16 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream of Being Pregnant

If you have recently had a dream about being pregnant, you may be curious about its significance.

The literal interpretation of a simple desire to be pregnant is actually quite rare as the act of growing life has many connections to other aspects of your life.

What does being pregnant in a dream mean spiritually? To dream that you are pregnant can have many spiritual meanings from signifying your budding creativity to the promise of exciting chapters and challenges in your life. This dream can also represent healing, a fear of the future, and a repressed longing for children.

For some, a pregnancy dream can represent wish fulfillment. For others, the responsibility of a new life can be symbolic of impactful life events and a need to forge new beginnings.

Perhaps one of the following interpretations relates to your current situation. Let’s look at the spiritual meanings behind dreaming you are pregnant and whether dreams have genuine meaning.

Dreaming You Are Pregnant – Spiritual Meanings

Pregnancy in a dream carries many spiritual meanings that usually reflect pressing issues and emotions in your waking life (and can even occur when you are already expecting).

Here are 16 common interpretations behind dreaming that you are with child.

1. Symbol of New Beginnings

Dreaming that you are growing new life can be highly symbolic of a new chapter for you.

Just as the child’s life develops inside you, your new beginning is also within you, and the only person who can make it go from idea to fully fledged reality is you!

2. Repressed Longings for Children

Sigmund Freud believed that dreams can often be a manifestation of repressed thoughts and feelings, and so dreaming you are pregnant could be your mind’s way of revealing your heart’s desire to you.

Whatever the circumstances behind a long-repressed desire for children, please know there is support for you.

3. New Challenges Await

If you have sewn the seeds for something big in your life (accepted a big job promotion, made the move to a new country, etc.), then a pregnancy dream can be symbolic of all the new and exciting challenges you can expect to face.

4. New Season of Life Ahead

Just as pregnancy is a new chapter in a relationship, your dream could be reflecting a new season in your own life.

Perhaps you are soon to fly the nest (or soon to experience empty nest syndrome yourself).

5. Blessing From God Is Forthcoming

In Christianity, God is the father and Jesus the son, so if you practice the Christian faith, dreaming you are pregnant may symbolize that you are soon to receive God’s love and blessing.

The forthcoming child in your dream can be seen as a forthcoming gift from God that will benefit you, your life, and your loved ones.

6. Unfulfilled Dreams

If your dreams and passions have taken a backseat in recent times, your subconscious mind may have you dreaming of pregnancy as a wake-up call to finally explore those long-held ambitions.

Just as it takes time and care to grow a new child into being, the effort to make your own dreams happen will take its toll on your mind and spirit – though deep down you know it will change your life for the better.

7. Good Things Are Coming Your Way

Certain details in your pregnancy dream can be symbolic of prosperity and good fortune on the horizon.

Dreaming you are pregnant with twins or triplets, for instance, can symbolize abundance, positivity, and a sign that the goals you are working HARD toward will soon reward you!

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8. You’re Ready for More Responsibility in Life

Having a child is one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever undertake in life.

Your pregnant dream state could be telling you that you’re eager to take on more responsibility in your life, whether that’s starting the business you’ve been meaning to, getting that degree, or committing to taking care of someone.

9. Need New Meaning or Direction in Life

When your waking life feels like it is in a rut due to your job or you feel adrift due to a relationship breakdown, it can leave your spiritual self yearning for a completely new perspective.

Being pregnant can represent this yearning, as parenthood changes your focus and your world takes on a new meaning.

10. Sign of Personal Growth

Dreaming of pregnancy can be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you have grown and matured in an important aspect of your life.

Perhaps recent life events have left you feeling more capable and resilient.

Conductive therapy counselor John Brusseau believes that being pregnant in your dream points to a “self-realization after being impregnated by a profound reality, such as you are meant to be fulfilled in life.”

11. You Will Soon “Birth” a Creative Endeavor

A pregnancy dream can be a glimpse into your creativity and speaks to your desire and excitement to start a new creative project.

Like growing and birthing a child, our creative ambitions are nurtured for a long time before our hard work is paid off, so your dream baby bump could very well signify an amazing creation is in the works!

12. Fear of the Future

We’re all apprehensive about the future to some degree, but being pregnant in your dream can correlate quite strongly with a fear of the future.

Symbolically, the child you are carrying in the dream may be your mind questioning what kind of future you are creating and birthing for yourself.

Are you currently on the right path? A baby is the result of choices made and the consequence of current actions (or inaction).

13. New Direction in Your Spiritual Journey

Bearing life in your dream can signify a willingness to embrace new aspects of your spiritual life.

You may be ready to immerse yourself deeper into your faith or spiritual practices to become part of something bigger.

14. A Form of Healing Is About To Take Place

Dreams are very often about processing emotions in our waking lives, so dreaming of carrying a new life and the promise that comes with it can suggest that a form of emotional healing is about to take place.

Fresh life provides hope in times of hurt, fear, and uncertainty.

15. You Are Already Pregnant

Often, dreaming of pregnancy can have a purely literal meaning and reflect or comment on your own experience of being pregnant in real life.

Dreaming of feeling tired can merely point to your exhaustion as your baby takes its toll on your body.

You may also dream of the delivery, which could reflect your feelings about your birth plan and childbirth fears.

16. You Will Soon Become Pregnant

If you are planning to start a family in your waking life, showing up pregnant in your dream can be a reflection that these wishes and hopes around raising a child could be on the horizon for you.

It could also be a warning. As pregnancy dreams often reflect a life-altering decision, a negative or frightening pregnancy dream could be your mind role-playing being pregnant, warning you to check your birth control.

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Do Dreams Really Have Meaning?

According to psychologist and lecturer at the University of Michigan Medical School Alan Eiser, dreams can be highly meaningful “as they deal with the personal conflicts and emotional struggles that people experience in their daily lives.”

Other experts, however, are doubtful as to whether dreams have any true meaning or value.

Sleep scientist and author of The Committee of Sleep Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., notes that much of our dreams’ content is “circular, repetitive, or trivial” and not unlike similarly meaningless thoughts we have when we’re awake.

Taking the middle ground, dream researcher and professor of psychology at the University of California G. William Domhoff emphasizes that dreams do have meaning, but that they are not necessarily symbolic.

His research suggests that, in our sleep, we are not able to access the areas of the brain associated with understanding or generating metaphors, adding that “it takes more brain to use symbolic thought.”

Why Are Dreams So Vivid?

Most dreams are forgotten or seem hazy shortly after waking, but we can often have dreams so evocative that they can be recounted in great detail.

Sleep research suggests that vivid dreams are most likely to occur if there are intense emotions, changes, or impactful events in waking life.

This could be things like suffering from sleep disorders that cause sleep deprivation, a serious physical illness such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, heightened stress associated with anxiety, depressive conditions such as bipolar disorder, or substance abuse and certain prescription medications (commonly antidepressants).

Due to powerful hormonal changes and interrupted sleep, pregnancy can also be a big trigger for vivid dreaming and nightmares with studies finding that some women in their third trimester can experience disturbing dreams.

Closing Thoughts

Being pregnant in a dream can carry many spiritual meanings for you from the “birth” of a new creative project to a good omen of fortune and prosperity.

It can also, of course, mean that you are indeed pregnant!

Your daily life and circumstances can help to shed light on the possible meanings behind your pregnancy dream as can your emotional response to the dream itself.