Are Wax Warmers Safe To Use Around Babies? What To Know

To put it plainly, being a parent can often result in a messy household. From spills and mishaps to the unpleasant duty of changing soiled diapers, keeping a pleasant odor in your home can be quite a difficult task.

Parents are constantly trying new and innovative ways to keep their homes smelling great amidst the smelly chaos. A great alternative to candles, perfumes, and aerosols is wax warmers. 

Are wax warmers safe for babies? Most electric wax warmers are considered safe to use around babies because few harmful compounds are released into the air. Choosing wax melts made from natural ingredients, like beeswax, is the best option. Wax warmers that use a flame are not quite as safe and should be used with caution.

Why a wax warmer? What makes it safe? Let’s explore more below.

Are Wax Warmers Safe?

Wax warmers are safe because the gentle warming generally doesn’t release harmful vapors or compounds. They also emit no soot and typically do not contain toxins. Beeswax and soy wax melts are the most healthy to melt. 

Electric vs. Candle Wax Warmers

Requires electricity Requires flame
Long-lasting scent + controlFaster burning + no scent control
No soot or smokeEmits soot and smoke
Expensive upfront costBase cost
No flame/fire risk Fire risk 
Reduces odorsMasks odors

Candle wax warmers require the use of flames. Electric warmers require electricity. Electric warmers use a light bulb or a ceramic hot plate to melt the wax.

Both options are available in a variety of scents and styles. I recommend this decorative electric wax warmer. Wait till you see the ambiance it provides, especially at night!

Type of Wax Melt Used

The type of wax melt used in wax warmers makes all the difference in terms of scent and safety. 

Paraffin Wax Melts

Paraffin wax releases harmful toxins. Paraffin wax is a byproduct of the oil purification process and is also known as crude oil.

Paraffin melts can cause multiple health issues. They contain a cancer-causing chemical called benzene. Not only can benzene exposure cause cancer, but it can also cause organ damage, headaches, and respiratory issues.

Soy Wax Melts

Soy wax melts are made from the oil of soybeans. Soy wax melts are all natural and have a lower melting point, resulting in a longer-lasting scent. Soy melts have a richer, natural scent that has a farther reach than paraffin melts. 

My personal favorite is this variety pack that comes with six each of coffee, chai tea, farmhouse kitchen, black tea and lemon, and vanilla melting cubes.

Beeswax Melts

Beeswax melts are produced from wax made by honey bees. Beeswax is the most healthy wax to burn due to being a natural product. Beeswax burns hotter, resulting in no soot or chemical residue.

Beeswax purifies and cleanses the air because it releases negative ions when melted. Beeswax melts have a natural honey scent when melted, making it the perfect way to keep your home smelling good. 

These lightly scented beeswax melts are fantastic and come in 20 different scents.

Accessibility to Baby

Keeping wax warmers and melts out of the babies’ reach is vital to child safety.

It is important to keep any warmers or fragrances out of a baby’s room. Exposure to fragrances and scents while sleeping can damage developing lungs.

Avoid overpowering scents at meal times because it can affect your child’s sense of smell or taste.

How To Make Your House Smell Good Naturally

Choosing warmers, candles, and aerosols can feel overwhelming. The risks to your developing child can feel too great. There are great ways to keep your home smelling fresh while avoiding chemicals and strong scents. 

5  Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Great!

  1. Simmer lemons or herbs
  2. Warm vanilla extract on stove or in oven
  3. Absorb odors with baking soda
  4. Diffuse essential oils 
  5. Bake cookies 

Related Questions: 

Is It Safe To Burn Candles Around Babies?

It is considered unsafe to burn candles around babies. Candles pose a fire risk in addition to releasing soot and smoke into the air.

If you choose to burn candles, ensure they are out of the baby’s reach and made from soy, coconut oil, palm oil, or beeswax. 

Are Air fresheners Safe for Babies?

Air fresheners are unsafe to use around babies because they release volatile organic chemicals that are harmful. Air fresheners are a health risk despite their popularity. 

Are Scented Candles Safe for Babies?

Heavily scented candles are made from synthetic materials and release harmful chemicals into the air. They are not safe for babies. If you must burn candles, only use all-natural options.


Wax warmers are a great alternative to candles, air fresheners, and aerosols. Use an electric warmer to reduce fire risk. Choose wax melts made from natural oils or waxes such as coconut, soy, or beeswax.

Keep your baby safe by restricting their access to wax warmers and melts. Wax melts can help tackle the tough smells and still be gentle enough for your little one. Happy melting!