Yams for Twins: Myth or Fact? (And Other Foods To Try)

What is the recommended amount of yams to eat in order to increase the chances of conceiving twins?

While there is no specific amount of yams you need to eat to conceive twins, making them a part of your diet regularly really could increase your chances of multiples.

Eat them daily when you are trying to conceive, and track your cycle to make sure you are eating them when it’s time to ovulate.

Why yams? There is a lot to know to fully understand how this food can make you a twin mom.

Yams and Fertility

If you really want to improve your chances of having twins, eating yams is not a bad idea.

It’s worth noting that yams increase your chances of having fraternal twins, not identical twins.

Yams can cause hyperovulation, meaning more than one egg is released at a time.

Since identical twins come from one egg, yams have no impact on you conceiving identicals. 

What Is a Yam?

You can’t just grab something labeled as a yam in a grocery store and assume it will up your chances of twins.

You have to find a real yam, and that might mean a trip to an African or Asian food store.

The yams in the States are simply a second form of sweet potatoes and don’t affect fertility.

Real yams are not the sweet orange foods you are likely used to seeing. True yams are actually brown or black on the outside.

The insides may be purple, red, or off-white, and real yams don’t taste like American yams or sweet potatoes.

Yam Benefits for Fertility

The secret behind the power of yams to cause a twin pregnancy is due to a natural hormone they contain.

Phytoestrogen increases your chances of hyperovulation.

Hyperovulation means more than one egg is released when you ovulate, and this can result in twins.

Do Yams Cause Twins?

Yams don’t necessarily cause twins, but they can increase a woman’s chance of experiencing hyperovulation.

If more than one egg is released and both are fertilized, then a twin pregnancy can occur.

When To Eat Yams for Fertility

If you want to use yams to up your chances of becoming pregnant, make sure you eat them when you are trying to conceive.

Know when you ovulate, and make sure yams are a part of your daily diet during this time. 

Yams vs. Cassava

Yams and cassava are very similar. They are healthy dietary choices that can both increase your chances of having twins.

Cassava is higher in calories and sugar, and it contains fewer vitamins than yams.

Yam vs. Taro

Taro has more nutrients than yams and has less sugar. However, it has not been identified as a food that increases your chance of having twins. 

What Are the Chances of Having Twins?

There is a one in 250 chance that you will spontaneously conceive twins. 

What To Eat To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Eating a certain diet doesn’t guarantee you will get pregnant with twins.

However, there is evidence that shows certain foods may at least increase your chances.

Foods That Cause Hyperovulation

Yams are not the only food that can stimulate hyperovulation.

If you really want to have twins, increase your chances by incorporating certain foods into your diet when you’re trying to conceive.

Some foods that cause hyperovulation include tofu, whole wheat, and foods high in folic acid, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and leafy greens.

Herbs That Cause Hyperovulation

It’s extremely important for you to tell your doctor or midwife what herbs you are on while you are trying to conceive.

While some can increase your chance of having twins, others may not be safe.

Evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, and chaste tree berries can help with overall fertility.

These supplements also have the added benefit of making it more likely you will hyperovulate.

Talk to your doctor about what dosage to take, and make sure to use them while you are trying to conceive. 

Dairy Products To Increase Fertility

You don’t have to give up dairy when you’re trying to conceive.

In fact, unless you are allergic or have been advised by a doctor to get off of dairy, you should keep full-fat dairy products in your diet.

Studies show that women who had dairy in their diets were less likely to have issues with ovulation.

They ovulated more regularly, and this definitely increases your chances of becoming pregnant.

You are also five times more likely to conceive twins if you consume dairy routinely.

Supplements To Increase Chances of Having Twins

Certain supplements can also trigger hyperovulation, and you should be taking some of them when you are trying to conceive anyway.

Folic acid can help you hyperovulate. Start taking it before you want to get pregnant, and continue throughout your pregnancy.

Your doctor may ask you to increase how much you take once you are pregnant.

What Are the Chances of Having Twins After 35?

Your chances of having twins after 35 are higher than when you’re younger, but the exact chances aren’t easy to document.

Some women conceive twins when they are older because their bodies are releasing more eggs as they prepare for menopause.

Others are undergoing fertility treatment, so the odds are higher that they will have twins.

Why Does Breastfeeding Increase Chance of Twins?

If you’re breastfeeding when you become pregnant, know that you are nine times more likely to conceive twins than someone who is not.

Your IGF levels stay high so your body will produce milk that your child needs. This means you’re also more likely to release two eggs instead of one.