20 Fun Baby Shower Games for Twins That Are Sure To Be a Hit

Having entertaining games at a baby shower is essential, especially when the expectant mother is pregnant with twins. Thus, it is necessary to have unique games specifically for twins.

As a twin mom, I’ve put together 20 of my favorite games for twin baby showers.

1. Twin Diapering or Swaddling Race

You’ve seen the classic put-the-diaper-on-the-baby race at baby showers before. This has the same idea, only you have TWO babies to diaper or swaddle instead of one!

Whoever diapers/swaddles both babies first gets the prize! To make it even more challenging and fun, blindfold the players! 

2. Race To Match Sock Pairs

You can’t have one without the other! Twins are a perfect match. Scatter baby socks throughout the venue and then have guests race to make as many matches as they can. 

Another twist on this game would be to give the mom-to-be a glimpse into her future!

Give her a laundry basket FULL of clean, but unsorted, baby socks. Have each guest guess how long it will take her to find the pairs and fold all of the baby socks. The guest with the closest guess wins! 

3. Don’t Say “Twins” Challenge

It’s almost impossible not to say “twins” at a baby shower for twins, so this will definitely keep guests on their toes!

Give each guest a few clothespins, and every time someone hears them say “Twins,” they lose a clothespin! The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize! 

4. Twin Facts Competition

Not many people know much about twins unless they have twins or are a twin themself. Challenge your guests’ knowledge with a True/False game about twins!

Statements could include, “Identical twins have the same fingerprint.” or “Fraternal twins are always boy/girl.”

At the shower, give each guest a list of statements, and have them select True or False without conferring with each other. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

5. My Water Broke Game

This is a fun game that you can play throughout the entire baby shower. Freeze little toy babies (find them here) in ice cubes, and place one in every guest’s drink.

Be sure to warn guests so there are no choking incidents! As the shower progresses, the ice will melt and the babies will float to the top.

The first guest to shout “My water broke!” once their baby reaches the top of their cup and give the baby to the host is the winner! 

6. Name Things That Come in Pairs

Shoes, socks, gloves, earrings… your guests have one minute to write down as many things that come in pairs that they can think of! The person with the longest list wins the prize. 

7. Twin-Themed Bingo

You could call it Twingo! Twin baby bingo is just like ordinary bingo, but instead of numbers, you use twin-related comments that the mother is likely to hear many, many times for the next several years!

For example:

  • “You’ve got your hands full!”
  • “Are they identical?”
  • “Do twins run in your family?”

The first person to complete a row must call out “Twingo!” to win!  Another option instead of having your board say B-I-N-G-O, would be to have it say T-W-I-N to make it more fun! 

8. Guess How Big the Belly Is

This game is a classic, and it seems even more fun when the mom-to-be is expecting twins!

Give each guest some twine, and have them guess how big Mama’s belly is! I was stunned by how many people overestimated the size of my twin belly at my baby shower! 

A group of ladies at a baby shower with their hands on the mother's belly.

9. Twin-Themed Charades

This is another fun, classic baby shower game. Guests choose from a stack of cards with different baby-related actions to act out.

The actions can include changing a diaper, folding up the stroller, putting baby to sleep, etc. 

For twin-themed charades, you can use similar actions as you would at a normal baby shower, but throw in a few twin-related actions such as: 

  • Double bouncing babies
  • Feeding two babies
  • Carrying two car seats

10. Guess How Much It Costs

Have a basket full of a bunch of baby items including diapers, wipes, creams, soap, pacifiers, bibs, etc., and have guests guess the total cost of the basket.

The guest with the closest guess wins a prize. To make it extra twin related, have your guests DOUBLE the cost! 

A perk of this game is that the mom-to-be gets a beautiful basket full of baby essentials that she will use daily! 

11. Twin Trivia

A fun game that was played at my twin baby shower was twin trivia. Each guest had trivia questions related to famous twins to try and answer on their own.

The host then went through the answers, and the guest with the most correct answers took the prize! 

12. Double Doodie

Each guest is given a mini “diaper” made of felt and a clothespin. Two guests have a special surprise in their diaper — a tootsie roll out of its wrapper! Yes, it is meant to look like a tiny poop.

The guests with the poop in their diapers win a prize! This game is a little on the gross side, but if you have wacky friends and family, they will likely get a good hoot and holler out of the game!

The hollers will probably get louder if the winners eat the tootsie rolls too! 

13. What’s My Name?

Naming twins can be really fun, but it’s also challenging! Give your guests the experience of picking out twin names by allowing each guest to submit one pair of name ideas for the mom-to-be!

14. Celebrity Twin Baby Match

Match each celebrity with their twins’ names! Guests will be shocked to realize how many celebrities have twins!

Think Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Ashton Kutcher, Beyonce, and Angelina Jolie! The guest with the most correct answers wins! 

A group of women taking selfies at a baby shower.

15. Alike or Different?

Have your guests submit their guesses for what the new twins will be like! Will they be alike or different?

Give each guest a list with features such as eyes, hair, personality, smile, food preferences, sleep patterns, etc., and have your guests predict the ways the babies will be alike and/or different. 

16. Diaper Raffle

Each guest who brings a pack of diapers gets a raffle ticket for a drawing at the end of the shower.

If guests bring more than one pack of diapers, they get more tickets and more chances to win the prize! This is a great way to help the parents-to-be stock up on diapers! 

17. Twin Jeopardy

Create a twin jeopardy game with various twin-related categories! 

18. Mommy or Daddy

Have guests predict which twin (A or B) will be most like mommy or daddy. Give guests a list of features such as eyes, hair, smile, personality, etc., and have them guess away! 

19. Dad Jokes

This one isn’t necessarily related to twins, but it can be fun! Give guests a list of dad jokes that they have to try and answer. The guest with the most correct answers wins the prize! 

20. The Price is Right

Give your guests a copy of a baby essentials shopping list with items such as diapers, wipes, baby food, bottles, pacifiers, onesies, etc., and have them guess how much each item costs.

The guest with the most correct answers wins the prize.