Twin Z Pillow: Why New Parents LOVE It | Care & Use Guide

Taking care of twin infants can be double the joy, but what if you are the sole caregiver for both of them?

Enter the Twin Z Pillow – an extra pair of hands just when you need them most. 

Loved by parents all across the country, the Twin Z pillows are featured in many lists of must-have twin essentials.

What is a Twin Z Pillow?

The Twin Z Pillow was invented by twin mom, Michelle Barsosky. Michelle wanted to feed both her twins at the same time, by herself. Yet she could find nothing on the market to help.

Michelle designed and prototyped the Twin Z Pillow using her mom’s old sewing machine. A twin nursing pillow that offers so much more, the Twin Z has many uses and is incredibly versatile. 

You can use the Twin Z Pillow for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, tummy time, support for reflux, sitting, and toddler time.

The Twin Z Pillow is ideal for tandem-feeding, and whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, this can cut feeding times by half. Not only is it great for freeing up valuable time in your day, but this twin-friendly design also protects your back and neck. 

Raising your little ones up and toward your body, the Twin Z Pillow supports your babies so you’re free to sort out any latch or positioning issues. Correct positioning when breastfeeding is vital to avoid pain, to ensure your baby gets all the milk they need, and to help you continue nursing for as long as you would like. 

Featuring full back support for nursing mothers and while bottle-feeding, the Twin Z Pillow fits securely around your body with an adjustable strap and secure buckle. You can even stand up while wearing the pillow, and it’ll stay up too, leaving both hands for your babies. 

With two super-snuggly nest areas, the Twin Z Pillow offers stability and security for both babies while also promoting bonding, allowing them to hold hands and reach out to each other during feeding and tummy time.

You can even use the pillow during pregnancy and the postpartum period to relieve pain and discomfort and help you get a good night’s sleep.   

So, let’s find out more about the Twin Z Pillow and just what makes it such a must-have item for so many moms of multiples.  

Twin Z Pillow Basics 

How Does the Twin Z Pillow Work?

The Twin Z Pillow is specially designed for use with two babies. It has two super-soft sections allowing you to breastfeed or bottle-feed your twins comfortably and safely.    

What Age Is Twin Z Pillow for?

The Twin Z Pillow is suitable for use from birth and can be used with toddlers too. 

How Do You Nurse With a Twin Z Pillow?

The Twin Z Pillow has a middle section that lifts up to offer full back support for nursing mothers. Your babies can then be placed on either side in your preferred nursing hold. You can also use the Twin Z Pillow for bottle-feeding twins.

Can Babies Sleep on the Twin Z Pillow?

Guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a flat sleeping surface as the safest choice for your babies. The Twin Z Pillow is not suitable for use in a crib or bassinet and could present a suffocation risk. Never leave babies alone while using the Twin Z Pillow.  

Does Twin Z Pillow Help Babies Sit Up?

The Twin Z Pillow has two separate sections so both babies have support with a middle section offering extra stability to prevent them from falling into each other. The pillow can be tightened with an adjustable buckle to give more support for smaller babies. 

Twin Z Pillow vs. Boppy

While the Boppy is well-loved by parents and babies alike, the Twin Z Pillow is specially designed for use with twin babies. This does make the Twin Z larger and bulkier than the Boppy but offers the convenience of one product you can use with both babies simultaneously – an appealing prospect for moms of multiples everywhere. 

Twin Z Pillow Dimensions

The Twin Z Pillow measures approximately 36 inches by 24 inches by 5 inches. 

How Much Does the Twin Z Pillow Weigh?

The Twin Z Pillow weighs between 5 and 6 pounds.  

Twin Z Pillow Materials

Made from polyester with a cotton/polyester shell, the Twin Z Pillow is hypoallergenic, foam-free, and lead-free with no added chemicals. 

Is the Twin Z Pillow One Size Fits All?

The Twin Z Pillow is one size, fitting up to a 52” waist.  

Twin Z Pillow Accessories

You can buy extra covers for the Twin Z Pillow in 7 adorable colors, along with gift sets, gift cards, a travel bag, and a selection of useful books.  

Are Twin Z Pillows Worth It?

The Twin Z Pillow doesn’t come cheap, but if your budget allows, this product is a super-useful addition to your twin survival kit. Used almost daily by many reviewers, the advice is to buy early if you can to get maximum value for money.   

Twin Z Pillow Care

The Twin Z Pillow is made with polyester fiberfill surrounded by a soft cotton/polyester shell and comes with easily removable and washable covers.  

Twin Z Pillow Cover

Super snuggly covers are available in 7 colors:

  • Dark Purple 
  • Green
  • Navy
  • Blue 
  • Cream 
  • Gray 
  • Teal

Twin Z covers are made from a soft polyester and are easily removed and replaced with Velcro fastenings. They can be machine washed and dried on a regular cycle.

See all Twin Z cover options here

Where To Buy Twin Z Replacement Cover

Replacement covers are available on the Twin Z website and Amazon

How Do You Wash Twin Z Pillows?

The manufacturers recommend spot cleaning the pillow with a damp soapy cloth. The covers wash and dry easily, so having a few spares on hand can make life a lot easier. 

Using a Twin Z Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow has multiple uses for twin babies and can come in handy for the rest of the family too. 

Twin Z Pillow for Newborns

The Twin Z Pillow has an adjustable strap and buckle, making it ideal for newborns and smaller babies. 

Tightening the buckle creates super-snuggly nests, ensuring smaller babies won’t slip down. 

The Twin Z can be used for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding and offers a safe and secure space for your babies to hang out together. 

How To Use a Twin Z Pillow for Breastfeeding

  • Place the pillow on a flat surface with the middle section raised for back support.
  • Sit comfortably against the back support, adjust the pillow straps as needed, and securely fasten the buckle. 
  • Place your babies in your preferred feeding positions, and enjoy this valuable bonding time.  
  • Cradle, cross-cradle, and football-hold all work well with the Twin Z Pillow. 
  • The Twin Z Pillow raises your babies and slants their bodies toward you for safety and to help you secure a good latch and feeding position. 

How To Use a Twin Z Pillow for Bottle Feeding

  • Gather all your supplies, and get yourself in a comfortable position.
  • Just as with breastfeeding, you can wear the pillow around your body to get full back support and hold both babies securely while you bottle-feed. 
  • The Twin Z Pillow offers great versatility. As well as feeding your babies on your lap, you can use the pillow to prop your babies up in front of you. You can also use the pillow for both babies or just one. 
  • Tightening the strap can help you achieve a more upright position for your baby, which can help with reflux.

Twin Z Pillow for Tummy Time

  • Place the Twin Z Pillow on a safe and secure flat surface, preferably the floor.
  • Lie your baby tummy down on the Twin Z Pillow. 
  • Both babies can enjoy tummy time simultaneously or separately if you prefer. 
  • Make sure to stay with your babies at all times when using the Twin Z Pillow.

5 More Ways To Use Twin Z Pillow

  • The Twin Z Pillow is ideal for use during pregnancy and helps expectant moms get comfortable. 
  • After the birth, help relieve pressure and pain with the Twin Z Pillow, especially following a C-section. 
  • For bigger babies and toddlers, the Twin Z Pillow offers a cozy spot for playing, reading, and relaxing. 
  • Support your older children to hold baby siblings safely with the Twin Z Pillow. 
  • And don’t forget those all-important photo opportunities!

What Twin Moms Are Saying About It

A post in a popular community for Twin Moms reads…

“Is the Twin Z pillow really a must?? I already have one boppy wondering if I should just buy another. Thanks!”

Here are just a few of the 100+ responses the post received…

I would give almost anything else away EXCEPT the twin z. – Marielaina P.

We are 4 months in, and we use it every single day!!!! Feeding, lounging, napping, playing, tummy time…. we love it. It is really what you find comfortable and what works for you. – Ann K.

I use the twinz and two single boppy pillows. That way if something gets dirty, I have a backup, and I’m not always lugging around their pillows to different parts of the house. – Taylor H.

I literally use my twin Z multiple times every single day. It travels between their nursery and our playroom. My babes are 3.5 months old and we use it to feed them their formula bottles, use it for tummy time, and use it for them to hang out in. I’ll be honest, I also have two boppys and they’re not the same as the twin Z and are inferior to it. The twin Z has paid for itself in spades. – Lauren A.


We hope you enjoyed this guide to the Twin Z Pillow. Now it’s your turn. Share your favorite features of the Twin Z Pillow in the comments so other twin moms and dads can get the value of your experience!