25 Single Mom Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Make It Special!

For individuals who may encounter cultural judgment and discrimination, especially single mothers, announcing a pregnancy can be a daunting task. This can lead to an unpleasant and uneasy situation.

Your pregnancy news is joyful and worthy of celebrating in any way you see fit.

Take back control of how this incredible new chapter is shared with your world whether that’s your family, co-workers, close friends, or all of the above.

Here are 25 beautiful and fun ways to announce your single-mom pregnancy!

1. Post a Picture of Your Sonagram

A pair of baby shoes, a blue bow, and a sonogram photo arranged on a wood table.

Sharing your sonogram pic always makes for a cute and classic way to share the news and leaves no room for interpretation since most people recognize a sonogram photo!

You could consider adding a caption with the words “Can’t wait to meet you!” You could photograph the sonogram pic beside a mini desk calendar with a heart circling your expected due date.

Holding the sonogram photo in front of your belly can be another sweet way to announce it.

2. Photo of Tiny Baby Shoes Next to Your Shoes

A pair of pink baby shoes nestled inside a pair of blue high heels.

Hearts would have to be made of stone not to melt a little at the sight of teeny baby shoes placed next to or in adult ones!

You can go with lots of different aesthetics for this too.

For example, for a soft, plushy flat lay, you could place little baby booties next to your slippers or place some sneakers or baby rain boots next to your own on the welcome mat or on the grass.

3. Pregnancy-Reveal T-Shirt

Let your clothing make the statement for you with a cute shirt or sweater with a pregnancy message written on it.

You could make a fun game of it by wearing it underneath a shirt or jacket on a hot day until — voilà — you reveal the good news to people.

Don’t make it a one-off throwaway T-shirt for the sake of the announcement — order a baggy, oversized style, and you have a cute maternity tee!

4. Create a Flat-Lay

If you’re familiar with Instagram, you know how beautiful a flat-lay can look. Flat-lays are essentially a bunch of items/props laid out on a flat surface and photographed from above.

First, decide what you’d like your main items to be — baby shoes, sonogram, onesie, dried flowers, a soft toy, etc. Keep it to a maximum of 3-4 items to keep things simple.

Next, choose a pretty backdrop like a plush blanket or dark wooden floor/table for contrast.

5. Use Your Dog To Announce the News

Your fur babies can make great models when it comes to announcing the impending arrival of your human baby. There are so many cute and quirky ways to go about this one too.

You could have your dogs wear custom-made neckerchiefs that say: “Big Sister” or “Big Brother.”

For a large dog, take a pic with your pooch next to a crib with the caption: “This is my new bed, right?” or “How am I supposed to fit in this, Mom?”

6. Picture of Positive Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test showing positive results resting on a table.

A great old-school way to announce the happy news is with a snap of your positive pregnancy test!

Depending on your preference, this could be part of a beautiful flat-lay surrounded by flowers.

For a humorous spin, share a photo of the test stick on your bathroom counter or toilet seat to convey your immediate excitement/shock/awe, perhaps with a cheeky caption like: “Don’t worry, I washed my hands before taking the pic.”

7. Create Personalized Cards

Announce the joyful news with a set of personalized cards. A personal card makes a great gift for friends and loved ones and is such a lovely thing to receive in the mail.

You could have a copy of your sonogram printed on the inside of the card or your due date with a personalized message for the grandparents, aunt, or uncle-to-be of your little one!

8. Give Out Custom-Made Chocolates To Spread the News

A tray of custom chocolates at a party.

Say it with chocolates! Swing by with a cute personalized box like this, and watch your family and friends’ faces light up when they open it.

You could even opt for different messages depending on the receiver, e.g., “You’re going to be a Grandma” or a simple “I’m Pregnant” if you’re revealing the news to a large group.

9. Post a Picture of a Wine Glass With “Do Not Refill Until (Due Date)” Sign

You may not be able to enjoy a glass for the foreseeable future, but you can try to see the funny side of your booze-free ordeal.

Share a pic of your sonogram alongside an empty wine glass with a post-it note attached reading: “Do Not Refill Until (month of your due date).

Instead of including a sonogram, another fun way to get the message across could be to place a baby bottle next to an empty wine glass.

10. Picture of You Beside a “Bump Ahead” Road Sign

When the perfect pregnancy-related sign comes your way, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity. Why not take a selfie the next time you find yourself near a “Bump Ahead” road sign?

You could even go for a simple yellow speed hump symbol if you want to be a little more cryptic.

“Speed Bump Ahead” may work at a stretch (no pun intended), but your baby bump won’t start growing speedily until around week 21!

11. Host a Dinner Party

A group of friends enjoying a dinner party outside.

Sometimes there’s no better way to share and celebrate momentous news like this than with a dinner party for your nearest and dearest.

Mom-of-two Gemma from the parenting blog Seaside Sundays shares an awesome idea for a pregnancy-reveal dinner party:

“Using a baby fruit size chart tracking how big your baby will be week-by-week, find out when the dinner is scheduled for and plan your menu accordingly. For example, at week 14, your baby will be the size of a peach, so serve up peach cobbler for dessert!”

12. Bring a Cake to Work With Message on Top

Breaking the news of your pregnancy in the workplace can be a little daunting, but a great way to break the ice with colleagues is usually with cake.

Presuming you have already (privately) informed your boss of your pregnancy at this point, why not take a cake to work with a simple message announcing your bundle of joy. We love this cute concept for a work cake!

13. Pregnancy-Reveal Coffee Cup

A really fun way to share your news individually with a parent, sibling, or your BFF is with a coffee cup reveal.

There are a few ways you can do this. Get them a gift with a personalized message hidden in the bottom of the coffee mug like this.

You could also buy each person a special mug that sends a clear message, like “I’m the aunt of the cutest baby in the world” or “Promoted to Grandpa.”

14. Make Custom Onesies for Family Members

Melt hearts with a set of personalized onesies for each member of your family.

You can deliver a onesie printed with a custom message such as “I can’t wait to meet you Auntie [their name]” or “Hi Grandpa!”

15. “Bun in the Oven” Apron

Why not let a classic pregnancy pun do the work for you? Perhaps you could invite family or friends over for dinner proudly wearing your apron as you greet them at the door.

Alternatively, cover more ground by donning the apron in a social media post, perhaps with a fun caption like: “I’m cooking something a little extra this Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter.”

16. Scratch-Off Baby Announcements

Finding out you are pregnant can feel as if you’ve won the lottery, so surprising others with a scratch card is a pretty apt way of announcing the news we think!

There are some really adorable scratch-off baby reveal cards out there, usually with an intriguing message like “I have something to tell you..” next to a thin layer of foil hiding the good news!

17. Create a Personal Slideshow of Your Life Past to Present

Put together a photo slideshow of your past self to the present day.

This could be a compilation of places you’ve traveled or some memorable moments growing up with the last slide titled something like “Now I’m ready for my biggest adventure yet!” with a picture of baby booties or your sonogram.

18. Record Baby Heartbeat at Appointment To Share Later

Grandparents looking at a phone with happy and surprised expressions on their faces.

You can usually get a recording of the sound of your baby’s heartbeat at your sonogram appointment.

While visiting your loved ones, tell them you’re in the mood for some music and watch their reaction as you play it!

19. Pass Out Homemade Message Cookies

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart for this reveal. Make some simple sugar cookies, and using some icing, pipe out a fun message like “Baby on Board,” “Oh Baby!” or your due date with the words “Coming Soon!”

If baking isn’t your thing, you could always have a bakery make you a dozen or so with custom messages.

20. Custom Fortune Cookies

Custom fortune cookies with gender-reveal messages.

Fortune cookies aren’t just for restaurants — why not hide your pregnancy news inside them and send them out to family, friends, or co-workers?

You can get a batch of custom-made fortune cookies with your own personal message inside. Hand them out after dinner and watch the fireworks!

21. Letter Board

Using a letter board is a cute and classy way to share the happy news in a flat-lay social media post.

You can get basic letter boards or ones that include cute symbols and emojis to really let you personalize your announcement.

22. Custom Wine Bottle Labels

A bottle of wine is always a great gift, but it’s even better with a tongue-in-cheek pregnancy reveal on the label.

Treat your loved ones to a bottle with a custom label such as: “I can’t drink this, but you can” or “Have a drink for me — I’m pregnant!”

23. Hand Out Custom M&Ms

Did you know that you can design your own M&Ms? The candy company allows you to choose your own color and add text, image, or clip-art onto your confections!

They also have blue and pink “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” favor packs.

24. Save the Date Cards

Save the Dates are not just for weddings, so why not mark your due date this way too? This is a great option if you have family and friends living far away and gives them a keepsake to cherish.

25. Order Custom Announcement From Etsy

Etsy is home to some truly beautiful items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Some of our favorite finds include a hand-embroidered pillow for the grandparents and a clever custom jigsaw puzzle that reveals the wonderful news piece by piece!

That’s a Wrap!

However you decide to announce your single mom pregnancy is 100% up to you, and we hope you’ve found some inspiration from these cheeky, fun, and heartfelt reveal ideas!