202 Best Middle Names for Luke With Tips for Inspiration

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  • Luke Thomas
  • Luke Reid
  • Luke Anthony
  • Luke Sawyer
  • Luke Dylan
  • Luke Emerson
  • Luke James
  • Luke Cole
  • Luke Wade
  • Luke Aiden

Gloria Feldt, President of Take of Lead shares this motivational insight:

“Picking out a name is a powerful and consequential process. Names convey and create meaning.

They reveal something about who we are, where we come from, and where we’re headed.”

Easy to spell and just popular enough, Luke is a name that doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon.

In the lists below, you’re sure to find the perfect middle name for Luke that will serve your little boy well throughout life.

One-Syllable Middle Names for Luke

  • Luke Blake
  • Luke Ace
  • Luke Cole
  • Luke Dane
  • Luke Gage
  • Luke Lane
  • Luke Grant
  • Luke Tate
  • Luke Wes
  • Luke Zane
  • Luke Beau
  • Luke Reid
  • Luke Cain
  • Luke Jay
  • Luke Kai
  • Luke Dash
  • Luke Miles
  • Luke Craig
  • Luke Clark
  • Luke Sam
  • Luke Sean
  • Luke Blaine
  • Luke Cash
  • Luke Dune
  • Luke Finch
  • Luke Hawk
  • Luke Jack
  • Luke John
  • Luke Oz
  • Luke Prince
  • Luke Rome
  • Luke Slade
  • Luke Stone
  • Luke Todd
  • Luke Thor
  • Luke Vance
  • Luke Ward
  • Luke Wolf
  • Luke Zev
  • Luke Dean
  • Luke Gus
  • Luke Ash
  • Luke Earl
  • Luke Fritz
  • Luke Wade
  • Luke Dag
  • Luke Jarl
  • Luke Hayes
  • Luke Wayne
  • Luke Kris

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Luke

  • Luke Thomas
  • Luke Henry
  • Luke Noah
  • Luke Andrew
  • Luke Theo 
  • Luke Caleb
  • Luke Hudson
  • Luke Bennet
  • Luke Ozzy
  • Luke Abel
  • Luke Archer
  • Luke Aiden
  • Luke Abner
  • Luke Beckett
  • Luke Bodhi
  • Luke Corin
  • Luke Camden
  • Luke Calvin
  • Luke Bruno
  • Luke Eli
  • Luke Ezra
  • Luke Fletcher
  • Luke Harry
  • Luke Jasper
  • Luke Jonah
  • Luke Ian
  • Luke Keaton
  • Luke Lincoln
  • Luke Nelson
  • Luke Linus
  • Luke Leo
  • Luke Magnus
  • Luke Memphis
  • Luke Onyx
  • Luke Robin
  • Luke Dylan
  • Luke River
  • Luke Philip
  • Luke Patrick
  • Luke Rowan
  • Luke Tucker
  • Luke David
  • Luke Deacon
  • Luke Owen
  • Luke Vincent
  • Luke Walter
  • Luke Jackson
  • Luke Zion
  • Luke Wylie
  • Luke Sawyer
  • Luke Harold
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Three-Syllable Middle Names for Luke

  • Luke Benjamin
  • Luke Anthony
  • Luke Donovan
  • Luke Oliver
  • Luke Emerson
  • Luke Ezekiel
  • Luke Gabriel
  • Luke Theodore
  • Luke Mateo
  • Luke Jonathon
  • Luke Lorenzo
  • Luke Everett
  • Luke Harrison
  • Luke Nicholas
  • Luke Malachi
  • Luke Zachary
  • Luke Atticus
  • Luke Jeremy
  • Luke Rafael
  • Luke Javier
  • Luke Maximus
  • Luke Adonis
  • Luke Elian
  • Luke Damien
  • Luke Romeo
  • Luke Gianni
  • Luke Orion
  • Luke Finnegan
  • Luke Sullivan
  • Luke Solomon
  • Luke Sergio
  • Luke Callahan
  • Luke Alonzo
  • Luke Frederick
  • Luke Gregory
  • Luke Julio
  • Luke Gustavo
  • Luke Uriah
  • Luke Azriel
  • Luke Caspian
  • Luke Edison
  • Luke Alistair
  • Luke Makari
  • Luke Achilles
  • Luke Simeon
  • Luke Phineas
  • Luke Ignatius
  • Luke Amory
  • Luke Aramis
  • Luke Cillian
  • Luke Evander

Unique Middle Names for Luke

  • Luke Kyson
  • Luke Axton
  • Luke Apollo
  • Luke Kobe
  • Luke Azul
  • Luke Ari
  • Luke Leox
  • Luke Bram
  • Luke Ledger
  • Luke Lucian
  • Luke Bowers
  • Luke Lyric
  • Luke Breckett
  • Luke Maxson
  • Luke Clooney
  • Luke Nero
  • Luke Coven
  • Luke Cedrick
  • Luke Oberon
  • Luke Caledon
  • Luke Clifton
  • Luke Credence
  • Luke Pye
  • Luke Pepper
  • Luke Odin
  • Luke Pike
  • Luke Dante
  • Luke Rhodes
  • Luke Dimitry
  • Luke Dayne
  • Luke Rhodri
  • Luke Denver
  • Luke Reuben
  • Luke Eldon
  • Luke Reef
  • Luke Seamus
  • Luke Stellan
  • Luke Figg
  • Luke Swain
  • Luke Slater
  • Luke Fitz
  • Luke Grady
  • Luke Grannon
  • Luke Tiberius
  • Luke Talon
  • Luke Heziah
  • Luke Toronto
  • Luke Heston
  • Luke Tavis
  • Luke Pierre

Names Similar to Luke

  • Lucas 
  • Luca
  • Luis
  • Duke
  • Liam 
  • Louis
  • Levi

Nicknames for Luke

  • Lee
  • Lucky
  • Lucas
  • Luca
  • Lukie
  • Lu
  • Louie
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Meaning of the Name Luke

Luke, most notably, has biblical origins thanks to Saint Luke, the disciple who wrote the third Gospel and most likely the book of Acts in the New Testament.

This name Luke has several significant meanings: “bringer of light,” “bright one,” “light-giving,” or “white.”  What a beautiful significance!

The biblical name Luke has origins in Greece, but it also has links to Latin and is commonly considered short for Lucas or Loukas.

Though Luke is primarily a religious name, plenty of parents choose it because it’s timeless, down-to-earth, and simple. 

Finding the Perfect Middle Name: Helpful Tips

The name “Luke” is pretty simple — it is one syllable and not complex. In my opinion, a more unique or less common name would go well with Luke. 

You also want to pay attention to the syllables surrounding the middle name.

Luke is one syllable; therefore, a longer middle name would be acceptable as long as the last name is not too long.

You probably would not want to choose a three-syllable middle name if the last name also has three syllables. 

I would say that the following are safe syllable patterns for the first name “Luke” (first-middle-last): 

  • 1-2-2 (Luke Thomas Potter)
  • 1-1-2 (Luke Rhett Baldwin)
  • 1-1-3 (Luke James Finnegan)
  • 1-3-2 (Luke Emerson Baldwin)
  • 1-2-1 (Luke Thomas Jones)

Here are some additional tips to consider when looking for a middle name that goes with Luke:

  1. You can always use your own middle name or that of the father and pass it down to your child. This was a common practice among the women in my family, and it continues on with my nieces. Just make sure it’s a middle name that complements the first name and doesn’t clash.
  2. Don’t give your child a middle name you plan to use as their first name. While this can be done, it can create confusion.
  3. Make sure you pick a name that flows well. Practice saying it out loud. A full name that sounds good in your head may not roll off the tongue well. Say it several times, and have someone speak the combination back to you.

Where To Look for Inspiration

Middle names are my favorite because they usually either have a special significance or embody creativity and uniqueness.

When it comes to choosing a middle name that resonates with you, there are many places you could look for inspiration including: 

  • Your family history
  • Role models/influences in your life
  • Place of special meaning to you (where your husband proposed, your hometown, etc.)
  • Names that hold personal significance
  • Names you really like but don’t want to use as a first name
  • Names from favorite eras
  • Your last name before marriage
  • Nature (birds, weather, flowers, land and water features, trees, etc.)
  • Favorite characters from books or movies
  • Famous artists
  • Poetry
  • Astronomy

Find out the meanings of the middle name before you decide on one, especially if you don’t have anything specific in mind.

Finding what a baby name means may inspire you to choose it as opposed to simply waiting for a name that sounds right.

You can also wait until your little one arrives. Some parents only feel inspiration for a middle name choice upon meeting their baby, and that’s okay.

It can be easy to overlook a few things when you are planning for your baby’s arrival. Remember to schedule your newborn photoshoot in advance. The window of opportunity closes quickly, so don’t miss it!