Big List of Middle Names for Madelyn (66 Must-See Ideas)

Many parents put considerable thought into choosing the “perfect” name for their child. Naming a newborn can be a meaningful way to connect with your baby, even before they are born.

The name Madelyn, also spelled Madeline, has been a popular name for the last 100 years or so in America and currently ranks number 67 on the most popular baby girl names list. 

Meaning of Madelyn 

The name Madelyn has roots in the English, French, and Hebrew languages. The English spelling is typically Madeline, which is adapted from the French Madeleine.

The French developed this name from Magdalene, which was the name given to Mary Magdalene in the New Testament who was a follower of Jesus.

Her name helped distinguish her from other Marys in the Bible as well as reference the village she was from by the Sea of Galilee. Simply translated, Madelyn means tower

One-Syllable Middle Names for Madelyn

With Madelyn being a longer name, many parents might choose to use a shorter, one-syllable middle name. Here are some great options:

  • Anne
  • Blair
  • Bryn
  • Claire
  • Eve
  • Elle
  • Faith
  • Grace
  • Gray
  • Hope
  • Kate
  • Lane
  • Mae
  • Maeve
  • Pearl
  • Quinn
  • Skye
  • Sloane
  • Tess
  • Wren

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Madelyn

Some great two-syllable middle names are:

  • Alice
  • Autumn
  • Ava
  • Bella
  • Ella
  • Emma
  • Harper
  • Hazel
  • Isla
  • Lily
  • Nicole
  • Olive
  • Piper
  • Riley
  • Ruby
  • Willow

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Madelyn 

Just because Madelyn itself has three syllables doesn’t mean parents have to forego a longer middle name. Middle names that have three syllables and go with Madelyn are:

  • Annabelle
  • Christina 
  • Eleanor
  • Eliza
  • Isabel
  • Lillian
  • Lorelei
  • Margaret
  • Naomi
  • Savannah
  • Sophia 
  • Violet

Unique Middle Names for Madelyn

Some parents choose a more traditional first name and get more creative or unique with the middle name. The following list provides some uncommon names to use with Madelyn. 

  • Adele
  • Caprice
  • Cherish
  • Fern
  • Leigh
  • Jade
  • Lake
  • Meadow
  • Blue
  • Mae
  • Ivy
  • Dakota
  • Della
  • Celine
  • Luna
  • Trinity
  • Eyre
  • Demi

Tips for Choosing Your Baby’s Name

There are several things that parents should consider before naming their child.

Baby-naming experts advise avoiding trendy names that they might regret later. They also recommend looking at your family tree and considering using a family name that might honor your heritage and/or someone important to you.

Parents should contemplate all possible nicknames that could go with the chosen name and be mindful of the initials for their child. Parents should like the sound of the name alone and when paired with the middle name.

Experts also advise not to stress too much about it. You will eventually love the name because it is synonymous with your baby. 

Baby Names To Avoid

It’s best to avoid baby names that are very popular. Your child could be saddled with their name and an initial or a nickname due to name confusion in school or other social activities.

Also, avoid naming your baby something that will cause the child to be mocked or teased simply because of their name.

Names that are hard to spell can also be hard for kids to navigate. Avoid names that can be given a cruel nickname or a nickname you don’t like.

Lastly, avoid naming your baby after a celebrity or public figure who is known to be controversial.  

Madelyn Spelling Variations

The name Madelyn has several spelling variations. Madelyn is the more English version of the French name Madeleine, which has also been shortened to Madeline.

Magda is the Arabic version of Madelyn. Other variations include Madelynn and Madalyn. 

Nicknames for Madelyn

Nicknames for Madelyn include:

  • Madds
  • Maddi
  • Maddy
  • Maddie
  • Madi
  • Mads
  • Mady
  • Lynny
  • Lynn

Final Thoughts 

Madelyn is a beautiful name for your baby girl. Finding the perfect middle name to go with such an elegant name will hopefully be made easier with this list.

Names help provide an identity, and parents can help their children by putting thought and consideration into naming them well.