Baby Sleeping in a MamaRoo: When It’s Safe & When It’s Not

For a busy mama, a bouncer, swing, or rocker can be a lifesaver. The MamaRoo Swing has become that lifesaver for many new moms out there, and many babies love its soothing motions.

However, just like all baby products, it is important to use them safely and correctly. 

Can baby sleep in MamaRoo? Babies are often so soothed by the MamaRoo that they fall asleep; however, the MamaRoo baby swings and rockers, like other bouncers and swings, are not designed for baby sleep or unsupervised use. The bassinet, made by the same company, is considered safe for sleeping.

Just because your baby can’t sleep in the swing doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot of good things to offer.

Let’s take a look at the MamaRoo swing as well as other great MamaRoo products and see what makes them different from other baby products on the market. 

MamaRoo Products 

While the MamaRoo swing is their most popular and is typically referred to as “The MamaRoo,” the MamaRoo brand has several other wonderful products worth exploring. 

What Is a Mamaroo?

The Mamaroo is a highly upgraded version of a baby swing that offers multiple motions and speeds. It is a swing, bouncer, and rocker all in one that is designed to mimic the way mom or dad would hold and rock their baby.

It achieves this through five different pattern settings: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and wave. Each setting can be set to different speeds as well depending on the needs of your little one. 

MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

The MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is designed to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep longer with its natural bounce and soothing sway motions. 

MamaRoo Breeze Go

The Breeze Go is a playard, or pack-n-play, that you can take with you when you travel or even move around in different rooms of your home as a safe space for your little one.

Unlike other playards that are chunky, cumbersome, and difficult to assemble, the Breeze Go is said to be effortless. It is easy to set up and take down, making it more convenient for busy parents. 

MamaRoo Breeze Plus

The Breeze Plus is a playard, just like the Breeze Go, but it has a bassinet and a changing table built in as well making it an all-in-one care station. 

MamaRoo Multi Motion Baby Swing

The Multimotion Baby Swing is the most popular Mamaroo product.

It is designed to move your baby the way you would, offering the most comfort for your little one. It is a swing that has five different movement settings that mimic natural motions and can be tailored to your baby’s likes/needs. 

MamaRoo Multi Motion Baby Swing With Strap Fastener

After the Multimotion Baby Swing was recalled in August 2022, Mamaroo made updates to the product to include a strap fastener.

This secures the straps in place and removes any potential hazards. With the Baby Swing With Strap Fastener, you can check off your to-do list knowing that your baby is safe and secure. 

RockaRoo Baby Rocker

This is one of MamaRoo’s more simple rockers, but it works like a charm. The RockaRoo Rocker glides from front to back and has five speed settings to choose from. 

What Is the Point of a MamaRoo?

The MamaRoo, just like any other bouncer or swing, was created with mama and baby in mind.

Sometimes mama’s arms need a break, and she needs a safe space to place her baby while she tends to other things.

The MamaRoo is designed to be that safe space while also offering the utmost comfort and natural soothing techniques to keep little ones happy when they are put down. 

Are MamaRoos Safe?

After a voluntary recall in August 2022, MamaRoo made several updates to their products making them even safer than they were before. Now, the MamaRoo is one of the safest products on the market when used correctly. 

Is MamaRoo Safe for Newborns?

MamaRoo products are safe for newborns. Newborns can be placed in the swing or rocker and should be strapped in. The bassinet and playard are also safe for newborns as they are made of breathable material.

Like other baby containers, MamaRoo products should be used correctly, and babies should not be left unsupervised while placed in a MamaRoo product. 

MamaRoo Age Limit

The rockers and swings should no longer be used once your baby attempts to crawl out of them, usually around 9 months. 

MamaRoo Weight Limit

The rockers and swings have a weight limit of 20-25 pounds depending on the product. The playard can be used for babies up to 30 pounds. 

MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

MamaRoo offers a high-quality bassinet that many moms and babies adore. With its natural motion mimicking movement patterns and various speeds, it is unmatched when it comes to the comfort that it offers for your little one. 

How Long Can You Use the MamaRoo Bassinet?

Typically, you will use a bassinet until your little one grows out of it and/or is able to push up on their hands or knees. This is generally around 6 months or so. 

MamaRoo Bassinet Weight Limit

The bassinet has a weight limit of 25 pounds. 

MamaRoo Bassinet Age Limit

There is no age limit for the bassinet, but it should not be used once your baby reaches 25 pounds or begins to push up on her hands or knees, whichever comes first. 

Can Baby Sleep in MamaRoo Overnight?

The MamaRoo Bassinet is designed for naps and overnight sleep. It is small and compact so that it can fit by a parent’s bedside. It is made of breathable material and has a firm, flat surface for safe sleep.

Can Baby Sleep in MamaRoo Every Night?

The bassinet can be used as a safe sleeping space every night from birth until the baby is ready to transition to a crib. 

MamaRoo Swing

With a 4.5/5 star rating, the MamaRoo Swing is very popular among this generation of moms and for good reason too! The swing is safe, is convenient, and has a lot to offer for both moms and babies. 

How Long Can You Use the MamaRoo Swing?

It is safe to use the MamaRoo swing as long as your baby is under 25 pounds and does not try to crawl out of it.

Once your baby reaches either of these milestones, it is no longer safe to use the swing. Most moms will get about 9 months of use out of the MamaRoo swing. 

MamaRoo Swing Age Limit

There is no set age limit for the swing; it depends on your child’s mobility. Once your baby tries to crawl out of the swing, it is no longer safe to use. 

MamaRoo Swing Weight Limit

The swing has a weight limit of 25 pounds. 

MamaRoo Position for Newborns

MamaRoo does offer a newborn insert that provides more support for newborns in the swing, but it is not required.

Newborns should be strapped into the swing using the 3-point harness, and the speed of the swing should not be on a very high setting. 

Can Baby Nap in MamaRoo Swing?

The swing is not designed or intended for sleep or unsupervised use. If your baby falls asleep in the swing, it is best to move her to a firm, flat surface for the remainder of her nap. 

Can Baby Stay in MamaRoo Swing Overnight?

While it may be tempting, the MamaRoo is not the safest place for your baby to sleep overnight. 

What if Baby Falls Asleep in MamaRoo Swing?

If your baby falls asleep in the swing, it is best to move her to her crib or bassinet. This is especially true if you will not be watching her the whole time while she is napping in the swing.

If you do not want to wake your baby, she needs to be supervised while sleeping in the swing as it is not intended for sleep. 

Closing Thoughts 

There are so many great baby products out there, and MamaRoo is certainly at the top of the list!

Whether you have a MamaRoo or are considering purchasing one, I hope you were able to find some answers and guidance as you read this article. Like most baby products, the MamaRoo is safe so long as it is used correctly and appropriately.