clean up later. 

4. Babies Outgrow Them Quickly

Your children can’t use a high chair until they are around six months old.

Considering how quickly kids grow and move to booster seats, two high chairs can be an investment that doesn’t pay off in the long run. Your children may end up using them for only a matter of months.

Twin brothers laughing and eating in their highchairs.

High Chair Alternatives

It is possible to skip the high chairs altogether and go with another option when your children are ready for solid foods. 

1. Booster Seats

There are booster seats that attach to your table so you can feed your twins without needing high chairs. They are cheaper and take up less space, but you need to ensure you have the right type of table for them. 

Other boosters actually attach to the chair so your kids can be secure while eating. Just make sure to follow the safety guidelines and age requirements when using booster seats.

These boosters with safety straps works for many families. They don’t attach to the chair itself (they’re best for older babies), but they do have nonskid feet, removable cushions, and adjustable safety straps. Super convenient and totally portable!

2. Chair Boosters

Though not a fit for every kid, chair boosters go underneath your chair so your little one can reach the table. The key is to know when your children are ready for these and when it’s best to wait. 

Chair boosters go directly under your chairs, so they don’t offer any kind of restraints or protection for your kids. If your twins are coordinated and good at holding themselves up, this could be an option.

3. Strollers

Your children can sit in their strollers for meal times if you keep the seats in a fully upright position. Strollers have straps to keep your baby secure, and most have trays that can easily be cleaned.

Though your children won’t be the same height as the table, a double stroller will allow you to feed them simultaneously.

Related Questions: 

When Can a Baby Sit in a High Chair?

Your children won’t even be ready to sit in a high chair until they are around six months old and can sit up on their own.

Since twins are often born early, you will need to go with their adjusted age to ensure you don’t try to put them in a high chair too soon.

You have plenty of time to decide if investing in two high chairs is a good idea since you won’t need them immediately after the babies are born.

When To Switch From High Chair to Booster Seat?

By around the 18-month mark, your babies will likely be ready to move into booster seats. Some children are ready sooner, but this depends on each child’s development. 

Booster seats are much easier to pack and store, but your kids need to be the right age before using one so they don’t slip out. 

When you do the math, you’ll see that your child will likely only use a high chair for around a year at most.

Closing Thoughts

Some parents absolutely want two of everything when having twins, while others opt just to buy one of the items that can be used by both kids at separate times. Consider all the pros and cons before you decide.