204 Fantastic Middle Names for Maddox: Boy and Girl Lists

Below is a list of the top 10 middle names that would be fitting for Maddox:

  • Maddox Quinn
  • Maddox Blake
  • Maddox Kensley
  • Maddox Aaron
  • Maddox Sloan
  • Maddox Heath
  • Maddox Dylan
  • Maddox Jace
  • Maddox Carter
  • Maddox Tucker

For a girl named Maddox, our favorites are Maddox Olivia and Maddox Evangeline.

Maddox is a strong, unisex name with a pleasant cadence. 

Depending on your preference, you may want an equally strong-sounding middle name for impact or perhaps one that delivers a more gentle rhythmic feel.

Choosing a middle name for your baby isn’t always easy, and your decision will impact your baby for life.

Consider these insights shared on Enlightio about the importance of a name:

  • Names narrate a part of our story before we even have the chance to speak.
  • Names are akin to our social fingerprints, offering a unique combination that distinguishes each of us within society.
  • In essence, your name is more than just a word; it holds the story of your identity … It’s intimately connected to your sense of self. 

To help you decide on the perfect middle name for Maddox, check out our 200+ middle name suggestions from traditionally masculine and feminine choices to gender-neutral and trendy picks.

Choose wisely, and have fun!

Maddox Name Meaning

The name Maddox is primarily an English male name meaning “son of Madoc.”

The name Madoc originates from the Welsh word gwallgof meaning “mad.” Thankfully, it also means “fortunate,” “generous,” and “giving” too!

Famously, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son is named Maddox.

Masculine Middle Names for Maddox

  • Maddox Alexander
  • Maddox Benjamin
  • Maddox Scott
  • Maddox Robert
  • Maddox Aaron
  • Maddox Christopher
  • Maddox Edward
  • Maddox Anthony
  • Maddox Brad
  • Maddox Darren
  • Maddox Mitchell
  • Maddox Dustin
  • Maddox Cole
  • Maddox Charles
  • Maddox Anderson
  • Maddox Grant
  • Maddox Brady
  • Maddox Brandon
  • Maddox Dylan
  • Maddox Cash
  • Maddox Heath
  • Maddox Christian
  • Maddox John
  • Maddox Nicholas
  • Maddox Tucker
  • Maddox Andrew
  • Maddox Lawrence
  • Maddox David
  • Maddox Michael
  • Maddox Tate
  • Maddox Harry
  • Maddox Henry
  • Maddox Brody
  • Maddox Warren
  • Maddox Abraham
  • Maddox Thomas
  • Maddox William
  • Maddox Archer

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Feminine Middle Names for Maddox

  • Maddox Maisie
  • Maddox Harper
  • Maddox Jennifer
  • Maddox Helen
  • Maddox Elizabeth
  • Maddox Marie
  • Maddox Sarah
  • Maddox Pearl
  • Maddox Mylee
  • Maddox Charlotte
  • Maddox Catrina
  • Maddox Selene
  • Maddox Danielle
  • Maddox Anastasia
  • Maddox Ella
  • Maddox Sansa
  • Maddox Catherine
  • Maddox Alma
  • Maddox Julia
  • Maddox Annabelle
  • Maddox Olivia
  • Maddox Ira
  • Maddox Alina
  • Maddox Marielle
  • Maddox Clarissa
  • Maddox Cora
  • Maddox Mollie
  • Maddox Evangeline
  • Maddox Chloe
  • Maddox Victoria
  • Maddox Ava
  • Maddox Mya
  • Maddox Becca
  • Maddox Hadley
  • Maddox Stephanie
  • Maddox Elena
  • Maddox Savannah
  • Maddox Madeline
  • Maddox Rosalie
  • Maddox Stella
  • Maddox Anastasia
  • Maddox Macey

Gender-Neutral Middle Names for Maddox

  • Maddox Drew
  • Maddox Sloan
  • Maddox Taylor
  • Maddox Kodi
  • Maddox Banks
  • Maddox Kennedy
  • Maddox Fallon
  • Maddox Sage
  • Maddox Honor
  • Maddox Cal
  • Maddox Kendall
  • Maddox Wilder
  • Maddox Kensley
  • Maddox Madison
  • Maddox Kit
  • Maddox Miller
  • Maddox Kai
  • Maddox Brooklyn
  • Maddox Cairo
  • Maddox Peyton
  • Maddox Seven
  • Maddox Morgan
  • Maddox Milan
  • Maddox Blake
  • Maddox Mackenzie
  • Maddox Ridley
  • Maddox Chandler
  • Maddox Perry
  • Maddox Quinn
  • Maddox Sawyer
  • Maddox Charlie
  • Maddox Asher
  • Maddox Radley
  • Maddox Tegan
  • Maddox Rain
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Unique Middle Names for Maddox

  • Maddox Kohen
  • Maddox Josiah
  • Maddox Silas
  • Maddox Promise
  • Maddox Nico
  • Maddox Briar
  • Maddox King
  • Maddox Cedar
  • Maddox Sailor
  • Maddox Alto
  • Maddox Devin
  • Maddox Harbor
  • Maddox Soras
  • Maddox Eames
  • Maddox Birch
  • Maddox Griffin
  • Maddox Holt
  • Maddox Calloway
  • Maddox Kier
  • Maddox Jace
  • Maddox Chivan
  • Maddox Nolan
  • Maddox Banjo
  • Maddox Stone
  • Maddox Wolfe
  • Maddox Layken
  • Maddox Oakley
  • Maddox Zacchaeus
  • Maddox Justice
  • Maddox Royal
  • Maddox Ridge
  • Maddox Journey
  • Maddox Legend
  • Maddox August
  • Maddox Thayer
  • Maddox Stirling
  • Maddox Osiris

Trendy Middle Names for Maddox

  • Maddox Leo
  • Maddox Roman
  • Maddox Astrid
  • Maddox Carter
  • Maddox Memphis
  • Maddox Rumi
  • Maddox Hamilton
  • Maddox Van
  • Maddox Cruz
  • Maddox Gabriel
  • Maddox Austin
  • Maddox Remi
  • Maddox Vermont
  • Maddox Jameson
  • Maddox Valentin
  • Maddox Atlas
  • Maddox Sonic
  • Maddox Dior
  • Maddox Sebastian
  • Maddox True
  • Maddox Logan
  • Maddox Jules
  • Maddox River
  • Maddox Star
  • Maddox Keanu
  • Maddox Phoenix
  • Maddox Armani
  • Maddox Bear
  • Maddox Casper
  • Maddox Leaf
  • Maddox Cillian
  • Maddox Future
  • Maddox Dexter
  • Maddox Matteo
  • Maddox Ryan
  • Maddox Joaquin
  • Maddox Elba
  • Maddox Luca
  • Maddox Poe
  • Maddox Efron
  • Maddox Zephyr
  • Maddox Hanks
  • Maddox Finn
  • Maddox Labrinth
  • Maddox Curtis
  • Maddox Levi
  • Maddox Fraser
  • Maddox Clooney
  • Maddox Caspian
  • Maddox Knight
  • Maddox Pedro
  • Maddox Cyprus

Names Like Maddox

  • Maxen
  • Lennox
  • Madden
  • Maverick
  • Jaxson
  • Jax
  • Knox
  • Madoc
  • Madog
  • Matteus

Nicknames for Maddox

  • Madge
  • Max
  • Maddie
  • Dox
  • Mad
  • Oxy
  • Oxs
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How To Choose a Middle Name for Your Baby

Deciding a middle name for your child can be a difficult decision.

Keep in mind the following tips and factors to consider when choosing a name for your little one. 

1. Use Names That Almost Made the Cut

Were you holding onto a great first name for your child but changed your mind at the last minute?

Perhaps you earmarked a name for the third baby boy you were expecting but had a girl instead? These leftover names can be revived as a middle name!

2. Picture Their Digital Future

Middle names may not be a necessity, but a strong full name may help your child stand out when it comes to their online presence (which they’ll inevitably use in their work and social circles).

Google their first and last name to see how common it is. If it returns a lot of results, an unusual middle name will help them stand out from the crowd.

3. Go Gender-Neutral

Not a fan of the traditionally feminine middle names for your little girl or vice versa?

Be flexible, and try out a gender-neutral middle name to see how it sounds.

Unisex names are becoming increasingly popular as they don’t box your child in with other well-loved names of their generation.

4. Follow a Family Tradition

If you’re truly stuck for middle name ideas, ask your nearest and dearest for suggestions.

Is there a recurring well-loved name in your or your partner’s family tree?

Perhaps there’s even a family in-joke relating to a certain name (assuming the connotations are good!).

Where To Look for Inspiration

Finding a name for your expected baby can be hard. Don’t worry, there are many places to draw inspiration from, such as…

  • Place names: A favorite holiday spot? Your honeymoon destination? Maybe the city, town, or restaurant where you met your partner? Any place that holds a special meaning to you can make a wonderful baby name.
  • Your heritage: If your baby’s first and last names sound traditionally American, why not choose a middle name that’s rooted somewhere in your family’s culture? This is a fantastic way to honor your heritage. Discovering your ancestry is so easy to do these days and will even be beneficial for your baby!
  • Combining existing names: Go through names in your family and combine two to get a unique middle name. For instance, take both grandmothers’ names, e.g., Ellen and Louise to make Eloise, or both paternal grandparents, like Joseph and Evan to create Josan.

What Not To Do When Deciding on Your Baby’s Name

Some things should definitely be avoided when naming your baby. 

  • Avoid choosing trendy misspellings: Jakxxsen or Mykkalea will confuse everyone around you and get old pretty fast!
  • Don’t forget the potential nicknames: Can their name be shortened to something inappropriate for bully fodder?
  • Don’t forget to consider the initials: Same as above! Also, this won’t just affect them in the playground. Unfortunate initials will plague their CV, dating profile, mortgage application, you name it!
  • Don’t ignore the name meaning: Okay, not everyone is going to be looking up your child’s name meaning, but it will surely sting to know that the name you adore holds a horrible meaning.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to alliteration: Peter? Lovely name. Piper? Great last name. Together? (see above “bully fodder”!)
  • Avoid having the same number of syllables for each name: Vary it up, but make sure it still flows well when spoken aloud.
  • Don’t broadcast your baby name idea to everyone: If you’re holding onto a baby name you love, keep it private until after your bundle of joy arrives. Nothing sours your cherished baby name more than soaking up months’ worth of unsolicited opinions and harsh reactions before your due date!

Is a Middle Name Required?

Middle names are not required by any means.

However, many parents choose them to help differentiate their child from others, especially if their baby has a very common first or last name (or both).

If your child has an unusual first and last name, this can be enough to help them stand out in search results for identification purposes or when applying for a job.

Otherwise, a unique and memorable middle name can be beneficial.

For some, middle names are about upholding tradition, so choosing to give your child a middle name or not is ultimately a personal decision.