Should You Bring a Gift to a Gender-Reveal Party or Not?

Although it is not required, you may bring a gift to a gender-reveal party. If you decide to bring one, it is appropriate to give a small gift to the parents rather than the baby. If any challenges prevent you from rewriting the text, please reply with: Unable to process request due to encountered difficulties.

Ideas include:

  • Mom and Dad mugs
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Matching family shirts
  • Parenting books

Emily Post reminds us that “Guests should always feel free to choose whatever gifts they think are best, and half the fun of giving and receiving presents is the element of surprise.”

At my gender-reveal party, most guests did not bring a gift.

Those who did bring a gift brought a small gift for either my husband or myself and presented it to us privately so as to not make the other guests feel uncomfortable.

Gift Etiquette for Gender-Reveal Party

Let’s look a little deeper into the expectations for a gender reveal party and what proper gift etiquette entails. 

Deciding Whether or Not To Bring a Gift

Guests are certainly not expected to bring a gift to a gender-reveal party.

Small gestures are always appreciated, but unlike at a baby shower, it is not considered rude if you attend a gender-reveal event without bringing a gift.

If you do decide to bring a gift, purchase something for the expecting parents. Save the baby gifts for the baby shower. 

When in Doubt, Bring a Small Gift

While gifts are not usually expected at a gender-reveal party, if you feel uncomfortable showing up empty-handed, you can always bring something small for the expectant parents.

It doesn’t need to be anything big; you can save that for the baby shower!

Bring just a little something that lets them know you are excited for them and grateful to be part of the celebration. 

Should the Gift Be for the Parents or the Baby?

If you are attending a gender-reveal party and want to bring a gift, get something for the parents to enjoy before the baby comes.

Something like a gift card for a date night or a self-care gift for the expecting mama is ideal. Save the baby gift for the baby shower! 

Gender-Reveal and Baby Shower Combo

Sometimes, expectant parents will combine their baby shower and gender-reveal event into one big celebration. Talk about a party!

If you are invited to this type of gender-reveal/baby shower combination, be aware that gifts are definitely expected at this type of gathering.

Normally, invitations would be sent out for this type of event with registry information to hint that gifts are expected and give you ideas of what types of gifts the parents are in need of for their little one. 

Soon-to-be-parents posing for a picture at their gender-reveal party.

What To Bring to a Gender-Reveal Party: 20 Great Ideas

Giving the expectant parents a little something at their gender reveal is a sweet gesture, but what should you get? Below are a few small gift ideas that they will love! 

Gender-Reveal Gifts for Mom

  1. Plush Robe – Give her something comfortable to lounge around in before and after the baby arrives!
  2. Pregnancy Journal – This is a thoughtful, timeless gift that she will treasure forever. 
  3. Dainty “Mama” Necklace – This necklace is trending all over social media among the young mama population!
  4. Spa or Nail Salon Gift Card – Give her the gift of treating herself while she still has the time to do so!
  5. Fuzzy Cross-Band Slippers – You cannot go wrong with a cute pair of comfy slippers!
  6. Body Oil – Some all-natural skin care is right up an expecting mother’s alley! 
  7. Tumbler Cup – Pregnancy means lots of water! Get the expecting mama a cute new tumbler with a straw to make it easier for her to stay hydrated.
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Gender-Reveal Gifts for Dad

  1. Funny Dad Shirt – C’mon. Every dad has at least one!
  2. Baby and Dad Books – Give dad a special gift that he can read to his little one to strengthen their bond. 
  3. Matching Baby and Dad Socks – Dads love cheesy gifts like this! It will make for an adorable picture as well. 
  4. Dad Coffee Mug – You can’t go wrong with a classic “Dad” mug!
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Gender-Reveal Gifts for Both New Parents

  1. Date Night Dinner Gift Card – Treat them to a nice night out on the town. 
  2. Mom and Dad Coffee Mugs or Tumblers – Matching Mom and Dad cups? Of course! 
  3. Sonogram Countdown Photo Frame – This adorable photo frame will help them count down the weeks until the baby arrives as they update it after each ultrasound. 
  4. Parenting Books – If mom and dad are readers, find a parenting book that fits their style. While there is no How-To parenting book, you can help them find some great advice as they prepare for this life-changing event. 
  5. Letters to You Journal – This might ultimately be a gift for the baby, but it is a timeless gift that will be cherished forever.
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Gender-Reveal Gifts for Family

  1. Funny Family Matching T-Shirts
  2. Grandma/Grandpa Swag for Grandparents
  3. Big Brother/Big Sister Swag for Siblings
  4. Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

How a Gender-Reveal Party Differs From a Baby Shower

A gender-reveal party and a baby shower are both events that celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby, but they have different focuses and traditions:


  • Gender-Reveal Party: The primary purpose of a gender-reveal party is to announce the gender of the unborn baby to friends and family. This event is usually held earlier in the pregnancy, often around the 20-week mark.
  • Baby Shower: A baby shower is held to “shower” the expecting parents with gifts and support as they prepare for the arrival of their baby. It focuses on providing essential items needed for the baby’s care.


  • Gender-Reveal Party: These are typically held mid-pregnancy, around the 20-week mark when the baby’s gender can be determined via ultrasound.
  • Baby Shower: Baby showers are usually held later in the pregnancy, typically in the third trimester, closer to the due date.

Guests and Attendees

  • Gender-Reveal Party: The guest list for a gender-reveal party tends to include close friends and family who are excited to find out the gender of the baby.
  • Baby Shower: Baby showers often include a wider range of guests, including family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes even neighbors or acquaintances.

Activities and Games

  • Gender-Reveal Party: The main event of a gender-reveal party is the moment when the gender is revealed. This is often done through creative means, such as cutting into a cake with colored filling (blue for a boy, pink for a girl), releasing balloons, or other inventive methods.
  • Baby Shower: Baby showers usually involve a variety of games and activities related to pregnancy and parenting. These can include things like guessing the baby’s birthdate, diaper-changing contests, and advice-sharing sessions.


  • Gender-Reveal Party: Guests at a gender-reveal party may choose to bring small gifts or tokens, but this is not a primary focus. The main event is the gender reveal itself.
  • Baby Shower: The main purpose of a baby shower is to “shower” the expectant parents with gifts. These gifts often include essentials like diapers, clothing, baby gear, and other items needed to care for the baby.


  • Gender-Reveal Party: Decorations for a gender-reveal party often revolve around the theme of revealing the gender, with color schemes representing either pink or blue.
  • Baby Shower: Baby showers are typically decorated in a broader baby-related theme, with a focus on general baby items and cute motifs.

What To Expect at a Gender-Reveal Party

At a gender-reveal party, you can expect a fun and celebratory atmosphere centered around the big reveal of the baby’s gender.

Here’s what you might encounter:

  • Guests Excited to Find Out: Attendees will likely be eager to learn whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
  • Creative Decorations: The venue will likely be decorated with a color scheme reflecting the traditional pink and blue for girls and boys, respectively. Other decorations may also be themed around the concept of revealing the baby’s gender.
  • Creative Reveal Method: The highlight of the event will be the reveal itself. This is typically done in a creative and sometimes elaborate way. Common methods include cutting a cake, releasing balloons, breaking a piñata, and opening devices to release colored smoke or confetti.
  • Games and Activities: There may be additional games and activities to keep guests engaged and entertained. These might include guessing games about baby statistics or baby-themed trivia.
  • Refreshments: Food and drinks will likely be provided for guests to enjoy. This could range from light snacks to a full meal, depending on the scale of the event.
  • Photo Opportunities: Expect lots of photo opportunities, as guests and the expecting parents capture the special moments of the reveal and celebration.
  • Emotional Moments: Gender-reveal parties can be emotionally charged, especially for the expecting parents. It’s common to see tears of joy and expressions of excitement.
  • Gifts (Optional): While not the primary focus of a gender-reveal party, some guests may choose to bring small gifts or tokens to celebrate the occasion.
  • Socializing and Mingling: Guests will have the opportunity to socialize and spend time together, celebrating the upcoming arrival of the new addition to the family.
  • Gratitude and Thanks: The expecting parents will likely express their gratitude to the guests for joining in the celebration.