Lip Changes During Pregnancy & Other Facial Responses

During pregnancy, it’s not just your belly that undergoes changes. Due to hormonal shifts and physical development, your entire body is affected, resulting in a “pregnancy glow” that can alter your appearance.

Are pregnancy lips a real thing? Pregnancy lips are real, even though very few women actually experience them. Swelling and increased blood flow in the body while you’re pregnant may lend your lips a plumper look. However, this isn’t permanent, and your lips will deflate with the rest of your body in the months after you give birth.

Your lips aren’t the only part of your body you might see changes in while pregnant. Pregnancy can bring about changes in just about every part of your physical appearance.

Changes During Pregnancy – What To Expect

You’re likely prepared for a rounder belly and swollen breasts, but you are going to see even more changes as your pregnancy progresses.

What Do Pregnancy Lips Look Like?

Capillaries under your lips will have increased blood flow when you’re pregnant. This will make them larger, so your lips may get bigger.

Since capillaries are also what make your lips red, more blood and larger capillaries will also give you lips that are a stronger red.

While these lips will look fuller and won’t usually cause discomfort, it may feel odd to have this new swelling.

Dark Lips During Pregnancy

Those rosy red lips are courtesy of a 50 percent increased blood flow in your body. Your full capillaries will make your lips brighter, and you can skip the lipstick and still have a striking red mouth.

Plump Lips During Pregnancy

Bee-kissed lips are created when hormones increase swelling and capillaries under the lips expand to hold more blood. Your plump pout may feel strange at first, but you’ll get used to the change as your pregnancy continues.

Chapped Lips During Pregnancy

You absolutely need more fluid when you’re pregnant. If you don’t increase your water intake, you may notice that your lips are chapped, cracked, and dry.

It’s a good idea to treat them with a lip moisturizer, but the best long-term solution is to get more fluids in your system.

What Causes Pregnancy Lips?

The combination of swelling due to hormone changes and extra blood in capillaries causes pregnancy lips.

When Do Pregnancy Lips Happen?

You will likely notice pregnancy lips during the second trimester, though they may appear before then.

The first trimester often leads to exhaustion and morning sickness, but the second offers respite and hormone changes that allow pregnancy lips to occur. 

Pregnancy Lips Early Pregnancy

You can experience pregnancy lips during your first trimester, but remember that you may not experience them at all. Not every pregnant woman has this symptom of pregnancy. 

Do Pregnancy Lips Go Away?

Pregnancy lips don’t last, so don’t get too attached to your newly plump pout. After you give birth, the swelling in your body will decrease with time.

In about 3-6 months, your capillaries will be back to their normal size, and you won’t have your pregnancy lips any longer.

A slightly smiling pregnant lady in a casual black dress standing outside.

Facial Changes During Pregnancy

Besides your lips, you may also notice other changes in your face while pregnant. 

1. Fuller Face

Your face will likely swell during pregnancy just like your hands and feet. Unless you are experiencing pain with the swelling or it seems to be excessive, you don’t need to be concerned. It will go away after you give birth.

2. Pregnancy Glow

Excess oil due to pregnancy can make you look like you’re glowing. The extra blood coursing through your veins during pregnancy will also lend you a rosy look that people may comment on when they see you.

3. Dark Patches

Finding dark patches of skin on your face means you’re dealing with melasma while pregnant. This is, of course, caused by hormone changes.

4. Darker Skin

Those freckles and moles on your body probably are getting darker. Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone will increase your body’s pigment, so your skin and beauty marks may all look darker.

5. Swollen Nose or Eyes

If you think your nose is getting larger, you’re not crazy. An influx of estrogen and more blood in your mucus membranes means your nose can get bigger while you’re pregnant.

You may also have puffy eyes from swelling and lack of comfortable sleep. 

6. Thinner Facial Hair

If your hair and eyebrows are thinning, it’s time to have your thyroid checked. Your thyroid levels may not be in normal range when you’re pregnant, and this is something that needs to be treated. 

Thinner facial hair could also be a sign that you need more protein in your diet. Make sure you are eating balanced meals and taking your prenatal vitamins daily.

7. Pimples

Pregnancy acne is real. Even if you’ve never struggled with pimples in the past, be prepared to deal with a few while pregnant. Blame changing hormones that will lead to an increase of oil production on the skin.

8. Spider Veins

Your first experience with spider veins could come while you’re pregnant. Your blood vessels will be softer than normal, and this means the capillaries can break easily.

These will likely appear on your cheeks, though they can be anywhere on your face.

9. Sensitive Skin

The products you have always used and loved may now irritate your skin. Dry or red patches could show up as signs of irritation. Stay away from harsh ingredients to help your skin during this time.

Related Questions:

Pregnancy Glow – When Does It Start?

There’s no set time when pregnancy glow starts. You will likely start to notice a glow during the second trimester because of all the hormone changes, and it will last throughout the rest of the pregnancy. 

How Do You Treat Dry Lips During Pregnancy?

If your lips are dry during pregnancy, up your fluid intake and grab a lip moisturizer. You need more water when pregnant, and not getting enough can cause your lips to dry out and crack.

Closing Thoughts

Enjoy the changes your body goes through while pregnant. They happen for a reason and are signs that you are creating a new life.

All the slight inconveniences and bodily transformations will be worth it when you finally hold your little one in your arms.