What Do Twins Symbolize? Traditions, Mythology, and Dreams

Throughout time and in various places, people have assigned great importance to nearly every aspect of life.

Oftentimes, various cultures have decided that certain occurrences in life are a symbol for a grander message or purpose. This has included twins.

So, what do twins symbolize? Twins have long been associated with duality, harmony, joy, good luck, and the idea of perfect balance. Stories of twins abound in mythology, cultural storytelling, and the Bible. In some cases, such as dreams, twins are associated with inner turmoil or conflict.

Keep reading to discover how generations across the world have handled symbolism and meaning when it comes to twins.

Symbolism of Twins

Are you ready? Let’s travel across time and space to examine the different types of symbolism related to twins. We’ll start with…

Traditional Twin Symbolism

One traditional set of symbols many people still pay attention to today are zodiac signs. (What’s your sign? Do you know?)

Astrologers have assigned the Gemini symbol for twins. It depicts twins Castor and Pollux. (A small part of your brain may be lighting up in hazy recognition. You’re thinking of the characters from the hit movie Face/Off. You’re welcome.) 

Anyway, people born between May 21 and June 21 are known as Geminis and are said to have duality in their personalities. Were you born between these dates or know someone who has? Do you see the duality?

Twins in Mythology

Speaking of Castor and Pollux, these are twin half-brothers in both Greek and Roman mythology. As the legend goes, Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his own immortality with Castor so they could be together always.

They were then transformed into the constellation Gemini.

Twin Symbolism in Dreams

Have you been dreaming of twins lately? According to dream experts, it’s related to a special bond you wish to create for others.

Look inward. Does that illuminate something for you? Experts have dug even further, when do you dream of twins…

  • Laughing: It signifies good luck with your business.
  • Fighting: You need to decide something or are in a dispute.
  • Crying: You are uncomfortable with something you need to do.

…And when you have a twin yourself in your dream (but not in reality), it means you need to really see yourself. Examine who you are and what is going on inside.

Western Cultures

In early modern Europe, twins were used for dramatic purposes. Stories of twins were used as a device for storytelling.

Whether cases of mistaken identity or political domination, the potential for stories for humanity to examine itself was always endless.

Eastern Cultures

An example of looking for meaning with twins in the East is the Hehe Erxian laughing twins, symbolizing harmony and joy.

They continue to play a significant role within numerous Chinese weddings and celebrations, where they’re believed to be the bringers of good luck.

Native American Cultures

Their twin symbol is meant to illustrate perfect balance. Taking this a bit further, twins appeared in Native American creation stories.

Some tribes shared stories of sets of twins that were one part hero and the other trickster. Sometimes, they were opposing forces of both good and evil. 

What Do Twins Symbolize in the Bible?

The Bible features twins quite a bit. These stories can be used to offer important life lessons, including how God redeems all and that blessings are not without struggle.

If you are a Christian, have you spoken to others in your church about these lessons? Has your pastor touched on it? Perhaps you could mention this as an idea for a future sermon!

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Twins?

The faces of beautiful adult twin sisters.

According to sunsigns.org, twins mean good fortune!

It’s here the author states:

“Twins symbolic meaning signifies that your family will be full of blessings for the good work you are doing towards your community and friends. In other words, sharing and understanding are part of your good qualities that brought the presence of twins into your family.

More so, it is an indication that you will be at peace because you have such a great blessing in your life. Basically, it is now time to concentrate more on your family and make them happy.”

Are Twins Considered Good Luck?

According to the Yoruba people of western Nigeria, the answer is yes!

They were profiled in The Los Angeles Times, where the article reads in part:

“What is not in doubt is the exceptional standing of twins in Yoruba land. They are regarded as bearers of happiness, good luck and riches for their parents, but also as familiars of the gods, with extraordinary powers for good and evil.”

Do Twins Have Spiritual Powers?

In some places of the world, people believe this. According to The Washington Post, twins are believed to have spiritual powers in some parts of West Africa, and many people will seek them out for blessings.  

Related Questions:

What Flower Symbolizes Twins?

The specific answer is Linnaea borealis. Perhaps you’ve heard of it by another name: It’s more commonly known as the American Twinflower. According to wildflower.org:

“These groups of slender, woody stems bear glossy, bright, evergreen leaves arranged in pairs. The delicately fragrant flowers are pinkish, bell-shaped and in nodding pairs at the end of 4-6 in. stalks.

A low, delicate, matted evergreen plant with trailing stems having short, upright branches, each terminated by 2 pinkish-white, nodding bell-shaped flowers. Stems hairy.”

Can Twins Communicate Telepathically?

Your first response to this may be a chuckle and obvious “no.” Seems silly, right? Unless you’re a twin and or know a set.

Twins have often reported feelings of a deeper mental connection with each other than most people experience. For example, even when separated, one can sense distress or danger for another.

While there is no conclusive, evidence-based data that can point to twins having telepathy, there must be something to those experiences between twins. Will a full answer ever be discovered? We can only hope.


Having children, including twins no less, can sometimes cause us to look at these situations and search for some hidden, deeper meaning.

Whether that’s looking back on history or across other cultures… or even just exploring your own feelings and dreams, there’s a lot to go through.

What does having twins mean to you? What symbolism do you see in the images of twins? Is there a particular culture that resonates with you?

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