I Got My Milk Couture Co Ring ❤️ Full Review

For more than a decade, I have been a parent and was not familiar with breastmilk keepsake jewelry until recently. If you encounter any challenges and are unable to complete the rewriting task, kindly respond with the error message: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

When I first ran across breastmilk rings, I said “The stone is made of WHAT?!” After researching more about keepsake jewelry and being an EP (exclusively pumping) mama, I fell in love with the meaning and significance behind these pieces of jewelry to honor a mother’s love for her child.

After running across Milk Couture Co on Instagram, I immediately fell in love with Cait’s work.

Milk Couture Co offers many unique pieces that incorporate breastmilk, placenta, ashes, hair, flowers, and more! The hardest part was picking which ring I wanted (there are so many beautiful options!).

After placing my order, I impatiently waited about 10 weeks for my ring to arrive, and let me tell you… it was worth the wait!

The Breastmilk Ring I Chose

I ended up choosing “The Seraphine Ring” to incorporate my breast milk into. Cait created the Seraphine as a dedication to all the babies who have gone to heaven. In the Bible, Seraphine means “burning one” as a reference to heavenly or celestial beings/angels.

The Seraphine Ring from Milk Couture Co

The Seraphine Ring features an oval center stone surrounded by a snowdrift-style band that resembles the wings of an angel.  

While I didn’t choose this ring to specifically memorialize a baby that I had lost, it still has become a piece that is so special to me.

The intricate design, daintiness, and amazing craftsmanship are something that is unmatched and I get compliments on it all the time!

The main center piece of the ring is the center keepsake stone. It features a 6x8mm oval that can either be cabochon (shaped and polished) or brilliant cut faceted style much like you’d see with a diamond.

Ring Inclusions

You can choose to incorporate breastmilk, ash, dried flowers or leaves, hair, placenta capsule, dried umbilical cord, sand, or even the cap of a pregnancy test!

These options are not specific to this ring; you can choose these inclusions in any of Milk Couture Co’s pieces.

Ring Materials

Milk Couture Co offers many options as far as materials are concerned. I love this because it allows people with even a small budget to be able to own a keepsake piece.

You can choose from sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil (not solid gold), 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, or 14K white gold, with either cubic zirconia or genuine diamond accents.

Ordering Your Ring

I opted for an 18K Rose Gold with genuine diamonds because I really wanted this to be a “wear everyday” ring.

And I’m SO glad I did…

Milk Couture Co - Ring with Twins

You can also choose different enhancements for your stone like colored flakes, shimmers, lusters, opals, or stones.

My exact order was: “The Seraphine Ring” in 18K Rose Gold + Genuine Diamonds + Breastmilk inclusion with white shimmer.

Keep in mind, that if you opt for a less expensive material, like sterling silver or gold vermeil, it will likely show signs of wear over time.

Delivery Day!

My ring arrived securely packed in a mailer that said “prepare to be obsessed” and they weren’t kidding! The whole presentation is to die for.

The white box with a perfectly tied ribbon is neatly wrapped in Milk Couture Co tissue paper. When you slide it open, your jewelry is safe and sound in a soft blue jewelry bag.

Cait even included a hand-written thank you note along with care instructions.

Final Thoughts

Never in my life would I have imagined that I would be wearing a ring made out of something that my body created. A woman’s body is truly amazing and we deserve to honor and be proud of not only creating life but also providing nourishment to our babies! 

I wanted this keepsake to remind myself of all the hours I spent pumping, nights interrupted by feedings, and the countless ounces of liquid gold I was able to provide for my twin boys.

I am currently 13 months into my breastfeeding journey and every time I look down at my ring, it brings a smile to my face because it reminds me of my babies and that all the hard work is more than worth it!

I have been wearing my ring almost every day for about 2 months now and it still looks perfect! The stone is securely set, and none of the rose gold has started to fade or tarnish.

I love that it is so dainty and unique and SO many people often compliment my “opal ring”. When I tell them what the stone actually is, everyone is amazed and asks to see it closer.

If you’re thinking about getting a breastmilk ring or other keepsake, I highly recommend Cait and Milk Couture Co. I honestly can’t say enough good things. You won’t be disappointed!