52 Inspiring Ideas for Telling Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Announcing the joyful news of your pregnancy is a special and exciting moment for your loved ones. It holds great significance for them.

Each year, people are getting more and more creative with how they choose to make their big announcement. There are so many funny, sneaky, sweet, unique, and creative ways to let your parents know that you are pregnant!

Browse through over 50 of our favorite ideas, and find the perfect fit for your family! Whether you are looking for something funny, sneaky, casual, or sentimental, there is an option for everybody!

1. Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket

Are your parents into lottery tickets? Pretend to buy them a scratch-off lottery ticket. They’ll definitely feel like they got the winning ticket!

2. Wear a Pregnancy-Reveal T-Shirt

Grab a cute “Mama” T-shirt, and wear it to the next family gathering! 

3. Baby Onesie

This one is a classic! Wrap up a cute baby onesie with a clever saying on it, and give it as a gift to your parents. Tears are guaranteed when they open it! 

4. Dad Hat

Have your husband or partner wear a hat that says “Dad” or something along those lines. See how long it takes for your parents to notice. This will be extra sneaky if your husband wears hats frequently!

A black bowler hat with a heart-shaped sign that says Best Dad Ever.

5. Bun in the Oven

The classic of all classics! Invite your parents over for dinner, and let them know that there is a bun in the oven — literally and metaphorically! 

6. Write a Poem

Are you a poetic person? A grandparent-to-be poem can be a real tear-jerker! They are also lifetime keepsakes that your parents will treasure. 

7. Personalized Card

This is a timeless idea, especially for parents who love receiving cards. Create a cute, personalized card to share your big news! 

8. “Accidentally” Leave Out the Pregnancy Test

Do you know that your parents will be coming over? “Accidentally” leave the pregnancy test in a place they will see it. 

A daughter sharing pregnancy test results with her mother at the table.

9. Send Them a Recording of the Heartbeat

This is such a beautiful and special way to share the news with your parents. 

10. Pregnancy Announcement Coupon 

Create a “coupon” for your parents that is “Valid For One Grandchild.” 

11. Play a Game of Charades

Looking for a fun way to break the news? Host a family game night, and play a game of Charades. At some point, make them guess “You’re pregnant!” or something similar. 

12. Use Your Fur Baby 

Any pet lovers out there? Put a cute bandana on your pup to announce the “new human” arrival!

13. Siblings Photoshoot

Not your first baby? Doing a photo shoot with your other children is a cute way to announce the new addition. Dress them in some sibling swag, and they will have so much fun sharing the news of their little sibling!

14. Running for Big Sib Election Poster

We all know what election signs look like, right? Get a custom sign made that looks like your older child is “running” for Big Sibling. Put it in your yard when you know your parents are visiting. 

15. “Alexa, Call Grandma” While With Your Mom

Having a girl’s day with your mom? Offer to call your grandma so that the two of you can talk to her together.

Replace your mom’s name in your phone with “Grandma,” and her phone will ring when you tell Alexa to call grandma. She will be shocked! 

16. Write a Letter From Your Baby

This is another sentimental way to announce your pregnancy. Write the grandparents-to-be a sweet letter from your baby. Thank them for their love, and tell them how excited the baby is to meet them!

17. Grandparents T-Shirts

What grandparent doesn’t have a grandparent t-shirt? If you already know what your parents’ “grandparent” names will be, this is a great gift idea to share the exciting news!

18. Framed Sonogram Photo

Give the grandparents-to-be their own copy of an ultrasound picture. Frame it, and give it to them as a “just because” gift or on a special occasion.

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19. Mark Their Calendar With Your Due Date

The next time you are at your parents’ home, secretly change their calendar to show your due date. Mark the day with a big heart and label it your due date. Leave it, and see how long it takes for them to notice. 

20. Flat Lay Announcement

With the prevalence of social media, flat-lay announcements have become very popular. Simply create a flat lay with a letterboard and a few baby items for decoration, snap a picture, and post!

21. Today’s Special

Do your parents frequent a particular restaurant or cafe? Try talking with management before you go in with them next time, and see if they can display the new “lunch special” when your parents visit. 

22. Congratulations on Your Promotion!

The next time you see your father, congratulate him on his new promotion. When he asks what you are talking about, tell him that he is being promoted to Grandpa! 

23. Wrap Up a Gift for Them To Open

Are you wanting to make your announcement during the holidays? Have your parents open a special gift, such as a framed ultrasound, grandparent swag, a children’s book, or anything baby-related to share your happy news. 

24. Add an Extra Stocking

Are you hosting any Christmas family gatherings? Add an extra stocking on your mantle for your newest addition, and wait for the family to see it! 

25. Christmas Ornament

Are you crafty? Homemade ornaments are so special and can be a great way to make your announcement! If crafting isn’t your thing, you can buy one to give as an early Christmas gift to your parents.


26. Sidewalk Chalk Announcement

Not your first pregnancy announcement? Looking for something fun and cute to share your exciting news? If you are artsy, creating a little sidewalk chalk mural on your driveway could be a great idea!

Be sure to make it nice and big on a sunny day when your parents will be visiting. This is also a great idea to get your other kiddos involved in the announcement!

27. Ultrasound Embroidery

This idea definitely requires talent! Beautiful ultrasound embroideries are trending on the Internet.

If this is something you can do or if you know someone that can, it could be a special gift that I’m sure your mom or mother-in-law would adore and cherish forever!

28. “Promoted to” Swag

Gifting your parents some “Promoted to Grandma” or “Promoted to Grandpa” swag is a classic, quick, and easy way to break the news to them. Think coffee mugs, keychains, t-shirts, bracelets — so many options!

29. “Read My Lips” Game

I found this idea on the Internet, and it looks like so much fun! Try a new game during family game night. All you need are two pairs of noise-canceling headphones and some loud music!

Have your parents put on the headphones, blast the music, and mouth the words “I’m pregnant!” or something similar. Laugh with them as they try to guess what you are saying!

30. Telephone Game

Do you remember the telephone game? Play it with your parents, and, after a few rounds, surprise them by telling them that you are pregnant! 

31. Scrabble Game

This one could be a little tricky and might require you to rig the game ahead of time, but it would be super fun! Use your turns to spell words that will eventually make a phrase to reveal your secret! 

32. Blindfolded Shoe Game 

Okay, this was a new one that I have never seen before, and I absolutely love it! Blindfold your parents, and have them attempt to tie their shoelaces. Sneak in a pair of baby shoes and watch them freak out! 

33. Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a fun scavenger hunt? When your parents visit for dinner, have a clue waiting for them at the front door.

Take them to different parts of the house finding different clues until they get to the very last one. When they get there, they’ll find you and some sort of cute pregnancy announcement!

34. Plate Reveal at a Dinner Party

This is one of those sneaky, slip-in-the-announcement types of announcements.

If you are hosting a dinner or even dessert, use custom plates that have either baby footprints or something baby related on them. Wait for someone to question it, and then spill the happy news!

35. Family Prayer

This one may not be for everyone, but if you think it would fit your family well, go for it! Offer to say the family prayer at dinner and casually pray for the health of your new baby or offer gratitude for your little one. 

Parents, children, and grandparents praying together before enjoying a meal.

36. Grandma or Grandpa Birthday Card

If your reveal falls around a birthday, get your parents a “Happy Birthday, Grandparent” card. Just be sure to tell them you aren’t just calling them old! 

37. Balloon Gift

This could be another fun one to try around a birthday or gift-giving holiday. Give your parents a wrapped gift; however, inside of each gift is another wrapped gift.

When they reach the last box, there will be balloons for them to blow up. The balloons will have “We’re Pregnant!” or something similar written on them and will be seen when they inflate the balloons. 

38. Munchkin Box

Do your parents love donut holes? Grab them a Dunkin treat, and add a cute little note inside the box to let them know that a little munchkin is on the way!

39. Fortune Cookie 

If you can find someone that makes fortune cookies, have them make a special fortune cookie that you can give to your parents. Inside they’ll find their fortune about their upcoming role. 

Fortune cookies with "It's a Boy!" tag inside.

40. Baby Teaser Video Call

Will you be sharing the news over a video call due to the long distance? Pose a stroller, car seat, or another noticeable baby item where it is clearly visible in the background. Wait for someone to question it! 

41. Laundry Time Video Call

Most daughters know that they call their mom whenever, including during chore time. Give your mom a video call while you are folding laundry. Throw in several onesies or baby clothes to fold in front of her and see if she notices!

42. Save the Date Card

These are typically used for weddings; however, this announcement is just as special, right? Send a Save-the-Date card to your parents for your due date.

Let them know that you will need help that day! Add a sweet picture of the ultrasound or pregnancy lay to make it more personal. 

43. Surprise Family Photo

This is one of my favorites! This is how my sister shared the news about her pregnancy, and I loved it.

Gather your family together for a quick picture. Before you snap the picture, say “1-2-I’m Pregnant!” Not only will you have shared the news, but you will have captured their reactions forever!

44. Grandparents Starter Kit

Put together a cute little starter kit for the grandparents-to-be. Throw in some little baby essentials, a picture, and a sweet card! 

45. Baby Food Feeding Picture

Do you live a long distance from your parents, or are you looking for something a little more low-key? Perhaps this isn’t your first announcement.

Snap a picture of you and your partner pretending to feed each other baby food. Send it out to your family, and see if they get the hint!

46. Custom Cake

Are your parents cake lovers? Or maybe you volunteered to bring dessert to the next family dinner. Bring a custom baby cake to share your news. 

47. Draw in the Sand

On a beach trip with your family? Or maybe you just want to send them a picture. Draw a cute announcement in the sand to share with them. 

48. Unwrap the Bump

This is another great virtual idea! Tie a ribbon around your bump, and tell your family that you have a gift to give them. Stand up, and show them your bump to reveal the news. 

49. Pregnancy Cravings 

This is another idea that can be done virtually or in person. While talking to your parents, start talking about things you have been eating lately that you think are so good but are actually very strange.

Think typical pregnancy cravings: pickles and peanut butter-type stuff. Hopefully, they’ll catch on and ask if you are pregnant!

50. Pregnancy Riddles

If you are creative enough, write some fun riddles that will lead them to determine that you are pregnant! 

51. Ice Cream Social 

Host an ice cream social at your house with your parents, and buy some cute, customized M&Ms as a topping. The M&Ms can have all sorts of pregnancy/baby sayings on them. Play the waiting game until someone catches on!

52. We’re Prego Spaghetti Night

Make spaghetti one night for your family using Prego spaghetti sauce. Place several jars around the kitchen, on the table, and in places for your family to see. Maybe one of them will ask about it during dinner! 

A single jar of Prego spaghetti sauce on a counter.

Closing Thoughts

Aren’t those all so fun? Informing your parents that they will be grandparents is such a beautiful and exciting time that doesn’t come too often!

Have fun with it! Choose the perfect announcement for your parents, and enjoy the moment! It’s one that neither of you will ever forget.