12 Highly Recommended Co-Parent Classes Online for 2024

When facing a separation or divorce, parenting may become more challenging, especially if there is a strained and conflict-filled relationship with your co-parent.

Thankfully, a co-parenting class can work wonders in improving your co-parenting relationship and helping you gain the skills to provide a peaceful, nurturing environment for your kids.

Research shows that online parenting programs substantially increase positive parenting and reduce parenting conflicts, stress, anger, and depression.

Classes are intended to help you shift your focus to your children’s needs and are ideal if you want to grow as a parent or are going through a separation, custody battle, or divorce.

Co-parent classes online are easy to access, convenient, and affordable and can help you meet court-ordered co-parent education requirements. Let’s explore 12 highly recommended co-parent classes online for 2023.

1. Online Parent Class

Online Parent Class is suitable if you want to improve your parenting skills or need to take a parenting course for legal reasons, as part of a custody agreement, or per a court order.

Online Parent Class has offered over 15,000 co-parenting and parenting classes online since 2008.

It specializes in teaching parents how to interact with each other more positively through the divorce, separation, or custody-sharing process.

The classes are geared toward co-parents looking for self-growth; those going through a separation, high conflict, or divorce; and parents meeting requirements for court or CPS.

The classes meet court requirements and are used and accepted throughout the US. You’ll get a free completion certificate after completing the class.

Prices start around $50 for a 2-hour co-parenting course and reach close to $400 for an advanced 26-hour co-parenting class.

You can save $5 when you use code: XDK7-5M6D at checkout.

2. Conscious Co-Parenting Course

The Conscious Co-Parenting Course aims to move divorced or separated families from division and chaos to peace, unity, and cooperation.

It’s one of the most trusted and nationally accepted programs online that offers solutions and strategies for keeping parents and kids connected or reconnecting during and after high-conflict divorce.

The Conscious Co-Parenting Course focuses on building co-parenting relationships, minimizing the adverse effects of divorce, and strengthening your bond with your kids.

The course is geared toward families with different emotional cutoffs and conflict levels.

It can help you fulfill court requirements and get a completion certificate and enrollment proof. You can enroll for a 10-week Conscious Co-parenting Course for about $500.

3. Online Parenting Programs.com

Online Parenting Programs.com is one of the leading providers of online family education in the US and is dedicated to providing innovative classes for families in transition.

The co-parenting classes teach parents how to modify, build and enhance parenting styles, control emotions, and communicate in healthy and beneficial ways.

Co-parenting classes at Online Parenting Programs.com are suitable for families in transition, incarcerated families, military families, and families where kids have been removed from the home.

The classes satisfy national standards and are recognized in over 1,400 counties in the US.

Prices range from around $30 for a 2-hour co-parenting/divorce class to approximately $140 for a 12-hour high-conflict co-parenting class.

4. Modern Co-Parenting Online Course

The Modern Co-Parenting Online Course offers everything needed to address the unique challenges of today’s parents.

The course teaches child support, repairing and improving relationships, managing intense and uncontrollable emotions, parenting with a difficult co-parent, and improving communication.

The Modern Co-Parenting Online Course is geared toward co-parents and making their journey much more manageable by addressing topics that matter.

It’s suitable whether you’re dealing with a difficult ex, are worried about child support, wish to instill value or discipline, or are handling intense emotions in co-parenting.

The course is 100% court-approved, and you’ll receive a completion certificate immediately after completing the lessons.

There are four co-parent class options with prices well under $100.

A mother and her young son smiling as they work on a laptop.

5. Parent Team

The Parent Team aims to help parents protect their kids from the adverse effects of divorce and restructuring. It provides over 30 years of experience in mediation, counseling, and financial planning.

It offers the Co-Parenting from Two Homes course, which includes guidance on the most challenging parts of restructuring.

The course is geared toward all parents and structures of parenting and can help you focus on your kids and insulate them from ongoing conflict or being put in the middle.

It’s suitable for preparing yourself and your kids for parenting from two homes, redefining your role and decreasing conflict, effective communication, and setting healthy boundaries.

The Parent Team provides the tools, support, and resources to help you become the best co-parent possible.

The price for the course is approximately $100, and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you take the course and don’t love it.

6. Putting Kids First

Putting Kids First claims to be the first parent education provider in the US and the first to go online worldwide.

Its mission is to teach parents how to structure their families, renew parenting skills and provide supportive, secure, and comfortable environments for kids to grow and blossom.

Putting Kids First is geared toward all parents and step-parents, whether you’re undergoing a divorce, adoption, custody trial, paternity hearing, court-mandated order, or wish to become a better parent.

It gives adults the skills to maintain a more effective relationship to help their kids adjust through co-parenting.

The class is court-accepted, is certified by the judicial system, and offers approved completion certificates. You can access the online class from any device for around $60 or choose mail-out classes for about $75.

7. Kids First Co-Parenting Course

The Kids First Co-Parenting Course is based on the belief that divorcing parents can become better parents if they understand the impact of their actions and alternatives to damaging behavior.

It educates parents on various issues and topics children face when the family situation changes.

The Kids First Co-Parenting Course suits individuals and families going through a divorce.

You can get support on issues like dealing with a difficult spouse, helping children adjust, child behavior problems, developing a co-parenting plan, grieving issues, and strategies to help sever marital bonds.

The course guarantees court acceptance and offers instant PDF certification.

It’s worth checking with your county or district court to determine whether the court will accept the program. If it isn’t accepted, you’ll get a full refund within 30 days.

8. Co-Parenting Into the Future

Co-Parenting Into the Future aims to support parents going through divorce by providing the necessary tools for more effective and successful co-parenting.

It offers a unique, highly engaging, interactive course to help you become a powerful co-parent and provide your kids with the best parental support possible.

Co-Parenting Into the Future classes are geared toward divorcing parents and those who are separated or going through relationship issues.

The content is also suitable for couples or individuals who want to improve communication and conflict-resolution skills.

The classes satisfy the requirements of court-ordered parenting classes in most states, and you’ll get a completion certificate for immediate download.

You can sign up for a 4-hour course for around $50 or a 6-hour course for a little bit more.

A father smiling with his son on his lap after working on his laptop.

9. Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce

The Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce online parenting class from Active Parenting Publishers is designed by co-parenting experts to help you become a healthy co-parent for you and your kids.

The course helps you establish a positive co-parenting relationship, gain skills to stay child-focused, and learn how your actions can affect your children.

The class is suitable for separating parents, and you can complete the lessons from anywhere.

You’ll get a printable completion certificate upon completion, but you should check with the deciding authority about requirements before registering.

The course costs about $80 and features five steps, including online videos, exercises, reading, and quizzes.

You also get an unconditional guarantee and can get a refund within 75 days of registering before printing your certificate.

10. Up to Parents

Up to Parents aims to show separated and divorced parents how to build better futures by focusing on their children’s needs.

It offers the opportunity to go through a personalized and interactive workshop where you’re not timed, tested, commanded, or lectured.

You get unlimited, permanent, and around-the-clock access to extensive content on Up to Parents, and you can even invite co-parents and relatives.

It’s suitable for divorcing or divorced parents, co-parents who were never married, and spouses open to reconciliation.

Many jurisdictions use Up to Parents, but you should check with your attorney or court clerk whether it meets the requirements.

You’ll get a free completion certificate and will not pay anything for the workshop.

11. Able 2 Adjust

Able 2 Adjust provides innovative, evidence-informed family classes in English and Spanish.

It offers online co-parenting/divorce classes, mainly focusing on children and providing transitioning families with the tools necessary to cope and adjust to a new family situation.

The classes are suitable for parents looking for a divorce or separation, those court-mandated to attend a co-parenting class, or those looking for a modification.

Most family courts in the US recognize the classes by Able 2 Adjust, and you’ll get an instant certificate upon completion.

You can choose a 4-hour online co-parenting/divorce class for approximately $50 or a 12-hour online high-conflict co-parenting class for less than $150.

12. Life Matters

Life Matters has been offering parenting classes online since 2002 and features a co-parenting divorce online class that can give you the skills to support your kids through change and help you deal with your ex-spouse.

If you’re anxious about co-parenting, the class can help you learn how to handle any situation and become a more effective, confident, and happy parent.

The classes are suitable for divorcing or separating parents and specialize in improving parenting skills.

Courts nationwide recognize the co-parenting divorce online classes from Life Matters, and you’ll get a free certificate on completion.

The classes start around $40, and you get a guarantee for family court approval or your money back.

Final Thoughts 

Divorce or separation can be painful and difficult for everyone involved, especially the children.

Co-parenting classes can help you fulfill court requirements and be the best parent you can be through the changes and new situations, and you can access them online from anywhere in the US!