Can Twins Unlock Face ID? Here’s What You Should Know

Using Face ID has become a popular way to avoid the inconvenience of remembering passwords. However, for those who bear a strong resemblance to others, like twins, it is important to consider the security implications before opting for Face ID.

Can twins unlock face ID? The short answer is yes, twins may be able to unlock each other’s phones using Face ID. This has been a known flaw in the system since its inception, and recent experiments prove that it is still a problem. Even non-identical siblings may be able to unlock each other’s phones using Face ID.

While Face ID is a safe option for most people, twins may need to decide if it is the right choice for them. Identical twins, in particular, may face unique challenges when it comes to Face ID being secure.

Does Face ID Work With Twins? Factors That Affect Security

1. Type of Phone

Not all phones are created equally when it comes to Face ID. The Apple iPhone 13 is considered the best choice if you want the most secure features.

There are other smartphone options, but Apple iPhones have proven to be secure and to struggle with fewer glitches than other options. It’s best for twins to opt for the phone with the highest chance of success.

2. Identical or Fraternal Twins

Identical twins are obviously going to be the same gender and will likely look more alike than fraternal twins.

Though identical twins are a small part of the overall human population, it’s likely that Face ID will not be able to tell them apart. This makes it a less secure option for them.

Fraternal twins who are not the same gender shouldn’t have the same issue, but fraternal twins who look alike might.

A set of non-twin brothers born four years apart were able to trick Face ID, so it definitely could be possible for fraternal twins.

3. Defining Facial Features

One user said that Face ID could not tell who she was in the morning no matter what she tried.

Though Face ID is supposed to use math to map the defining features of the face, if your face swells in the morning or looks extremely different, then Face ID can have issues.

With twins, having the same facial features can mean Face ID can never tell you apart. Though there may be slight differences that someone who knows twins can see, Face ID likely won’t be able to if you are identical.

4. Lighting Conditions

Face ID is supposed to work in any lighting because it relies on infrared cameras. However, since Face ID has trouble telling the difference between identical twins, bad lighting could be an issue.

Can Face ID Tell Identical Twins Apart?

While it’s possible for Face ID to tell identical twins apart some of the time, it doesn’t always work. Many identical twin users have tested the system and found that Face ID lets their twin open their phone without hesitation.

This can happen even with non-twin siblings, but the fact that identical twins share the same DNA makes the chances even higher.

Teenage twin sisters holding cell phones against a blue background.

How Does Face ID Work?

Your face is mapped using an infrared camera and dot projection when you use Face ID. This creates a unique map of your face that is then translated into a mathematical code that works each time you try to unlock your phone.

Can Family Members Unlock Face ID?

It is possible for a family member who looks a lot like you to unlock your phone using Face ID, but it’s not likely. For most people, Face ID is extremely secure, though it is not the most secure option for identical twins.

Can Face ID Work With a Picture?

Face ID cannot be fooled by a picture, but other facial recognition tools can.

It was found that certain Android phones couldn’t tell the difference between an actual person and a photograph, which is concerning for both twins and non-twins.

When all someone needs is a picture to get into your phone, it’s not secure.

Can You Add a Second Person To Face ID?

Yes, you can add a second person to Face ID. There is an alternative appearance option that can be used to add a second facial profile for you or be used to add a facial profile for someone else.

Related Questions: 

Is Face ID Safer Than a Password?

Face ID is considered safer than a password since Face ID isn’t subject to someone guessing like a password is.

However, combining face ID with a password actually lessens the security of Face ID.

It’s better to opt only for Face ID combined with no other alternatives than to combine it with other features for most people. 

In the case of identical twins, a password may actually be necessary since Face ID alone may not work.

Is Face ID Safe for Banking?

It is safe to use Face ID for banking. The obvious problem could be if you have an identical twin whom you don’t want to access your bank account information.

For most people, this isn’t an issue and won’t be a problem if they want to use Face ID for banking.

Does Face ID Work With Eyes Closed?

Yes, Face ID does work with your eyes closed. This can be a problem if someone tries to force you to unlock your phone. Even if they simply turn your face to the phone while you close your eyes, it can still be unlocked.

Does Facial Recognition Work With Glasses On?

Facial recognition can work with glasses on, especially if your phone model allows you to set it up that way.

You can add up to four pairs of glasses so your phone will recognize you even if you don’t wear the same ones each day. 

Final Thoughts

Face ID is a great tool for most of the population. However, all types of twins should be aware of its limitations, and identical twins should definitely think through the possibilities before using it.