Hatch Rest+ Sleep Machine | Honest Review From Mom of Twins

While preparing for the arrival of my twins, I understood the significance of having a dependable sound machine.

I had heard enough from other moms to convince me that sound machines work wonders when it comes to baby sleep. 

We were gifted a Hatch Rest sound machine and now, two years later, it still comes with us EVERYWHERE. It is an essential item for every trip to Grandma’s house and every vacation.

It definitely contributes to good baby sleep, and honestly, I wish I had one for myself! 

In this article, I’ll tell you all the things I love and the (very few) things I don’t love about the Hatch Rest.

We have been using this product for a while now, so I’ve come to know it (and LOVE IT!) pretty well.

Full disclosure: The model I use is the Hatch Rest because the Hatch Rest+ was not available when our twins were born.

However, I am aware of all the slight differences, and the upgrades just make this product even better in my opinion!

Key Takeaways 

The Hatch Rest + Sleep is an all-in-one machine that can serve as a sound machine, soothing night light, and alarm clock. It is designed to help parents in their sleep training efforts and create a soothing sleeping environment for babies and toddlers.

Who Should Buy Hatch Rest+? 

This product is ideal for any parent of a newborn who wishes to help foster a soothing sleep environment and restful sleep for their baby. Its additional alarm clock and night light functions also make it a great product for parents of older babies and toddlers. 

Hatch Rest Pros & Cons

11 different soothing soundsThe product has a hefty price tag for a sound machine
Incredible volume range compared to other sound machinesTouch activation is very sensitive
Simple touch activationCan change the sound, light, and volume settings when change isn’t necessary or wanted
Programmable/customizable with automatic turn on/shut off
Can be controlled remotely with a companion app for iOS and Android devices
Extremely lightweight and easy to take on the go
Multiple functions — not just a sound machine
User-friendly and easy to set up

Hatch Rest+ Features and Functions

Now let’s break it down and look at all of the things the Hatch Rest+ has to offer.

I’ll give my honest opinion about the features and functions based on our experience to help you decide if it is the right product for you! 

Sound Machine

The #1 function of the Hatch is the sound machine. That is its primary role in our household.

You can choose from 11 different soothing sounds including white noise, rain, dryer, birds chirping, water flowing, ocean waves, and lullabies.

The white noise sound is perfect for us and is what we use daily during naps and bedtime.

In my opinion, it sounds better than any other sound machine I have used and drowns out outside noises very well!

I can lie my kiddos down and not have to worry that they will wake up from every small (or big!) noise that I make! 

One thing that I love about this sound machine is its wide volume range.

It can get both very loud and very quiet, but there are also plenty of “in-between” volume options that I don’t think other sound machines offer. 

A baby girl sleeping on her side in pink bunny-print pajamas.


In addition to being a sound machine, the Hatch also has a night light setting. With a simple tap, you can have a light and the sound on simultaneously.

There are several different color options for the light as well. This can make it fun for toddlers or younger kiddos. 

We have not had to use the night light very much since our twins are still one; however, it was helpful during the newborn phase when we needed a small light during late-night diaper changes.

All I had to do was tap the top of the machine, and the light would turn on. When I was done with the diaper change, another tap turned it off.

The Hatch Rest+ comes with 10 light colors, but you can use the in-app color wheel to create infinite color options.

There is a dimmer setting as well, so you can make the light as bright or as dim as you need, which is extremely helpful! 


The time-to-rise alarm clock feature is great for getting little ones on a consistent sleep schedule.

You can program your Hatch to wake your little ones up at a specific time by turning on a light and playing a gentle lullaby. 

Audio Monitor

Another new feature of the Hatch Rest+ is the two-way audio monitor. Parents can use the app on their phones to listen for any cries or noises from their little one in the other room. 

Control From Phone

I ADORE this feature of the Hatch!! Using the Hatch app, you can control the machine from your phone in an entirely different room of your house!

You can turn it on or off, change the sound or light, adjust the volume, and program your settings — all using your phone. It is amazing and extremely convenient.

This feature has saved me so many times when I realize I forgot to turn the sound machine on but do not want to walk back into my twins’ room and risk waking them up.  

Compatible With Alexa

Now, I personally do not have an Alexa; however, if I did, this feature would be GOLDEN. If you have an Alexa, you can download the Hatch Baby skill and then control your Hatch using voice commands.

Think: “Alexa, play white noise on the Hatch.”

“Alexa, turn down my Hatch machine.”

“Alexa, tell the Hatch to set a time-to-rise in 30 minutes.”

How easy and convenient is that?! 

Dimmable Clock

The Hatch Rest+ has a really neat-looking dimmable clock on the front of the machine so that you always have the time available.

I love that the clock is able to be dimmed so as to not shine brightly when the kiddos are sleeping. 

Backup Battery

With its backup battery, the Hatch Rest+ will last for up to 8 hours unplugged for those on-the-go naps or when the power goes out. 

Touch Function With Toddler Lock

The Hatch Rest+ can be turned on or off with just a tap of your finger. You can also change the sound or light display by tapping as well. 

An extremely convenient feature of the Hatch Rest+ is the toddler lock that can be enabled from the app on your phone.

This will prevent your toddler from changing the settings or turning the machine on/off when they play with it.

The only complaint that I have about my first-generation Hatch Rest is that the touch function is extremely sensitive and not toddler-proof. Therefore, this upgrade is huge!! 

What I Love About the Hatch Rest+

There are not many baby items that I splurge on; however, our Hatch Rest has become one of our most loved items.

Do I think there are cheaper options that would probably be comparable? Absolutely.

However, in my opinion, the Hatch Rest+ is worth it, and I have gifted it to several women just because it has helped us so much.

I love that it is so easy to use and can be controlled right from my phone. I also love the quality of the sounds — I truly feel that it has the best white noise for my twins compared to other sound machines we have used.

Another huge plus is how portable it is. It is so easy to pack up and bring on trips or throw in the diaper bag for naps on the go. 

What I Would Change

To be totally honest, there is not much that I would change about this product! I love it!

It would be neat if it could double in function as a Bluetooth speaker and play music or other audio from my phone.

Receiving sound alerts from the baby monitor onto my phone would also be convenient. However, neither of those is really a deal breaker for me!

Hatch Rest vs. Rest Plus

As mentioned previously, I own the Hatch Rest, which is extremely comparable to the Hatch Rest+ with the exception of a few additional features that were added to the upgraded version.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Hatch Rest.

However, if I were to buy one today, I would absolutely upgrade and go with the Hatch Rest+ because of its additional features that I feel are fixes to the few problems I have with the Hatch Rest.

The additional features include: 

  • Toddler lock
  • Audio monitor
  • Dimmable clock
  • Backup battery

I truly feel that the Hatch Rest+ is the more convenient option. It has all of the bells and whistles while the Hatch Rest is missing a few.

You can certainly get by with a Hatch Rest (we have thus far and love it!).

However, the Hatch Rest+ definitely has a few more features that would be convenient, especially the toddler lock, audio monitor, and backup battery for power outages. 

Hatch Rest 2nd Gen vs. Rest Plus

The Hatch Rest 2nd Generation is similar to the Rest+; however, it has a few additional features including:

  • A sleep library of lullabies and bedtime stories
  • Time-for-bed setting that notifies children when it is time to wind down and go to bed. 

In my opinion, these features are just fluff. They would be nice to have if your budget allows it, but I think the Rest+ has all of the settings that you truly need. 

How Do You Use Hatch Rest Plus?

One of the best things about this product is how user-friendly it is! It is so simple and easy to use!

The first step of setup is to plug it in! Attach the power cord to your Hatch, and then plug it into an outlet or power source.

Next, you will want to download the app by going to your app store and searching “Hatch Baby Rest.”

Once it is downloaded, you can follow the simple directions to connect your device. 

You can control everything (turning it on/off, changing sounds, adjusting volume, changing lights and brightness, etc.) from the app on your phone, or you can tap the touch ring on the top of the Hatch to turn it on/off or change the light and sound. 

This is confusing and frustrating, in my opinion. I always opt to use my phone or use the buttons on the bottom of the machine to control the settings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use the App for Two Rest+ Devices?

Yes! You can use your app to control multiple Hatch devices within Bluetooth range that have been connected via wifi. 

Can I Play My Own Music on Rest Plus?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the Hatch Rest+ as a Bluetooth speaker and play other music. That said, the latest (2nd Gen.) Rest+ does offer the Hatch Sleep Membership, an optional add-on with a library of bedtime stories, classic music tunes, and more expert-curated sleep content. Each new 2nd Gen Rest+ comes with a Free trial included.

Does the Audio Monitor Include Sound Notifications on Your Phone?

No, the monitor does not send sound notifications to your phone.

However, you can have the app open in the background on your phone and be able to hear any noises that your little one makes, just as you would listen to music on your phone. 

Can You Add More Sound and Light Options?

The only sound options are the ones that come pre-programmed into the device, but there are plenty of good ones to choose from!

Although it includes 10 light choices, you can use the color wheel on the app to select just about any color imaginable.

Can You Use the Device Without a Phone or WiFi?

You can use the Hatch Rest+ without a phone or WiFi for its basic functions (sound machine and light).

However, if you want to use the other features, such as the audio monitor and time-to-rise, you need to have the app and connect your device to a WiFi network. 

Final Thoughts

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of the Hatch Rest and would love to have a Hatch Rest+! Both are great options for parents.

If your budget allows for it, you won’t regret buying it! After all, any improvement in sleep quality and duration is a good thing and well worth the money spent.