12 Ways To Buy a Pregnancy Test Without Being Embarrassed

To avoid feeling embarrassed, one can purchase a pregnancy test.

  • Use a self-checkout register
  • Order Stix pregnancy tests
  • Buy from Amazon
  • Shop out of town
  • Go to a pregnancy center
  • Have a friend buy it for you
  • Use a drive-through line
  • Order ahead for curbside pickup
  • Wear a face mask and hoodie
  • Shop late at night
  • Bring a friend along for support
  • Remember that most women go through this at some point

Whether you are hoping for a positive or negative result, you have options when it comes to buying a pregnancy test discreetly.

My preferred methods? Self-checkouts and curbside pickup.

How To Buy a Pregnancy Test Without Being Embarrassed

If you don’t want to walk in and announce your need for a pregnancy test, here are some discreet options.

1. Use a Self-Checkout Register

Self-checkout registers are great if you don’t want to show someone what you’re purchasing or make small talk about it.

Simply scan your own item, pay, and put it in a bag.

Unless there is an issue that a cashier needs to help you with, you can get out of the store without interacting with another person.

2. Order Stix Pregnancy Tests

Stix makes it easy to order pregnancy tests without the hassle.

No one has to know you purchased them, and they will arrive at your door discreetly packaged.

3. Buy From Amazon

Amazon offers an easy way for you to obtain pregnancy tests without ever leaving your home.

Just remember that if you share an Amazon account with someone else, they will be able to see your purchase history.

4. Shop Out of Town

If you live in a town small enough to run into people you know at the store, go to a different town to buy a pregnancy test.

Make sure you go somewhere far enough away that your neighbors won’t be shopping there as well.

5. Go To a Pregnancy Center

A pregnancy center can offer a discreet way for you to test and protect your privacy at the same time.

Find one near you if you want support and anonymity. 

6. Have a Friend Buy It for You

Do you have a reliable buddy that you trust with all your secrets? Send them to buy your pregnancy test.

You won’t even have to participate and will still get the item you need.

7. Use a Drive-Through Line

There are stores that will allow you to pick up pharmacy items through the drive-through line.

Since pregnancy tests are found in the pharmacy section, you can ask to have one given to you without getting out of your car.

No other customers will see you since you won’t have to set foot inside the store.

8. Order Ahead for Curbside Pickup

Many stores have the option of ordering your items in advance from home and then driving to the store for curbside pickup.

You’ll never even have to get out of the car, and the person loading your items into your car is likely not the same one who completed your order in the store.

9. Wear a Face Mask and Hoodie

Wearing a face mask is almost normal these days, so use that to your advantage.

Pull on a hoodie, wear a mask, and go get a pregnancy test. Just know that this type of disguise may earn you some looks.

10. Shop Late at Night

There aren’t usually as many people shopping at night as there are during the day, so take advantage of late hours to buy a pregnancy test.

Some stores are even open 24 hours a day, so go at a very odd hour when the rest of the world is sleeping.

11. Bring a Friend Along for Support

Sometimes simply having a friend by your side can make all the difference in how you feel. Bring a friend along to help you buy a pregnancy test.

The cashier won’t know if the test is for you or your friend, and you will likely feel less self-conscious with someone you know nearby.

12. Remember That Most Women Go Through This at Some Point

You are not alone. Though buying a pregnancy test can feel like an isolating experience, most women have to do it at some point in life.

Whether they are hoping to be pregnant or desperately seeking a negative result, most women have had to find a way to get a test to get their answer.

A pregnancy test and a red heart in a miniature shopping cart.

Types of Home Pregnancy Tests

Blood and urine tests are the two major types of pregnancy tests, but urine is the only one you can use at home.

Within that category, there are even more types.

Digital Pregnancy Tests

Digital pregnancy tests will often say “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant” so you don’t have to worry about looking for lines and wondering if they are too light to be positive.

Though they are a bit more pricey, some people like the simplicity of simply reading a word.

Line Tests

With line tests, you will get either one or two lines to tell you whether or not you are pregnant.

Read the directions carefully, and make sure to look at the results in the time window given.

Strip Tests

Much like line tests, when using strip tests, your urine will bring up a certain number of lines to tell you whether or not you are pregnant.

Most women dip the strips in urine after catching it in a cup.

There are some tests that are better than others. Here are a few that stand out for women.

First Response Rapid Result

Test the day you expect your period, and receive a 99% accurate result with First Response Rapid Result.

Simply look for two lines to confirm that you are pregnant.

Clear Blue Combo Pack

If you want to be very sure of your result, go for the Clear Blue Combo Pack.

Two tests will simply say “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant” while the other two will give you a positive or negative sign.

You can test more than once or on more than one day if the result is not what you expect.

Pregmate Test Strips

If you think you might be testing a lot, grab Pregmat Test Strips.

There are 40 in one package, and they will give you a simple, quick result without any extra flair.

Can a Minor Get a Pregnancy Test Without Parents?

Yes, a minor can get a pregnancy test without their parents.

There is no age restriction when it comes to buying a pregnancy test, and there is no identification required.

Do You Need To Show an ID To Buy a Pregnancy Test?

No, there is no identification required to buy a pregnancy test. They can be purchased over the counter without identification.