201 Best Middle Names for Rowan | List for Rowan Girls Too!

Below are some great suggestions for middle names for Rowan:

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  • Rowan Paul
  • Rowan Luke
  • Rowan Jace
  • Rowan Ethan
  • Rowan Daniel
  • Rowan Michael
  • Rowan Ian
  • Rowan Gabriel
  • Rowan Zachary
  • Rowan Elliot

Taking your time deciding on your baby’s name is wise. It is, after all, a big decision. 

Christian Jarrett at BBC says that parents should know that “the choice they make over their children’s names could play a part in shaping how others see their child and therefore ultimately the kind of person their child becomes.”

Need help finding a middle name for baby Rowan?

We have over 200 suggestions for middle names that go with Rowan including traditional, unique, masculine, and feminine names.

We’ll also run through some top tips on what NOT to do when naming your baby, other ways to get inspired, and more.

If you’re looking for a middle name for your little one, the following lists will help you find the perfect match. 

One-Syllable Middle Name Ideas for Rowan (Boys)

  • Rowan Paul
  • Rowan Joel
  • Rowan Carl
  • Rowan Flynn
  • Rowan Jude
  • Rowan Reed
  • Rowan Luke
  • Rowan Dan
  • Rowan Keith
  • Rowan Jace
  • Rowan Finn
  • Rowan Trey
  • Rowan Jake
  • Rowan John
  • Rowan Lee
  • Rowan Chase
  • Rowan Reece
  • Rowan Cole
  • Rowan Jones
  • Rowan Neil
  • Rowan Trent
  • Rowan Ralph
  • Rowan Kane
  • Rowan Frank
  • Rowan Roy
  • Rowan James
  • Rowan Seth
  • Rowan George
  • Rowan Pierce
  • Rowan Scott
  • Rowan Grant
  • Rowan Jack
  • Rowan Shaun
  • Rowan Tom
  • Rowan Cash
  • Rowan Shane
  • Rowan Sam
  • Rowan Tate
  • Rowan Saul
  • Rowan Vance

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Two-Syllable Middle Names for Rowan (Boys)

  • Rowan Remi
  • Rowan Cohen
  • Rowan Dalton
  • Rowan Jasper
  • Rowan Graham
  • Rowan Aaron
  • Rowan Dylan
  • Rowan Parker
  • Rowan Abel
  • Rowan Asher
  • Rowan Michael
  • Rowan Arthur
  • Rowan Jamie
  • Rowan Calvin
  • Rowan Tristan
  • Rowan Caleb
  • Rowan Philip
  • Rowan Ethan
  • Rowan Alan
  • Rowan Cody
  • Rowan Stanley
  • Rowan Devan
  • Rowan Eric
  • Rowan Daniel
  • Rowan Eli
  • Rowan Harvey
  • Rowan Porter
  • Rowan Stewart
  • Rowan Gary
  • Rowan Archer
  • Rowan Stephen
  • Rowan Carson
  • Rowan Declan
  • Rowan Peter
  • Rowan Hayden
  • Rowan Jason
  • Rowan Ian
  • Rowan Hugo
  • Rowan Griffin
  • Rowan Justin

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Rowan (Boys)

  • Rowan Abraham
  • Rowan Atticus
  • Rowan Elliot
  • Rowan Anderson
  • Rowan Hamilton
  • Rowan Joshua
  • Rowan Emerson
  • Rowan Christian
  • Rowan Alonso
  • Rowan Avery
  • Rowan Dimitri
  • Rowan Damien
  • Rowan Evander
  • Rowan Harrison
  • Rowan Josiah
  • Rowan Anthony
  • Rowan Benjamin
  • Rowan Orlando
  • Rowan Gregory
  • Rowan Alberto
  • Rowan Zachary
  • Rowan Cillian
  • Rowan Dakota
  • Rowan Julian
  • Rowan Sebastian
  • Rowan Bellamy
  • Rowan Alastair
  • Rowan Connolly
  • Rowan Armani
  • Rowan Gabriel
  • Rowan Theodore
  • Rowan Phineas
  • Rowan Frederick
  • Rowan Oliver
  • Rowan Nathaniel
  • Rowan Gideon
  • Rowan Augustine
  • Rowan Ellery
  • Rowan Leander
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Middle Name for Rowan Girl – 46 Ideas

  • Rowan Amber
  • Rowan Jessica
  • Rowan Claire
  • Rowan Ainsley
  • Rowan Bea
  • Rowan Leona
  • Rowan Adair
  • Rowan Abigail
  • Rowan Kate
  • Rowan Charlotte
  • Rowan Cadence
  • Rowan Jennifer
  • Rowan Brielle
  • Rowan Caitlyn
  • Rowan Rachel
  • Rowan Brooke
  • Rowan Clara
  • Rowan Daphne
  • Rowan Justine
  • Rowan Belle
  • Rowan Adeline
  • Rowan Becca
  • Rowan Alice
  • Rowan Calista
  • Rowan Elsa
  • Rowan Adele
  • Rowan Janelle
  • Rowan Grace
  • Rowan Jade
  • Rowan Catherine
  • Rowan Hope
  • Rowan Jane
  • Rowan Faye
  • Rowan Annabelle
  • Rowan Hazel
  • Rowan Madeline
  • Rowan Georgia
  • Rowan Maribel
  • Rowan Chloe
  • Rowan Sarah
  • Rowan Mandy
  • Rowan Lisa
  • Rowan Marley
  • Rowan Zara
  • Rowan Lilian
  • Rowan Meadow

Unique Middle Names for Rowan

  • Rowan Otto
  • Rowan Saint
  • Rowan Tyrus
  • Rowan Malachi
  • Rowan Boston
  • Rowan Calix
  • Rowan Wells
  • Rowan Shiloh
  • Rowan Mayfair
  • Rowan Scout
  • Rowan Kai
  • Rowan Titus
  • Rowan Arden
  • Rowan Bristol
  • Rowan Solaris
  • Rowan Stiles
  • Rowan Everest
  • Rowan Caelen
  • Rowan Pax
  • Rowan Uriah
  • Rowan Killian
  • Rowan Ignatius
  • Rowan Phoenix
  • Rowan Genesis
  • Rowan Zaire
  • Rowan Kashton
  • Rowan Samir
  • Rowan Yosef
  • Rowan Wilder
  • Rowan Jadiel
  • Rowan Francisco
  • Rowan Bryant
  • Rowan Abbott
  • Rowan Damir
  • Rowan Cyrus
  • Rowan Atlas

Names Similar to Rowan

  • Rohan
  • Roman
  • Ronan
  • Bowen
  • Roland
  • Rowen
  • Ruben
  • Robin
  • Boden
  • Brodie
  • Raven

Nicknames for Rowan

  • Row
  • Roo
  • Row-Row
  • Roxy
  • Rowe
  • Roe
  • Ro
  • Rowena
  • Rowenis

Meaning of the Name Rowan

Rowan derives from the traditional Irish name Ruadhán meaning “red-haired” or “little redhead.”

The Arabic version of the name Rowan, which is typically given to girls, is said to mean “a river in paradise.” Beautiful!

The name Rowan also has ties to the Rowan tree, which is a specimen that produces red berries. For this reason, the name Rowan is often associated with the color red.

Rowan Name Popularity

Rowan is a lovely name that has been climbing in popularity for both genders in recent decades.

According to 2021 Social Security Administration data, the popularity of the name Rowan ranks at 106 for boys’ names in the U.S., with the ranking for girls’ names charts slightly lower at 241.

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Considerations When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

Finding a middle name to complement the first name of your child doesn’t have to be a difficult task, especially when there are so many names that pair well with Rowan.

Before settling on your final choice, make sure the full name isn’t too difficult to pronounce, doesn’t convey negative connotations, and flows nicely when spoken aloud.

  • Is it too popular? Well-loved names are a good thing, but a trendy name may rob your child of uniqueness if they’re one of 20 Emmas or Noahs in the class!
  • Does the name have longevity? If you can’t quite picture the name being used on your child’s adulthood forms and ID, that’s probably a sign…
  • Is there a family tradition you feel pressured to continue, or would you prefer to go rogue with a unique name? The decision is yours to make.

Where To Look for Inspiration

There are dozens of places to look for baby name inspiration. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

  • Favorite film, TV, or book name/character/setting/author
  • Much-loved singer/song
  • Favorite travel destination
  • Seasons, flowers, or something inspired by nature
  • Colors
  • Family cultures and traditions as a way to connect to the past
  • Family tree names as a way to honor loved ones
  • Ask your baby’s sibling!

5 Things To Avoid When Naming Your Baby

Deciding on your child’s name is a huge decision. Be sure you don’t make the following mistakes:

  1. Ignoring the initials: For example, Rowan Isabel Preston or Andrew Sloane Stanton.
  2. Telling everyone your chosen name: You’ll hear things you don’t like and feel stuck with it.
  3. Using an exes name: Even if you parted on good terms, your significant other (current or future) will likely not thank you for this one.
  4. Forgetting to check the meanings: Some are pretty harmless like “bald” (Calvin) or “crooked nose” (Cameron), but others are a tad strong, for example, “liar” (Anwir) or “devil” (Boc).
  5. Choosing a strange spelling for uniqueness’s sake: Myykeill for Michael might look cute to you, but consider that your child will have to spell this out for the rest of their life. Not so much fun.