63 Twin Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Certain things are perfect matches. Examples include Mario and Luigi, grandmas and grandpas, peanut butter and jelly, and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell…

All these pairings make great twin Halloween costume ideas! But that’s just the beginning! Explore the lists below of amazing costumes you’re sure to love.

We have arranged the ideas by age group, but they can all be easily adjusted to fit whatever age you need!

Twin Halloween Costume Ideas for Infants

1. Two Peas in a Pod

This twin costume is a classic! Seriously a perfect description of twins and a ridiculously cute costume idea — especially for little babies. They’ll be warm and cozy all evening long. 

2. Little Pumpkins

Do you have fall twinsies? These costumes are a perfect fit for your little pumpkins! 

3. Ketchup & Mustard

These classic condiments go together almost as well as your twins do!! Make dad dress up as a hotdog, and your family costume is complete!

4. Doublemint Gum

Twins equal double everything, so why not go for a Doublemint gum costume?

5. Clark Kent & Superman

There is something extra adorable about babies in superhero costumes! This costume can easily be adapted for superhero-loving toddlers as well. They will be living their dream on Halloween night!

6. Twinkies

It doesn’t get more punny than this! This is a fun, creative way to still involve your infants in the Halloween festivities. 

7. Little Lions

These costumes are beyond precious and will make for the sweetest photos!! 

8. Little Grandmas or Grandpas

Let’s be honest. Who has not thought that their infant looks like an elderly person at least once? This costume idea is sure to get some laughs at the family gathering or while trick-or-treating. 

9. Baby Yodas

There aren’t many things cuter than baby Yoda, except TWO baby Yodas! Your babies will be the brightest stars in the galaxy in these costumes!

10. Skeletwins

This is a simple, yet cute costume and a good way to spread some Halloween vibes and get Instagram-worthy pictures of your little skeletwins!

11. Tigger & Pooh

This dynamic duo costume set is perfect for your little BFFs. 

12. Farmer & Cow

Looking for an easy DIY costume idea? What about a little farmer and cow? These costumes can be made with clothes you probably already have in your baby’s closet and a few craft supplies. 

13. Milk & Cookies

Just like your twins, you really can’t have one without the other!

14. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Need we say more? Twins go together just like peanut butter and jelly. 

15. Princess Peach & Toad

Any gamers out there? This Mario Kart duo is sure to steal the show at this year’s Halloween party!

16. Baby Chicks

Here is one for the chicks out there! What a perfect costume for twin girls! 

17. Good Witch, Wicked Witch

William Shakespeare said it best: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” This Wizard of Oz theme costume idea can easily apply to toddlers as well! 

18. Cup Noodles

Anyone hungry? Why is it that everything, even a noodle costume, is cuter on babies?! 

This is a unique idea and can be a fun DIY project as well. 

19. Partners in Crime

Your twins will hear this for the rest of their lives.. might as well play into it!! 

20. Frozen Princesses

Who wouldn’t want to be Ana and Elsa? Another costume that is adorable on babies, toddlers, and young twin girls.

21. Fairies

These fairy costumes won’t be too hard to put together at all, and you can add glitter and sparkles to your heart’s content!

Twin Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

1. Thing 1 & Thing 2

You’ve seen it before, and that’s because it is a classic twin costume that you just can’t go wrong with! Besides, if you’re a twin mom, you know you’ll be so busy chasing after them that you’ll hardly get their names right anyway!!

2. Garden Gnomes

Twins are like “gnome” other!! This costume gives off the perfect fall vibes and is incredibly cute!

3. Mario & Luigi

A new meaning to Super Mario Bros!! Do you have twin boys? You can’t have Mario without Luigi! 

4. Slinky Dog

This costume is quickly rising in popularity, and we can see why! This is a perfect twin costume, especially if your twins already love chasing each other around.

They will have a blast being Slinky Dog! An added perk is that it will be almost impossible to lose one of them!

5. Bumblebee & Ladybug

Your twins are guaranteed to be the cutest bugs in the flower patch in these costumes! 

6. Phil & Lil (Rugrats)

What’s better than dressing your twins up as the OG twins that we all know and love? This is a perfect costume for fraternal boy/girl twins! 

7. Old Timers

Do your toddlers love using walkers? Throw a wig, sweaters, and some glasses on them, and you’re all set! 

8. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

This is another one of those classic twin costume ideas! Bonus points if you have identical twin boys!  

9. Fruit Pairs

Calling all fruit or fruit snack lovers! Most toddlers love fruit, so why not dress them up as their favorite fruit for Halloween?

10. Wilderness Explorers

“THE WILDERNESS MUST BE EXPLORED! Have you ever heard of a snipe?” Inspired by the movie Up, this costume idea is great for the whole family! 

11. Pebbles & Bam Bam

YABBA-DABBA-DO!! Pebbles and Bam Bam have escaped Bedrock! Who doesn’t know and love this Flintstone duo? 

12. Unicorns

Do you need a quick and easy Halloween costume? Here it is! All you need is a sparkly unicorn horn, and you’re all set!

13. Little Mice

How cute is this?! And the little mouse trap makes it even better! Even if you don’t have the carpentry skills to make the mouse trap, the little mice costumes will still be a hit. 

14. Dinosaurs

Do you have dinosaur lovers? They will love pretending to be a part of Jurassic Park for the night!

15. Mickey & Minnie

Who doesn’t like Mickey Mouse? They’ll be doing the Hot Dog dance all night long in these costumes!

16. Buzz & Woody

What does Buzz say? Two infinity and beyond?

17. Oompa Loompas

Oompa-Loompa-Doopity-TWO! Oompa Loompas are best in pairs!

18. Jack-o’-Lanterns

A true Halloween classic! 

19. Ewoks

Any Star Wars families out there? With a few easy DIY additions, you can turn a furry bear costume into an Ewok costume!

20. Football Player & Cheerleader

Another great idea for boy/girl twins! What football player doesn’t want his very own cheerleader?

21. Masha and the Bear

This costume is based on the Russian animated television series, Masha and the Bear. 

Twin Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

1. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

And they’re off to Neverland! 

2. Snow White & Dwarf

Another boy/girl twin favorite! Which dwarf will you choose??

3. Skipper & Gilligan

Your twins may not know who they are, but that’s okay! They’ll look absolutely adorable!

4. Cruella Deville & Dalmatian

Another easy DIY costume that will have your twins looking amazing on Halloween night! 

5. Olaf & Anna (Frozen)

You may hear a lot of “Let it Go” all night long, but this costume duo is sure to be a hit. 

6. Wayne & Garth

Grab some ripped blue jeans, denim jackets, black shirts, Converse shoes, and a blonde wig, and you’ve got yourself a classic Rock-N-Roll costume! “Excellent!”

7. Harry, Loyd & Mutt Cutts Wagon

The adults at your Halloween party will get a kick out of this costume! Bonus points if one of your twins has the Loyd haircut!

8. Jellyfish

Talk about creativity! Here is a fun DIY costume to try for your older kiddos! A couple of umbrellas and some glittery fabric make for an awesome costume pair.

9. Ninja Turtles

A great costume for any twins — boys or girls! The hardest part will be choosing which Ninja Turtles to be! 

10. Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters

“It’s all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!” You can’t deny that Hocus Pocus is one of the most classic Halloween movies of all time! The Sanderson sisters are an all-time favorite!

11. Power Rangers

Your twins will feel like real superheroes for the night in these cool costumes. They’ll probably love it so much that they’ll wear the costume for months even after Halloween. 

12. Jim & Dwight (The Office)

We know there are some true fans of The Office out there who love Jim and Dwight. These are very simple costumes that are sure to get lots of attention. 

13. Superheroes

When in doubt, go for a superhero costume! 

14. Lucy & Ethel (I Love Lucy)

Here is a little throwback for you! This costume may take a bit more prep work, but it will be worth it! 

15. Good Sandy & Bad Sandy (Grease)

The most perfect costume for twin girls! So much fun, and your girls will look adorable! 

16. Danny & Sandy (Grease)

The cuteness is overwhelming! This is a MUST-DO costume at least once for every pair of boy/girl twins! 

17. Clowns

Sometimes raising twins feels like chasing clowns all the time! 

18. Flamenco Dancers

Wanting a more cultural and festive costume? Give your girls a little Spanish twist with Flamenco dancer costumes. 

19. Blippi

Do your kids love watching Blippi? Take a look at this relatively easy and super-cute costume idea! 

20. Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn

Talk about classics. This iconic duo is fantastic costume inspiration for your twin girls! 

21. The Shining Twins

A perfect costume idea if you are going for the spooky and scary vibes this Halloween!  


How did we do? Did you find something that you like? We hope that you were able to gain some inspiration and are ready to get rocking on costumes.

Who knew there were so many fun, easy, and cute costume ideas that will have your twins looking the very best? Happy Halloween!