Coed Baby Shower Ideas: 15 Baby Shower Themes + Food & Games

Some excellent ideas for activities at a coed baby shower include:


  • BaByQ 
  • Casual brunch
  • Tailgate party
  • Fiesta 


  • Taco or baked potato bar
  • Burgers and mini “baby” hotdogs
  • Fix-your-own sliders
  • Pizza
  • Pre-made platters (think veggies, cheeses, finger sandwiches, wings, cookies, etc.)


  • Baby bottle chug
  • Race to change diapers (blindfolded)
  • Guess the baby food


  • Scented candles
  • Personalized glasses or cozies
  • Homemade goodies

It’s traditional to have baby showers be a mom-and-close-friends kind of party, but many couples are opting to share the day with the men in their lives too.


Coed baby showers are a great way to celebrate this special day with everyone who will be a part of your little one’s life.

Familyeducation shares that coed baby showers can take some of the pressure off moms who don’t enjoy being in the spotlight alone. 

Additionally, the dad-to-be will have the opportunity to talk with more experienced fathers to gain wisdom and candidly ask questions.

Not sure where to start? Check out our roundup of 15 awesome coed baby shower themes below for inspiration.

For extra guidance, we’ve also listed our top suggestions for shower games, food, venues, and more!

Fun Coed Baby Shower Themes

Compared to a traditional baby shower, a coed gathering needs to be a little more flexible to make every guest feel welcome.

Think less Disney Princess vibes and more family party with a hearty menu and fun baby theme.

From barbecues to book-themed showers, you’re sure to find a concept that appeals to everyone attending. Let’s dive in!

1. BaByQ Theme

Swap out the dainty sandwich bites and fairy cakes for a sumptuous grilling experience instead!

Serve up mouth-watering pulled pork or chicken sliders, mini hot dogs, or burgers (including vegan and veggie options).

BBQ invitations could play on the pun that “Mom’s got something cute cookin’. Join us for a cookout!”

Think red gingham tableware and bunting and perhaps personalized BBQ sauce bottles for guests to take home.

This is a great way to include the dad-to-be in the festivities because what man doesn’t love manning the grill?!

2. Welcome to the World Theme

Do you and your partner love to travel? Incorporate this as you celebrate the arrival of your little one!

A welcome-to-the-world theme could involve you serving a tasting platter of food from your favorite destinations and having a suitcase and map décor.

Some cute games could involve matching the parenting tradition with the country or painting globe decorations.

3. Relaxing Brunch

A table set up outdoors for a relaxing brunch.

Sometimes, a simple, slower-paced baby shower is what the doctor ordered, especially when dealing with a large gathering so close to the due date.

Think a platter of crowd-pleasing fare like bagels and croissants, a help-yourself fruit and yogurt station, and a gender-neutral color palette of balloons and bunting. Casual but comforting.

Just be sure to choose a menu that is hearty enough to satisfy the hungry men!

4. Camping Theme

The versatility of a camping-themed baby shower is that you can hold one outdoors or inside depending on the weather and time of year.

Create a cozy atmosphere with a green/brown woodland décor, cute teepee tents, and a DIY hot chocolate bar, or host a campfire cook-out with s’mores or chocolate log cake for dessert!

This theme is a lot of fun, and it’s super easy to make everyone feel included.

5. Tailgating Theme

Inspired by pre-game parties in stadium parking lots, bring this tradition to your baby shower by celebrating your little one’s arrival tailgate style.

This idea is always a hit and is easy to pull off!

We’re picturing cute football cakes, a pigskin football personalized with the baby’s name, bunting and tableware in your team colors, and crowd-pleasing comfort food like nachos, chicken wings, pizza, and burritos.

It’s a great opportunity for little guests to run off energy and play catch too!

6. Nautical Theme

Ahoy! There’s no greater adventure than having a baby, so help the parents-to-be set sail in style.

Word the invitations along the lines of “A new crew member is joining us,” and deck the place in navy blue/white décor, shells, and anchor decorations.

Serve up easy seafood dishes like shrimp cocktails and fish tacos, and have young guests pin the tail on the whale to win a cute cuddly toy or ocean-inspired game.

7. Fiesta Theme

A buffet table loaded with Mexican dishes for a fiesta-themed party.

This is another fun idea when both men and women are invited.

Go bold and bright at your coed shower with live music and a blast of colorful flowers, pompoms, and streamers.

As for refreshments, keep all camps happy with tequila and margaritas for the adults and candy-filled piñatas and fruity mocktails or slushes for the chicos and chicas!

Party favors could include cute llama planters or a mini take-home cactus!

8. Little All-Star Theme 

A no-brainer for baseball fans, this all-star theme lets you celebrate your mutual love for the sport as well as your incoming team member.

Decorate your venue with bats and caps with an “Our Little Slugger” theme, and serve up popcorn, nachos, and beer, perhaps with some adorable baseball cake pops like these!

9. S’More Fun With You Theme

S’mores are an American childhood favorite for so many of us, so what better time to rekindle this cozy tradition than celebrating your child’s arrival?

Depending on your venue, you could set up a firepit to roast marshmallows, include games like Truth or Dare, sing songs, or rustle up some pre-made s’more treats (we love this cute, clever recipe served in baby food jars!)

10. Luau Theme

Luau means “feast of Hawaiian food,” so depending on your budget and how authentic you want to be, a whole hog roast may be on the cards.

Otherwise, Hawaiian pizza and some colorful pasta dishes are sure to please your guests!

Greet each guest with their own flower garland and pineapple cocktail or mocktail, and consider favors like shell necklaces or lantern tea-light holders.

11. Children’s Books Theme

What better idea for a shower than something that stokes every child’s imagination? Literature!

Have guests revisit their inner child by asking them to bring their favorite childhood book to kickstart your baby’s very first library.

Food can include a Very Hungry Caterpillar cake or Alice in Wonderland-themed Mad Hatter tea party of afternoon tea and boozy “drink me” labeled bottles for the adults!

12. Baby Is Brewing Theme

As long as it’s okay with the pregnant mom-to-be, a fun adult baby shower can be centered around kicking back with some brewskis.

Serve up a cooler filled with different beer and ale varieties (not forgetting a delicious mocktail or two for the guest of honor!).

Send out super cute invites like “We have a baby brewing, join us for a brew!”

13. Dr. Suess Theme

The world of Dr. Suess is so vivid with its eye-catching characters, rhymes, and color palette.

Dr. Suess is not gender-specific, so it’s a perfect theme for a coed baby shower.

Let green eggs and ham kickstart your menu inspiration, and go from there.

As for games, plan a Yertle the Turtle relay race for kids (or big kids!) to race on all fours, or have guests add their own rhyme to a previous one to create a long and silly Dr. Suess-style poem.

14. Baby Animals Theme

Things are about to get wild as a new parent, so why not go all-out with a wildlife theme?

Depending on taste, you could choose a cutesy safari theme, farm animals, or woodland creatures.

Think baby pig, elephant, or owl-themed balloons, napkins, and table runners.

If you have younger guests, why not hire a balloon modeler to make fun animal creations to take home?

15. Carnival Theme

Bring all the fun of the circus and carnival to your baby shower!

Deck out the venue in striped big-top colors, and consider a popcorn bar and Ferris wheel of cupcakes.

Set up a silly selfie photo booth, and have guests take part in a diaper raffle for a fun prize (the more diapers they bring, the more chances they have of winning!).

Coed Baby Shower Invitations

A fun coed baby shower gives you a chance to be creative and silly with your invites.

Make sure the calligraphy isn’t too fancy or tiny so all ages and recipients find it eye-catching, and don’t forget to state that the shower is coed to communicate that the shower will be causal and inclusive.

Some fun ways to word your coed invitation include:

  • “Get the baby bottles poppin’!”
  • “We’re brewing a baby — join us for a beer!”
  • “It was a joint effort, so it’s a joint shower!”
  • “Holy Guacamole — it’s twins!” (for a fiesta-themed twin shower)

Coed Baby Shower Venues

Depending on your theme and how close you live to friends and family, home is a popular venue choice and often the best place to celebrate.

To accommodate remote relatives, hosting your shower over something like Facebook Portal, which follows your movement, can be a better way to make them feel that they are part of the action compared to a static webcam.

Here are some other venue ideas:

  • Local museum or art gallery
  • Backyard
  • Beach
  • Local park
  • Friend’s home
  • Gardens
  • Private room at a restaurant or tea room
  • Hotel room
  • Winery/brewery
The dessert table at a baby shower with parents cutting the cake.

Coed Baby Shower Food Ideas

It’s fun for the baby shower menu to match the theme, but it’s important that items are easy to prepare or, better still, pre-made.

Opt for self-serving food and drink stations so that the hosts can enjoy the shower too, and don’t forget to accommodate any special dietary needs and provide plenty of options.

  • Finger foods – Mini sandwiches, hot dogs, burritos, veggie platter, cheese board, wings, nacho bar, etc.
  • Heartier foods – Pasta/salad dishes, pizza, chili, burgers, taco or baked potato bar, etc.
  • Mess-free desserts and snacks – Cookies, cake pops, tray bakes, brownies, popcorn, trail mix, etc.
  • Fun mocktails and punch – For mom and younger guests

Coed Baby Shower Games

The more the merrier with coed baby showers, which makes games even more fun, especially as you get to involve your partner and every generation from siblings to grandparents!

Here’s a quick look at some games that’ll get everyone into the spirit of the party and having a blast in no time.

  • Bump or Beer Belly? Show guests close-up photos of baby bumps and beer bellies to guess which is correct.
  • Baby Bottle Chug – This is inspired by Little Miss Party Planner Seri Kertzner and involves guests drinking baby bottles filled with juice, water, milk, or beer. Whoever finishes first is the winner!
  • Guess the Baby Food – Remove the labels from an assortment of baby foods, number the containers, and have guests take turns tasting and guess what they are. Remember to make an answer key!
  • Blindfolded Diaper Changing Race on Dolls – Fun and educational (sort of!).
  • Emoji Baby Movie Game – Give your guests clues to movie titles containing the word “baby” using only emojis. This one is fun for the kids and grandparents-to-be!

Coed Baby Shower Favors

Favors are a nice finishing touch to let guests leave with a fond memento of the day.

You can use your baby shower theme to guide you or stick to classics like sweets or tinned candles.

Here are some suggestions for great coed favors:

  • Beer glasses printed with the baby’s name and due date
  • Personalized cozies
  • Mini planters
  • Handmade soap bars
  • Personalized tea bags/coffee bean bags
  • Coasters
  • Chocolate liqueurs
  • Succulents
  • Homemade preserves
  • Personalized popcorn

Have fun planning the perfect coed baby shower!