When To Announce Twin Pregnancy: 7 Things To Consider First

Congratulations on the exciting news that you’re expecting twins! As a fellow mother, I understand that the next few months may seem overwhelming.

Seeking advice on the milestones of your pregnancy is a substantial first step. Breaking your journey down into clear, concise pieces can make the process seem less overwhelming. 

When should you announce a twin pregnancy?

While some parents share the news immediately, many others choose to celebrate privately until a milestone, such as the detection of heartbeats or the completion of the first trimester, is reached. In the case of high-risk pregnancy, parents may wish to delay the announcement further.

The following considerations are critical in deciding the best time to announce a pregnancy. These elements will give you the knowledge and confidence to make a decision you feel secure in. 

Twin Pregnancy Announcement – Considerations

While choosing to spill the beans right away is an option, there are other paths to contemplate.

1. “Safe” Milestone 

The reluctance to announce until certain fetal milestones are reached can be attributed to the fear of early loss. With 10-15% of known pregnancies ending in miscarriage, this option can help resolve worry.

During the first prenatal appointment, blood work, doppler monitoring, and an ultrasound are typically performed.

For some, these early tests are enough of an indication that things are moving in the right direction to share the news with their support system.

Others may prefer to wait until the probability of miscarriage decreases significantly at 12 weeks.

2. Family, Extended Family, Friends, Coworkers 

There are many family dynamics to consider, but breaking the news to your partner first is vital. This allows a space to communicate your feelings about the pregnancy and determine a course of action.

Whom you talk to next should be based on their capability to physically, emotionally, or spiritually support you through the delights and challenges of twin pregnancy.

Studies show that pregnancy deeply impacts your mental health, and the people you tell will be the ones you rely on the most. 

3. Time To Savor the Joy Privately 

Many women attest to the pleasure they found in keeping their pregnancy a secret. After announcing, you’ll be met with a barrage of attention. While people have good intentions, the influx of “help” can be overwhelming.

For this reason, some couples wait to announce until they’ve had enough time to relish in their secret alone. 

4. High-Risk Pregnancy 

Hesitancy to announce due to the risky nature of twin pregnancy is common. After all, not all twin pregnancies are created equally. Fetal viability is highly dependent upon what type of pregnancy you’re experiencing. 

According to Dr. Amos Grunebaum, there are multiple types of twin pregnancies.

Dizygotic (fraternal) twins occur when two eggs are fertilized by two sperm. This type of pregnancy poses the least threat of loss because each fetus has its own set of membranes and placenta.

Monozygotic (identical) twins occur when one egg is fertilized by one sperm and then splits. The timing of when the fertilized egg divides determines which critical parts – the chorion membrane, the amnion membrane, or the placenta – are shared.

Fetal sharing of one or more of these components poses a higher risk of pregnancy complications. 

While some complications are rare, it’s important to understand how common difficulties can affect your well-being during pregnancy.

Try to identify what kind of support you would need to cope, and make an effort to factor it into your decision of when to announce. 

5. Vanishing Twin Syndrome 

Weighing the probability of loss is grueling, especially since not all risks share the same timeline.

One risk that continues throughout pregnancy is Vanishing Twin Syndrome. According to the American Pregnancy Association, this is the result in 21-30% of multifetal pregnancies.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome is diagnosed when a miscarriage occurs and the fetus is absorbed into its environment. This diagnosis can have heartbreaking repercussions, and your support system may be needed.

6. Social Media 

The question of whether to announce your twin pregnancy on social media is bound to cross your mind.

Social-media pregnancy announcements have become a commonplace practice, but there are some topics to contemplate before you choose to do so. 

1. Consider telling your support system before making it public. 

2. Have empathy in your wording for those who struggle with infertility. 

3. Understand your personal reaction to potential social-media feedback.

7. Right Place and Time 

As excited as you are to talk about the twins, it’s important to gauge the environment. Announcing at a wedding, birthday, holiday, funeral, or event dedicated to another purpose may not be in your best interest.

Consider the response you want, and weigh that against the potential response you’d receive at one of these events. Determining the right place and time to share your twins’ news will help achieve a low-stress environment. 

Twin Pregnancy Announcement Ideas 

Twin announcement on chalkboard

This is the first of several exciting events in your pregnancy! Your announcement is where your style and creativity get their moment in the spotlight. 

  • Host a Movie Night – Invite your friends and family over to watch a themed movie, such as What to Expect When You’re Expecting. 
  • Spell It Out – Host a game night and spell it out for your friends and family on the Scrabble board. 
  • A Sweet Reveal – Order or bake baby-themed frosted sugar cookies to pass out. 
  • Baby Invasion – Turn this practical joke into a game by hiding tiny plastic babies around your house for your partner and/or other children to find.

Related Questions: 

Is 8 Weeks Too Soon To Announce Pregnancy? 

No! There is no set timeline of when to announce a pregnancy. When parents feel comfortable sharing their news depends on a variety of factors unique to that couple. 

Should You Announce Pregnancy on Social Media? 

Maybe! Announcing on social media is common in the digital age, but as with any announcement style, there are things to consider.

What Other Moms Said About Announcing Their Twin Pregnancy

“We did it [announced] in stages. We told a select few people as soon as we found out we were pregnant. Then we told our bosses after our first ultrasound. I told coworkers around 12 weeks because it was getting obvious. We told extended family around 14 weeks and did a social media blast around 16 weeks.” – Jennie S

“We told our immediate family at like 8 weeks, we had been doing fertility treatments and were so excited to share so we just waited until after our first ultrasound. I also shared the news with my best friend. Then we announced on Facebook at 14 weeks😊.” – Kaitlyn B

“We told nobody until about 15 weeks and then didn’t announce publicly until 20 weeks. I showed early, too, with it being my third pregnancy. But I just wore loose clothing.” – Brandie C

“I told everyone soon because my daughter couldn’t keep a secret. She told everyone at church the next day. But didn’t know it was twins until 16 weeks so it was announced separately.” – Heather B 

That’s A Wrap 

The considerations of a twin pregnancy announcement are vast and personal, but the goal of every announcement should be to have a positive experience.

Determining when to share this life-changing news is determined by the priorities of the couple.